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water bottle safe
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This authentic looking BPA-free water bottle safe container is the best way of keeping your valuables safely hidden from anyone. It’s a fantastic and clever idea for travel, festivals, for your car, your desk or the gym. Simply store your belongings away in a hidden water bottle stash container and take it with you. People would never notice that this little water bottle has a secret!

Water Bottle Safe

The Practical Water Bottle Safe for a Safer Travel

Do you have coworkers, family members, or roommates that enter your space frequently? Is your space small and/or shared with others?
It can be frustrating when you have personal items out and people find it necessary to pick it up, mess with them, or ask to borrow something. Especially when these items have sentimental value to us and especially when we’re not around. Let’s be real, nobody these days wants to spend the extra money on one of those big bulky safes that require a 10 digit code, your retina screening, and voice activation to open. Half the time we find ourselves not even using those due to the complicated opening process, or we forget our codes, repetitively lose our keys, etc.

Hidden Water Bottle Stash

People just like you and I, have decided this is ENOUGH! Time to stop worrying about those few extra dollars left on your desk or that antique gold watch your grandfather gave you.
A diversion has never been so easy! Scientists have been working day in and day out for a perfect way to hide sentimental items in plain sight. And voila, the hidden bottle safe. No need to throw all your important items in your pockets or messily shove them in your drawers. Hiding items in plain sight is one of the most influential ways to hide things nowadays.
Just easily unscrew from the top until the lid is removed and you have a small hidden bottle safe. Perfect for storing money or valuable items. So when you’re away from your space you don’t have to worry!

Remembering back to college, times spent sharing a dorm with a roommate who would constantly borrow all my earrings. Somehow always failing to return one. So, I kept finding myself with one missing pair to all my earrings. A bottle safe would’ve been perfect, I could’ve just thrown all my earrings in the safe and left the bottle on my desk. Taking it with me into the bathroom when I got ready.

Hidden Stash Container Water

The possibilities are endless. Do you or a loved one have a birthday coming up? This water bottle safe would be a great thought for a gift. As you would be giving them a “water bottle” as a gift which is pretty darn funny. Although, you could also include a note explaining the secret use of the bottle. Maybe stashing some money in there for them to discover later as they start messing around with their new, awesome water bottle safe.

These bottles are very well made. The water bottle itself is the secret container/safe area and is almost entirely undetectable. Honestly though, who would think to look for items in a water bottle? Yet to be extra safe, you can even put clean water in the top of the water bottle and drink from the bottle to make it even more inconspicuous. Once again, these water bottles are completely realistic. Only a fellow safe owner would even consider suspecting a thing… maybe! It’s that real. Especially when you take a couple of sips from that bad boy, nobody is suspecting a thing.

Dasani Hidden Stash Water Bottle

What are you waiting for? The hidden water bottle safe is an affordable way to protect your items and put a stop to your worrying mind. The most popular places of use would include offices, lockers, concerts, the beach, cars, and of course bedrooms/the home in general. A bottle safe would be great for key rings, coins, cash, gifts, and hundreds of other small stashable ideas. If you or someone you know needs an item as diverse, useful, and easy to travel with, like this- today’s the day! You will not be disappointed.
Happy Hiding!!

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