Vintage Globe Bar

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Vintage Globe Bar
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Bring that old school touch to that man cave by storing your favorite drinks inside this sixteenth century Italian Replica Vintage Globe Bar. The vintage globe bar comes hand painted with lovely frescos while the exterior displays an antique 16th century nautical map of the past. If you happen to know a whiskey and other nice drinks loving man then this might be the best gift ever.

Vintage Globe Bar

Vintage Globe Bar

It can be a struggle trying to conjure up creative ways to store and serve your favorite adult beverages. Traditional wine cabinets are nice but there’s nothing all that special about them. If you’re looking for an original and distinctive way to display your libations, this eye-catching sixteenth-century Italian replica old world globe bar will instantly become one of your most prized possessions.

This beautiful bar globe is perfect for storing all your ornate glassware and spirits. It exudes elegance and sports an exquisitely detailed design. Up to 10 bottles of wine and other tall bar equipment can be conveniently stored on the bottom rack, while delicate drinking glasses, decanters and other alcoholic accoutrements can be nestled inside the globe for safekeeping. This vintage bar globe is regal and refined all rolled into one, and it would make a charming conversational piece for any room in your home.

vintage bar globe

Let’s talk a little bit about the design, shall we? The globe itself is wrapped in sixteenth-century nautical maps native to Italy. The intricate attention to detail on the map is unlike anything you have ever seen. Even the inside of the globe has decorative designs etched inside reminiscent of Michelangelo’s iconic Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings.

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The Vintage Globe Bar closely resembles an authentic antique for a fraction of the price. This mini bar also consists of a wooden floor stand with wheels on the bottom to easily move it from one spot to another if necessary. It stands over 36 inches tall, while the globe measures 18 inches in diameter. The globe opens from the center to reveal ample storage for all your drinking essentials.

Constructed from quality wood and other high-grade materials, the vintage bar globe is sure to last you a lifetime. The workmanship is nothing short of stunning and it’s also functional because of its ability to store your adult beverages and barware. This magnificent vintage bar globe is more than just a decoration, it is a masterpiece!

retro globe bar

Friends and guests at your home will fawn all over your bar globe because it looks like a family heirloom that was handed down for generations. Although this globe is not an ancient relic and is actually brand new, it still has an expensive and extremely valuable aesthetic. You may not have guessed that this bar globe is easy to assemble, but it can be put together in a breeze. This globe will surely add some a pop of prestige to your home or office, and who wouldn’t want that? Between it’s practicality and it’s abily to be a prominent fixture to any room, everything about the Vintage Bar Globe will instantly blow you away.

old world vintage globe bar

Most men don’t want help when it comes to decorating their mancave, but once they unwrap this spectacular gift, we’re pretty sure they’ll make an exception. His face will illuminate with joy like a child on Christmas morning once he sees his bar globe on display. This globe serves as one of the best mancave gifts because it’s ideal for holding scotch, whiskey, gin, or any other sophisticated drink any man wants to reach for at the end of a long day.

mancave globe bar

If you have been tirelessly searching for awesome mancave gifts for men, the Vintage Globe Bar is a solid buy for any special occasion. It’s a gift that will undoubtedly be used again and again and something that will be treasured forever. So many people are obsessed with this sixteenth-century Italian replica globe bar that it has hundreds of reviewers singing its praises. Don’t just take our word for it – check out this gorgeous globe yourself and be sure to grab one as a gift!

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