Waterfall Shower Head

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Waterfall Shower Head

The ultimate Waterfall Shower Head will turn your next shower into an extraordinary experience. The great idea behind it is the small halo design with  lots of small openings that create a criss-cross pattern to expand coverage without sacrificing any water pressure.

waterfall shower head

Upgrade your bathroom with the waterfall shower head

We tend to spend so much money on our clothes and accessories, on cars or on gadgets. But why not invest a little into what really matters in life: your well-being and lifestyle. This super fancy waterfall shower head will not just make you feel like you’re showering like a millionaire, it will also save your purse. While people tend to naturally increase the water pressure to get their body covered better by the water some clever engineers thought of a better way to make you feel more comfortable. By adjusting the openings to a special pattern you are able to enjoy a waterfall effect and maximum coverage on your skin. That’s awesome, isn’t it?

So if you may have trouble finding a nice wellness related gift for your wife, this is it! She’ll love you for this upgrade because know what? Women love wellness and spas and what is better than providing them a little touch of luxury in their favorite room in the house?

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