Wine Preservation System

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Wine Preservation System
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It’s an age old story, one without a wine preservation system. You have a few friends over for dinner and some nice wine. You laugh and share stories of life-of-late, and drink your fill in wine and enjoy some tasty food together. And when it’s time for your guests to go home, you look at the half full bottles of wine and realize it won’t be good tomorrow and so – the horror! – you must throw it out.

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How a Wine Preservation System Will Change the Game for Your Drinking Life

But did you know there’s a better way? Did you know there’s something that can change the game forever? It’s called a wine preservation system, and you’ll never throw away wine again once you have one. If you happen to know a wine enthusiasts that needs a perfect wine gift, this will be it! We all know how picky those experienced wine guys can be and this wine preservation device is actually a useful gift that they will cherish.


Why Wine Doesn’t Taste As Good The Next Day

Some people like to let their wine aerate for a few minutes. It allows oxygen to mix with the lovely fruity, floral, woodsy, chocolatey notes of the drink for a more well rounded experience. When wine has been sitting sealed in a bottle for months or years, it could sometimes use a nice deep breath before you enjoy it. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that wine would taste even BETTER once it’s breathed for longer? Say a day or two, or three?

Wrong! Once the cork is popped, fermentation is free to follow. The longer the wine sits the more it ferments and becomes bitter, and tastes of vinegar. This can be slowed via refrigeration, but only by a bit. Some people opt to toss the wine if they don’t finish it, because a true connoisseur would never be caught dead ingesting stale wine. But there are other options!


Enter: The Wine Preservation System

You’ve heard the bad news: wine goes bad once it’s been opened. But there’s good news too! Technology has solved the problem for you via a wine preservation system. Whether your budget is small or large, there’s no reason to let a good bottle of wine go to waste. There are wine preservation system options for every budget range.


Budget Options

If you’re on a budget, you still don’t need to throw out your wine if you don’t finish it. Whether you spent five dollars or two hundred dollars on your bottle of wine, you deserve to enjoy the whole thing, even if you can’t do it in one sitting. There are wine preservation system solutions that you can snag for ten dollars or less! Special corks have been manufactured that can replace the cork your bottle came with (so no more shoving the cork back in that bottle of red and sticking it in the refrigerator to drink cold the next time) which will remove any air from the bottle, allowing it to stay fresh for another couple weeks. This will give you a second chance to enjoy that bottle as good as fresh!


Middle of the Road Options

While the budget option for wine preservation systems removes air from the bottle once it’s been opened, another system which is a bit more expensive (think fifty to three hundred dollars) places a protective layer of gas above the wine itself inside the bottle so that it never comes into contact with air. You see, the enemy of wine is air, and it will spoil the flavor. The process of oxidation can be avoided a number of ways, and in this case a tiny microscope-like device is inserted into a cork and removes a small amount of wine at a time, replacing it with a gas. When the device is removed, the cork closes back in upon itself as if nothing had ever happened. In this way, the wine is preserved and good to go another day.


Wine Preservation System for the Big Spender

Now, if you’re into refrigerated wine and want to have something to pour wine on tap as well as preserve it, and you’re looking into spending thousands of dollars, a wine cooler could be just the thing for you. Here’s how this wine preservation system works.

Basically a wine refrigerator, a wine cooler allows you to install wines on tap and leave them there indefinitely, all the while preserving their freshness. You can store up to dozens of bottles (depending on how big a cooler you’re looking for) and have them all ready so that no matter what wine you’re craving with dinner you can just pull the tap for that wine and enjoy. It might be pricey, but if you’re a big spender and a big drinker there’s really no better way to spend your money.

As you can see, your wine preservation options are vast. You don’t need to throw away half-used bottles of wine. Preserve them instead!

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