Women’s Gift Guide: How To Find The Perfect Gift For Any Woman

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This Women’s Gift Guide is the ultimate helper for any man who’s struggling to find an appropriate gift for her. There’s a reason we all have heard the phrase “I know the type,” and it’s because there are types no matter how hard anyone tries to deny it. Women tend to come in one of a limited number of different flavors when it comes to personality, likes and interests. Now now, we’re not saying that your special snowflake isn’t unique in her own way, that’s why you like her right? That silly smile, the way she has that elegant style when shes doing something totally normal like eating a salad – but she is a motherly type, don’t deny it!

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The Ultimate Women’s Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Gift Guide for Her by Type

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start when shopping for your girlfriend or wife, understanding what type they are will definitely help point you in the right direction. To that end, we have made this women’s gift guide that connects the type of girl you’ve landed with the guide you should check out for Valentine’s day gifts. Let’s get started.

You’ll know exactly when you’ve found the type that describes your girlfriend because it will totally scream out at you “YEP! That’s her…” Whether it makes you feel bubbly or boils up a little bit of resentment – that’s not why we’re here, is it cowboy? If you want to keep her around, you’ve got to get her the right Valentine’s day gift, and this will help you do that.


Gifts for a Fashionista Girl

Fashionista Girl

Fashionista girls are all about the latest trends and keeping up be it with clothes, makeup, jewelry or tech. You’ll recognize immediately if you have a fashionista girl because you always feel like you haven’t dressed well enough for your date (giving her a perfect opportunity to suggest going to the mall together to rework your wardrobe, thus draining your bank account.) If this situation sounds familiar to you, check out the gifts for people who love makeup if she is always looking dolled up, or maybe jewelry gifts and expensive gifts for her if she likes to enjoy the finer things in life. Have all of your last few dates cost you three digits or more? Well then, you’re dealing with a fashionista. Thankfully, it’s not hard to find gift ideas for women than are fashionistas, as they wear their interests on their sleeve.


Gifts for Playgirls


Playgirls are hard to impress, and they let you know that. If you constantly feel like you’re grasping at straws to keep your girl from running away with Craig (the guy from across town who just inherited his family’s estate) or Hans, the muscular and devilishly handsome Austrian who is here doing graduate study, you’re dealing with a playgirl. It’s just important to know that you’re not the most important person in her life, she is. Or her poodle, which seems to get more attention than you do (if that’s the case, check out gifts for people who love dogs.) At the end of the day, you’re not going to impress this type of girl (except maybe in bed) so it’s best to at least make her laugh with funny gifts that’ll make her laugh. She’s not going to have many hobbies other than making you feel inadequate, so don’t even think about it!


Gifts for Nerdy Girls

nerdy girl

Nerdy girls themselves come in multiple forms and are a distinct and intriguing type. You’ve got the classic nerds – who are into math and science, which sounds cool, but they actually have a job doing something incredibly boring in a lab. Then there are the geek nerds, you know, big cartoonish glasses, dyed hair, likes video games – has weird sexual kinks. Come on don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about! In that case, you can go for nerd gifts for her or even gifts for geeks.

There are other types of nerdy girls that are more of the fangirl type – they may have certain genres or titles that they are obsessively into. Take a look at harry potter gifts for girls if she is into Mr. Potter, or maybe some great japan related gift ideas. The important thing is to find a gift guide for her that’s a match for her specific interest.


Gifts for Motherly Girls

motherly girl

You know that type of girl that brought you some baked goods on your second date? Or that is always offering you something to eat when you come over and never makes you feel bad about fattening up? Or maybe she actually brought you medicine last time you were incapacitated with the flu. This is the motherly type and we hope we don’t have to explain why. At the end of the day though, we all know there ain’t nothing like mama’s cooking, so you’re going to want to head straight for gifts for women who like to cook to find a good gift for the motherly girl type.  And don’t feel bad that you’re totally supporting the 1950’s era stereotype of the woman in the kitchen – she likes it! Maybe she likes retro stuff so why not try something from our retro style gear? Let her provide for you and relish in the fact that you’ve had the luck to score a motherly type girl.


Gifts for Cute Girls

cute girls

Cute girls tend to embody all things feminine – if you’re girlfriend or wife looked at you dumbfounded that you had even considered it a good idea to ask her whether or not she wanted to go camping with you, you’ve probably got a cute girl. They look good fashion wise, and sometimes dress down for a more casual look – but you’re definitely more likely to see her in a sundress than a pair of jeans. She probably likes eating light deserts and won’t touch spicy food – unless its Pho of course. Cute girls aren’t usually big on going to the gym, and yet somehow, they maintain an eminently nice-looking body. If this is ringing some bells, take a look at cute girlfriend gifts to find the right gift for her.


Gifts for the Adventurous Girlfriend

Adventurous Girlfriend

This is definitely the cool girl type (sorry other types, but come on…) Unlike the cute girl, when you mentioned going camping to the adventurous girl type, she told you she would go pick up her gas burner and tarp to add to your available equipment. She’s always ready to take a road trip and is friggin’ prepared as well. She’s not a big complainer and might even be able to help you when your car is having problems (if that’s the case, check out this article about the best car gifts.) Cool girls are all about actually living life, and if you’ve snagged one of them, you probably know she’s already booked tickets across the border next month – don’t worry, she got you covered too. If this sounds familiar check out travel gifts that women like for some adventurous girlfriend gifts.


Gifts for the Ambitious Girlfriend

ambitious girl

The ambitious girlfriend constantly makes you feel like you probably should have tried harder in high school. And everything else in life for that matter. She is probably more successful than you in her career and she’s at least one degree more advanced than you are academically. The phrase “Maybe you should…” comes out of her mouth constantly. Despite this, you love her deeply and appreciate her “boss up” mentality, hence female boss gifts (coming soon) is the perfect article to check out for her. You can also take a look at gifts for women who have everything because she’s also the kind of girl who has seen and made a judgement on just about everything under the sun. Find a gift idea for her can be daunting, but don’t worry, this is something you might actually be able to succeed at.


Gifts for the Innocent Girlfriend (Introvert)

innocent girl

The innocent girl tends to also be an introvert. The thing that gets a rise out of her more than anything in the world is a lone cat sitting at the end of a garden path, and when she sees it – all the sudden you see her move faster than she does in any other circumstance. After petting the cat and asking you if you have any food to give it, you remind her that you’re allergic. Sound familiar? Check out this article: gifts for cat fans. Innocent girls also tend to have really wholesome hobbies, like reading books or drawing (if so, you can take a look at these two articles — gifts for book lovers (coming soon) or drawing gifts.) You’re unlikely to get this girl to go out with you to the bar, but that’s kind of why you like her – she’s predictable, in a good way. She may even have a little garden outside that she’s constantly tending to and using in her cooking. Overall, the innocent girl is not a bad type to have.


Gifts for the Possessive Girlfriend

possessive girlfriend

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that she’s watching, and yes, you can definitely f*$k this up. The good news is that she’s possessive so you probably don’t have to worry about her running off with another guy like you would with a play girl. With a possessive girl, it’s best to let them know you’re spending time thinking about their feelings, rather than anything else –especially not another girl. So how do you do that? Well the key here is to get her a meaningful gift for her specific hobbies. If you’re not sure about that, we’ve got your back with gifts every girlfriend would like. If you know she’s into fitness, you can definitely go that route with fitness gifts she likes, just make sure she knows that your reasoning is that you’ve noticed how into it she is and definitely not that she needs to lose weight – even though she might need to do just that. It’s great to remind possessive girls that you are in fact a couple, if you’re thinking of going that route, couple related gifts is a great article to take a look at. Just be sure to remind her that you’re hers on Valentine’s Day. There are tons of awesome gift ideas for women who are possessive, so don’t you worry.


Gifts for the Romantic Girlfriend

romantic girlfriend

You know the romantic girlfriend. Honestly, it’s tiring. She never wants to watch anything but the Notebook and Titanic type movies, Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind…You’d think Hollywood never made anything other than bittersweet love melodramas. Or maybe she just loves to do things for you like grab a bottle of wine and have the food ready for you on the table when you get home, giving you a kiss when you get in the door. This should worry you for a different reason, she may be showing you how she wants you to act (not to stir the pot and get you worried, but, well…you should be.) Anyway, thoughtful romantic gifts for her is a great article to check out if you think you’ve got this type of girl. And if you haven’t already, you should be thinking about an appropriately romantic proposal idea.


Finding gift ideas for her can be a tough job on the come up to Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling in the dark about how to approach looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for her, a great place to start is considering what type of girl she is. Think about it, work from big to small. Does she like luxury stuff or going out into the wild? That’s a very easy question to answer and will help point you in the right direction for finding the right gift guide for her. Relax man, you’ve got this.

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