Wine Condom

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Wine Condom
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This funny Wine Condom is a stretchy cover for your wine to keep it from oxidizing when you don’t finish the whole bottle and have to store it. You just slide it over the top of the bottle and that’s it! Isn’t it amazingly clever?

wine condom stopper

WINE CONDOM: The Best Gift for Wine Lovers

Don’t feel comfortable putting a cork back into a freshly opened bottle of wine? Not to fear the Wine Condom is here!

wine bottle condom

Yes, you read that correctly a Wine Condom. When you don’t have enough space to chill an open bottle of wine in your fridge with the cork sticking out or a poring spout simply seal up the top with a Wine Condom. The wine bottle condom fits snugly over the opening of any wine bottle capturing and holding in the flavor of your favorite wine. Even if you have to lay the bottle on its side to chill, the Wine Condom will keep the bottle sealed nicely. No leaks or spills to clean up.

condom stoppers for wine

Have other favorite beverages that you want to seal back up? For example a bottle of beer or a wine cooler. You can use a wine bottle condom to seal it back up. Simply roll the condom down the neck of the bottle making sure that it is nice and snug around the opening. Consider other possibilities like the glass bottle of ketchup that has lost its lid. Or your favorite bottle of vinegar.

wine condom

Okay, so you are looking for the perfect gag gift for a bachelor party consider giving a box of Wine Condoms. The wine bottle condoms come in a elegant looking box with Wine Condom displayed in gold on the outside. The groom’s mind may think it is for something else, however, you can simply smile and admit you thought it was a practical gift to give. Of course, you will have to try to do so with a straight face. Could you pull it off? Why not give it a try.

wine condom seal

Father’s Day is coming around the corner. Does your Dad enjoy a good bottle of wine now and then? Why not give him the gift that keeps on giving. That’s right wine bottle condoms. He may even give a little smirk as he opens up the box and see the package design inside. Simply pat Dad on the back and let him know that you want him to have proper protection for his wine.

condom bottle stopper

Okay ladies, you can get in on the fun too. How about the bridal shower? Yes, that’s right, pull out the box and start placing the Wine Condoms on the open bottle of wine, look at your friends and the bride and say that they need ultimate protection. You are sure to get a good laugh.

protective wine covering condom

With all the different wedding gifts on the market. Tons of ideas get thrown around, why not give the gift of laughter with a funny wedding gift idea.

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