30 Awesome Wellness Gifts for Women That Deserve “Me Time”

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So many women deserve “Me Time”, help them get some with one of these wellness gifts for women. The gifts are designed to help her take time in the comfort of her own home. Self-care gifts are a wonderful way to help that special woman in your life unwind. Take a look at these 30+ “Me Time” gift ideas.
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30 Wellness Gifts for Women That Deserve “Me Time”

Foot Massager

A Foot Massager is a great gift for that woman in your life that is always running around. Help her relax with the deep tissue action plus heat . The Foot Massager allows the user to make adjustments to their liking for their foot massage. Not only can the Foot Massager give a wonderful heated massage, it also has leg compression pads to help relieve swelling and improve circulation. Great “Me Time” gift for nurses, caregivers, hair stylists that are on their feet for long hours a day.

Aromatherapy Air Purifier

An Aroma Therapy Air Purifier is a great way to give “Me Time” to everyone in the house. They say that the sense of smell is one of our strongest senses. Help create tranquility and harmony with The Aroma Therapy Air Purifier. Two available misting modes and 7 color options available. This Aroma Therapy Air Purifier can pack a punch in any room of a home.

Aromatherapy Eye Mask

The Heated Therapy Eye Mask is a great gift for those who suffer from heavy amounts of stress. Giving the options for radiating heat temperatures ranging from normal body temperature up to 125 degrees. Adjustable time frames from 20 to 60 minutes. The Heated Therapy Eye Mask is perfect for women who work overnight shifts.

Grass Flip Flops

Who would have thought Grass Flip Flops could feel so good on the feet. That’s right, this set of flip flops is great for women who hate wearing shoes and love the feel of grass between their toes. For those barefooted women in your life, give her that barefoot feeling with the Grass Flip Flops.

Spa Bath Pillow

Get the candles ready for the perfect Spa Bath Pillow. Create the perfect bath with comfort for those special “Me Time” moments. The Spa Bath Pillow is designed to sculpt the body and create the best angle for relaxing in any tub. The Spa Bath Pillow unlike most is machine washable, sturdy and is created out of anti-bacterial material. With a rolled head rest and upper back support, the lovely lady in your life is sure to get lots of use out of this one of a kind item.

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Rainbow Bath Bombs are a sure way to relax. The little cloud design opens up with red, yellow green and blue showering bath water with the perfect effect. As the colors of the Rainbow Bath Bomb releases the stress of everyday life is melted away.

Waterfall Shower Head

Give the gift of rain with the Waterfall Shower Head. The water gently flows out of the shower head over the body. The Waterfall Shower head can be used as a hand held unit as well as above the head. The overall sleek design will certainly put a smile on any woman’s face.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Create tranquility for Mom with a Bathtub Caddy Tray. Created out of beautiful bamboo with organized spaces for cell phones, glasses, soaps and more. The Bathtub Caddy Tray is the perfect gift for Moms all over the world.

Essential Oil Diffuser

An Essential Oil Diffuser can help eliminate stress, relax the mind and help create happy thoughts. One that can be placed anywhere is a sure treasure. The Essential Oil Diffuser is designed to be rechargeable. Simply plug into any USB port and allow the diffuser time to charge. Simply place the Essential Oil Diffuser any where and receive 8 hours of constant mist.

Spiky Massage Ball

Give the gift of massage with a Spiky Massage Ball. Designed from heavy duty materials, the Spiky Massage Ball can be used any where on the body. The ball can be used on the soles of the feet, under the back, knees and more. Comes in a set of two for optimum coverage for a personal massage.

Stone Massage Slippers

Go green with the Stone Massage Slippers. Created out of heavy duty wood and stones, the Stone Massage Slippers are perfect for reflexology on the feet. Helping to heal tired sore feet through massaging motions of the stones on the bottom of the feet.

Robotic Stress Reliever and Sleep Aid

Proper sleep is always important, the Robotic Stress Reliever and Sleep Aid is the perfect way to get proper rest with. The Robotic Stress Reliever and Sleep Aid will help that special woman fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Incorporated with a special app, the user can create just the right elements for themselves.

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Find the right points to help Mom relax with the Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set. Designed to help relieve tension through different pressure points on the body. The Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set is created out of heavy duty foam material with inlaid plastic patches, each with different pressure tabs that will help relieve back pain, neck pain and stress. Remember Mom deserves down time, help her achieve it with the Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set.

Back Massager with Heat

The Back Massager With Heat is a great alternative for any woman that needs “Me Time.” The overall design is so the massager can be used in a chair. It is perfect for the working woman in your life that tends to sit for long periods of time at work. However, it can also be used in a home setting. The Back Massager With Heat allow for the heat and pressure to be controlled. This is a great way to give that loving woman a massage without paying a fortune or her having to go anywhere from the comfort of her own home. Great part of the wellness gifts ideas.

Acupuncture Facial Roller

An Acupuncture Facial Roller is a great gift to give the woman in your life that always seems to look tired and need a break. The Acupuncture roller is designed similar to a clothing roller, it has spikes all around the surface with a handle attached. The roller can be used on the face to relieve tension and migraine headaches.

Foot Massager Roller

Bring back the feeling of being a kid again with the Foot Massager Roller. The roller is created out of beautiful wood with separate points on all sides of the rollers. The unit can be placed on the floor and the feet are placed on top, gently rolling them across the top. The Foot Massager Roller is a great way to help relieve foot pain for those women who are on their feet for long hours a day. The roller takes the top for being one of the best relaxation gifts for her.

Electric Full Body Massager

When it comes to an all over massage, the Electric Full Body Massager is just what the doctor ordered. The Electric Full Body Massager is a great way for that special woman in your life can get a massage without stepping foot out of her home. The duel head massager can be use on all areas of the body, it comes with interchangeable heads so that just the right pressure points are hit.

Leg Air Massager

Circulation is very important, the Leg Air Massager will help tired sore leg muscles. With 3 different intensities and 2 different modes. The Leg Air Massager will massage tired legs with gentle air flow in and out of the cuffs. Perfect for nurses, caregivers, hair stylists.

Eye Massager with Heat

For those women that suffer from migraines the Eye Massager With Heat is the ideal way to relax and unwind. This top of the line Eye Massager With Heat provides the best comfort ever. Not only can you listen to soft music playing but, you can control the pressure and heat. The Eye Massager With Heat has 4 different modes to choose from.

Portable Scalp Massager

For those women who do a lot of traveling the Portable Scalp Massager is a great option for gifts. The Portable Scalp Massager can help relieve tension and headaches through the gentle massaging The Portable Scalp Massager has 84 different nodes and 4 different modes that it can run. Compact size makes if perfect to fit in a carry on or suitcase.

5 in 1 Foot Spa Massager Set

The 5-in-1 Foot Spa Massager Set can give any one the most fun “Me Time” moments. Not only does this spa set offer temperature adjustments, but, it also comes with Tea tree oil epsom salts. The 5-in-1 Foot Spa Massager not only helps with those tired, sore feet, but it can also help soften the rough dry skin on the feet as well. Great gift for all women in your life.

Comfort Spaces Heated Blanket

Comfort is a desired stress relief, supply it with a Comfort Spaces Heated Blanket. The blanke comes in 3 different colors has heat control and is created with a microplush finish. The Comfort Spaces Heated Blanket is just the perfect size to curl up under after a rough day, The soothing heat comforting with its warmth.

Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Tension and stress can melt away with the Neck and Shoulder Massager. Neck and Shoulders are put in just the right angle to relieve pressure. Not only does the Neck and Shoulder Massager aligns the neck and shoulders to help relieve pack and neck pain.

Organic Coffee Scrub

Get skin all aglow with Organic Coffee Scrub. Made from all natural products, the scrub will revive tired, dry skin and add a radiant glow. When you want the best for those special women in your life, consider an Organic Coffee Scrub as the best skin care option around.

24K Gold Mask

Enhance someone’s beauty with the 24K Gold Under Eye Mask. For centuries women have used precious gems and metals to bring out their inner beauty even more. The 24K Gold Under Eye Mask is prepared with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen that helps add moisture and tightens the skin to give a beautiful glow.

Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

Soak cares away with the Aromatherapy Shower Bombs. That’s right for women who don’t have time to soak in a tub for hours, now they can enjoy fragrant vapors in their shower. The Aromatherapy Shower Bombs are placed on the floor of a tub or shower, the warm water then releases the vapor into the air surrounding the shower providing a relaxation scent all around.

Hot Stone Massage Set

A Hot Stone Massage Set is an ideal way to help relax sore muscles on all parts of a woman’s body. The kit comes with 2 large stones and 8 small stones. All to be nestled into the warming unit. The Hot Stone Massage Set is simple to use. Simply turn on the heating unit and wait patiently while the stones warm. The stones can then be rubbed on tired sore muscles to melt away tightness and pain.

Ki Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Help melt away stress and back pain with the KI Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set. The set is designed to be used individually or together. The KI Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set can be laid on the floor or on a bed to get the relief and tension deserved with its individual discs that press into the different areas of the back, head and neck. The KI Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set are made of coconut and cotton great for those who believe in all natural materials.

Mandala Yoga Mat

Help a lovely lady stretch with bliss on the Mandala Yoga Mat. Made with eco-friendly material it can be used not only for Yoga but other exercises as well. The Mandala Yoga Matt has a beautiful design and will endure lots of rough and tumble exercise. If she’s into fitness you may also get her one of these quality fitness gifts

Massage Stick Roller

Give a girl the Massage Stick Roller and she can roll away the pains of the day. The Massage Stick Roller is designed to help relax muscles with a simple roll of the sleek stick design. Great for the legs, back and neck.
So remember women all over deserve some “Me Time.” So give self-care and wellness gifts for her. They are perfect for those women that are always on the go and deserve some down time.

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