The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & for Her

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & for Her
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This Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide covers everything you need to know about the most important romantic day for couples. In this Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide you’ll find great meaningful gift ideas for your hubby, your wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend. As Valentine’s day approaches, it’s easy to understand your slow and building sense of foreboding about what you actually get for your love. It’s easy, they say, “just get her some roses! Or, just get him that watch or jersey he has been eyeballing – you can’t go wrong, it’s the thought that counts!” Unfortunately, as we all know – it’s not that simple. Roses are necessary but not sufficient. And getting a man that thing he has been looking at runs the risk of you taking away the opportunity for him to treat himself, or at worst – getting the wrong thing.

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Discerning Lover

As Valentine’s day approaches, and you’re looking to find the perfect romantic and meaningful gift for him or her, this Valentine’s Day gift guide is going to be a huge help. Whether you’re searching for something for your spouse of twenty years, or you’re just getting started building a relationship that you want to last.


Valentines Day Shopping Guide

To make it easier to find exactly what you need for your love, we’re going to split this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide up into several sections. The first will be broadly based about gift ideas for men and be split into gifts for a boyfriend or gifts for a husband. The second section will mirror the first but be for women rather than men. Let’s get right into it!


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

It can be tough figuring out what a guy actually wants for Valentine’s day. Well, that’s not actually true – what he wants is probably something you can give him but not buy, if you know what I mean. But anyway, moving right along. When you’re dead set on getting your man a gift for Valentine’s day, it can be tempting to go the easy route of a gift card (which conveys absolutely no thought or caring,) or something that he has been talking about a lot (which runs the risk of getting the “wrong” thing, but he still has to pretend he’s happy with it because it’s Valentine’s Day. For this reason, it’s better to go with the safe bets that are classic Valentine’s day gifts. The holiday is all about being cheesy, so don’t worry about it!


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Boyfriend

Young lovers usually don’t certainly know what their partner likes or what their hobbies are. You may not have known him for long enough to actually figure out what he is really into when you’re not around – or if he truly does sit and watch basketball all day long. Cute, meaningful DIY gifts would be appropriate here, and it’s always a nice touch to give him a little handwritten card – but in all honesty, what guy is going to be super happy about just getting a card on Valentine’s Day? There’s a lot of pressure on men to do well on this holiday and they will sure appreciate it if you reciprocate, and good bet is to go with property gushy romantic gifts for men.

If you truly have no idea what to get him because the relationship is in its infancy, that’s fine! We have a great article on how to find the right gift for men to make it easier for you to figure out generally what type of guy he is and what might make him happy on Valentine’s Day. Because remember, he does need to be happy – it takes two to tango.


Valentine’s Gifts for A Husband

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Husband

Once you’ve decided to tie the knot, you generally have a pretty good idea of what your man is into – if you’re at this stage you can take a look at our countless hobby gift articles, from gifts for nerds and gamers, to beer or gifts for coffee drinkers. Maybe he’s the guy who loves to craft something or is into arts? Then we’ve got some of the best gifts for people who draw. There are definitely some jewels in there that he will be very happy to receive. But if your husband is a hard nut to crack and you’re still not 100% sure of what you should get him, it’s OK! You can take a look at our couple gifts article with great Valentine’s gift ideas that will strengthen your bond even more. Feel free to do both too! You can target his hobbies very specifically, but also get him that shows in a super cheesy way that you love him.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

When it comes to the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide, it’s understandable that special attention has to be paid to the ladies. Gone are the days when you can simply get some flowers and chocolate for your woman – although you should definitely also do that, as it’s a good idea to hit her with multiple gifts through out the day (You are cooking her breakfast, right?) Once you’ve got those bases covered though, it’s important to consider what else you may need to do gift wise. Don’t worry, we’ve got Valentine’s day gift ideas covered in their entirety in several of our articles. Let’s take a look.


Valentine’s Day Ideas for A Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Girlfriend

More so than any other demographic, Valentine’s Day is for girlfriends. A married man often has to contend with birthdays and anniversaries as well as Valentine’s Day, but for a girlfriend, all of her attention may very well be paid to this important day of the year. If you really have no idea what to get your lady, we’ve come up with this great side piece to our Valentine’s Day gift guide – romantic gifts for girls, so you can take a look there if you’re getting desperate as the big day approaches and she needles you about whether or not you’ve given it any thought.

We also have a great article called gift guide for her which can cover your bases if you know what type of woman she is but you’re still not sure about how to pull the trigger on a specific gift. In that guide, we split up many of our recommendations based on a girl’s personality type, hobbies, and other traits. That way, you can easily find the article that’s going to be most useful for you in your search to find a gift for her. This is a great place to start your search if you’re feeling overwhelmed and really don’t have any idea of where to begin.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Wife

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Wife

Let’s put it this way – unless you want to get the pink slip from your wife, you should know what she’s into by now. If it’s gardening, we have an article for that. Star Wars, coffee, or whiskey? Yeah, we’ve got that covered too. So if you know your wife is particularly into something hobby wise or she just is super grumpy in the morning without her coffee – you know what to do, you can take a look at many of the hobby specific articles on our site for some great gift ideas.

If you’re still a bit clueless because your wife is just such a mystic angel that she’s sometimes hard to figure out, never fear! We have a great article on amazing valentines day gifts for girls and there are also a ton of great romantic gift ideas for her that can be found on the rest of our site. As long as you put in the necessary time and effort to make her happy on Valentine’s Day, she’s sure to reward you by not kicking you out of the house – so just relax!


At the end of the day,

This holiday should be about spending quality time with your love and showing them that you care, not worrying endlessly about how to satisfy your obligations. So, whether you’re shopping for him or her, for a long-term relationship or your spouse of 20-years – we’ve got you covered during the lead up to Valentine’s day. So, remember that you’re already doing great by taking the time to look for gifts for him or her, and browse through the relevant guides for the perfect Valentine’s day gift.

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