25+ Unique & Affordable Watches for Men on Amazon

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25+ Unique & Affordable Watches for Men on Amazon
Looking for super stylish, yet affordable watches for men on Amazon? Look no further! This list of the most unique men’s wristwatches is the right pick for any guy who likes to collect and wear stylish accessories that simply look great. You might think, in this digital age with cellphones that are basically pocket supercomputers, that the humble wristwatch has passed its era. But you’d be wrong – as these 28 men’s wristwatches show. Whether you’re looking for a theme, for pure style, or for bells and whistles, this list will find you a watch that will make a perfect gift for the man you’re shopping for.
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25+ Best Affordable Wristwatches for Men

These 28 watches will suit anyone’s fancy. And we’ve got a range of price points to suit any budget – so there’s nothing stopping you from starting shopping! Dig in – you’re virtually guaranteed to find an ideal gift watch.

Men’s Watches For the Speedster

Horse Racing Leather Watch

A day at the races will never be the same with this fun themed watch. With symbols of horseracing next to a miniature analog clock dial, and a genuine Italian leather strap, he’ll love showing off his sense of excitement and speed whenever he wears this watch.

Lamborghini Watch

This elegant Lamborghini Tonino watch has got to be the perfect accessory for anyone who loves these iconic supercars. This authentic, stylish watch comes in an elegant black case for protection and display, and is the perfect accessory for the man who loves everything Lamborghini. With its distinctive triangular shape, everyone will recognize his sense of style.

Monaco Racing Watch

Gentlemen, start your engines! With this classically-designed watch, memories of the Grand Prix are never far away. The square black dial bears blue and orange racing stripes, and the face displays the date as well as the time, along with two decorative dials to mimic the displays on a racecar dashboard. Even the watchband, made of calfskin, carries the color scheme – with such great attention to detail, he’ll never miss a beat.

Super Stylish Wristwatches

Engine Order Telegraph Watch

Full steam ahead! Any boating enthusiast will love this themed watch which bears a reproduction of a traditional engine order telegraph. With a genuine leather band and Japanese quartz movement, it will fit his wrist like a glove and maintain long-term accuracy. This elegant watch is the best gift for car fanatics and comes in a beautiful tin presentation case, all ready for gift wrapping.

Illuminati Eye Watch

The All Seeing Eye will keep him on schedule! The iris in the center revolves with the second hand, providing a hypnotic effect he won’t be able to look away from. The genuine leather band will hold the watch snugly and comfortably on his wrist, and the Japanese quartz movement will keep the eye’s accuracy for years to come.

Engraved Wooden Watch

This genuine solid sandalwood watch comes with a sweet laser cut engraving on the back, making it a perfect gift from one family member to another. The band is made from genuine leather for comfort and durability, and the watch face bears a world map. He’ll stand out from the crowd with this beautiful, heartfelt gift.

Oversize Steampunk Watch

This ace-high watch will have him cutting a swell immediately – the four dials provide the time in two time zones, as well as having a decorative thermometer and compass. The watch body is made of durable stainless steel, and the face is protected by scratch resistant glass. Perfect for a costume party, or for the man who likes to be just a touch over the top – he’ll love the visual impact of this oversize watch.

Retro Pocket Watch

This elegant pocket watch is just the right gift for any vintage lover and will elevate his style to the next level. With a smooth silvertone finish, and Roman numerals, he’ll be happy to show his taste and wear this watch wherever he goes. Both sides of the pocket watch open to display a clock face with openings to display the clever workings within. The detachable chain provides another level of elegance, perfect for keeping the watch safe in its pocket.

Beer Time Wristwatch

What time is it? It’s beer thirty of course! This fun themed watch has an image of the top of a pint of beer, complete with a bit of the foamy head. The numbers around the dial are in order…but out of alignment. Don’t have too much beer and try to read the time! The silvertone case and genuine leather strap are made for durability, perfect to survive many party nights. And of course the best beer gift idea ever!

Retro Watch

This incredible multifunction watch harkens back to the times of World War II, when the Royal Air Force defended Britain from air raids. With its retro styling and sepia tone, you could almost believe it’s an original piece from the era. In addition, this amazing piece of machinery has many functions: not just a watch, but also two chronographs built into the dial, a rotating bezel, and even – for the truly retro-fashionable – a functioning slide rule. Any fan of military history or pilot would love to have such a sentimental piece.

Ultra Thin Wrist Watch

This elegant watch has one of the slimmest profiles out there, all but guaranteeing he’ll never face that little tug of the dial catching on his shirt cuffs ever again. The elegant design provides a classic styling, with a simple black face and gold accents. The adjustable band fits nearly any size wrist, and the watch itself is water resistant up to three atmospheres of pressure, able to handle whatever life throws his way.

12 Holes Design Watch

Talk about style – this handmade wooden watch will set him apart from the crowd. Instead of numerals around the clock face, this chic watch features twelve drilled holes, with a moving black dot to tell the hour and a similar red one for the minutes. The Japanese quartz movement keeps accurate time, and the leather strap conforms to fit his wrist with perfect comfort.

Spiral Fashion Watch

This unique watch will keep him stylish and punctual. Featuring a bold black dial with simple marks moving around the ring to show the hours and minutes, this elegant watch is sure to elevate his look. Water resistant up to 30 meters, he’ll be able to show his style and punctuality wherever he goes. It comes in a stylish gift box, perfect for wrapping up for any occasion.

Digital Bracelet Watch

This incredible watch appears at first to be nothing but a linked wristband…but then you notice the digital numbers and realize what a fun watch you have on your hands. Able to toggle between a 12- and a 24-hour display, he will also be able to use the buttons to toggle the display to show the month, date, and year.

Punisher Watch

Marvel fans assemble! This amazing themed watch bears the symbol of The Punisher, with his distinctive black-and-silver color scheme. As rugged as the Punisher himself, this watch is made of stainless steel, with a flame fusion crystal and is water resistant all the way to 200 meters. With additional dials showing the date, seconds, and minutes, he’ll always know when and where he is with this watch.

Camouflage Men’s Watch

Watch? What watch? With this shock absorbent watch, and its camouflage styling, he can go incognito anywhere and handle any challenge. It’s water resistant to 20 bars, and comes packaged in a sleek black-and-camo box for presentation and storage, and is imported from Japan for an extra touch of precision and durability.

Hamilton Watch

Thank ya, thank ya very much – that’s what he’ll be saying when you gift him this stylish watch designed in memory of Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday. Made by the company that invented battery operated watches, the triangular style of this watch will set him apart from the crowd. The luminous hands ensure he will always know the time, even after hours. The transparent case back reveals the complexity of the inner workings, allowing a finer appreciation of all that goes into watchmaking. Any collector, rock ‘n roll fan, or engineer would love to own this immaculate timepiece.

Broadway Diamond Watch

Bling, baby – this watch shines like Broadway lights, thanks to 5 carats worth of high quality diamonds encrusting every surface. Swiss movement provides elegance, efficiency, and precision. This classy watch is also water resistant up to 330 feet, belying the expected delicacy of such a flashy timepiece. Individually numbered and engraved for posterity, this fantastic watch comes packaged in a stainless steel case, ready to be wrapped and presented.

Technologically Ideal Watches

Binary Watch with LED Lights

A wise person once said, There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t. Want to make a special gift for the geek in your life? You can show him your appreciation for his special skills with this clever watch which, instead of using a typical analog or digital display, using binary code to reveal the time. Printed with a decorative circuit board style pattern, this sleek watch resembles the inside of a computer – who doesn’t love that?

Creative Business Watch

Is the Pomodoro Method a major part of his scheduling system at work? This sleek, elegant watch will help keep him on track, with 20-minute markings that move around the dial instead of using moving hour and minute hands that require mental math to calculate the time. This watch has a band made of stainless steel mesh, providing durability and flexibility, and is water resistant to 30 atmospheres.

Dual Time Zones Watch

Is he always on the go? Does he need to keep track of the time in two places? Then this multifunction watch is the perfect gift. Featuring two timepieces, which can be set independently to keep time in two time zones, as well as a functioning thermometer and compass, he’ll be able to manage his life like never before.

Compass Wooden Watch

Style and substance – all in one package. This fun watch is made of wood for a natural touch, while the dial rotates to show the time instead of using separate hands, for fun and unique styling. And this an integrated compass, there is an extra function to help him stay oriented in his world. The leather strap conforms perfectly to his wrist, and the watch arrives packaged in a stylish box for presentation and storage.

Chronograph Waterproof Wristwatch

This elegant design will make him the envy of his coworkers. The satin black finish and rose gold accents might make you think this watch is all about style, but with the additional displays it’s got plenty of function as well. In addition to the analog dial, there are minute ticks around the bezel, dual chronometers for seconds and minutes, and a calendar function.

Military Wristwatch

This cool watch keeps him undercover with its jungle green camouflage print. The digital display is bright enough to read under any circumstances, can be changed to any of seven colors, and is digital for quick recognition. It also has multiple functionalities: countdown, stopwatch, and alarm are all featured in this military style watch.

Venom Swiss Blue Watch

This incredible multifunction watch will keep him busy and happy for years to come. In a classic blue and gold color scheme, there are multiple dials to provide access to a ton of information: not just the standard 12-hour clock face, this incredible watch also has dials for the day of week, month, and tenths of a second; and the dial is luminous for easy use in low-light conditions.

Binary Matrix Watch

Neo would be proud to wear this stylish black wristwatch. With the display featuring a binary for hours and minutes, rather than the traditional digital or analog display functions, this futuristic watch makes a fantastic gift. Its rugged design will last for years, bringing compliments and amazement all the while. This clever watch is made of stainless steel ion-plated into a chrome black finish for sleek durability.

Backlight Watch

This incredible watch lives a double life. Rugged and stylish by day, with a clean, empty silver tone analog dial, a press of a button switches to an LED display that will have partygoers falling down the well of its glowing blue display. Shock resistant and water resistant to thirty meters, this tough watch can withstand anything daily life throws at it.

Unique Military Watch

This wristwatch truly is unique – with three separate dials to show hours, minutes, and seconds, this clever watch is an attention grabber. The black leather band ensures a custom, comfortable fit, while the black body and watch face provide a seamlessly stylish design. This watch comes packaged in a tough black box to keep the theme alive.
Watches have never been more of a fashion statement. With this gift list of unique watches for men, you’re sure to find something to suit any taste. Happy hunting!

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