Wood Log Liquor Dispenser

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Wood Log Liquor Dispenser

Each Real Wood Log Liquor Dispenser is harvested from urban Ohio hardwood trees to be 9 inches tall with a 4-7 inch diameter. Weighing about 7lbs, this dispenser is crafted with a patented design which provides a sanitary internal system that feeds the prized sustenance through a lead-free brass spout. The exterior, with a clear, water-based finish, provides a one and only visual experience to you and your guests. The conversations this piece will spark up are endless. People will ask the why, the who, the where, and you will be there to provide the answers.

Wood Log Dispenser

The Real American Wood Log Liquor Dispenser

What do the features of your hospitable arrangements during dinner and house parties say about you? Have you ever asked yourself that question? How we provide food and beverage is an opportunity to enhance the overall experience of our guests. When we think about the vastly different cultures in the plethora of different countries around the globe, we tend to think about cuisine and booze. More importantly, we think about the delivery.

The experience to our palate is impossible to present before we deliver the experience to our eyes. It is one thing to dispense a complex and delicious flavor profile, but presentation to our visual sense is its own unique performance. Savory and delicious experiences take a complementary role when they’ve been paired with an extraordinary introduction. Not to mention, taste is incredibly subjective to one’s preferences. We as humans are visually bought before anything else, and that is why it is essential to be creative in our presentation in order to be remembered.

Real Wood Log Liquor Dispenser

Is your current method of delivery enticing your guests to say “Wow!” before even tasting anything? Are there fireworks to visually engage their memory? Your method of delivery is an extension of your personality much like the flaming cheese of Greece, the hibachi of Japan, and the rodizio of Brazil. Think about every interaction you’ve had with a fast food worker as they hand you the food you ordered. Do you remember them? More than likely not, unless something unusual occurred. It is not because there are countless interactions. It is because the interactions were insignificant and forgettable. If little thought or consideration is placed in your production, little thought and consideration will be dedicated to remembering you in this moment.

Alcohol Wood Log Dispenser

Now, what if I told you with one piece, you can transform the presentation of your favorite liquor or cocktail from ordinary to unique and culturally enriching? Gone would be the days of mediocrity. From the initial glance, your guests can’t help but to be captivated by your choice of delivery. You will visually lure the undivided attention of all your guests. Presenting the Real Wood Log Liquor Dispenser from Ohio Woodworking Shop. This piece of craftsmanship enables you to provide your guests with personality unlike any other method.

Wood Log Dispenser for Liquor

This is more than a liquor dispenser. This is an opportunity to extend yourself further and showcase your personality through expression of choices. There is even more opportunity when you have engaged someone enough to believe this would suit their needs as well. When it comes to the best drinking gift ideas, how could this be topped? From the moment you unveil their own Wood Log Liquor Dispenser, you will plant a seed in their minds. Their own social gatherings will be filled with the same ponderings that you experience when hosting your gatherings.

Except, when they ask where they received such a piece, you will be mentioned as the bestower. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will know no bounds as the barrage of comments and compliments will all stem from your initial endowment. Much like the array of cultural experiences throughout the world, stories of your peculiar presentation will be shared as you slowly, but surely, advance your image through the amazement of your peers.

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