30 Awesomely Useful Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Know Existed

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It can be extremely fun to cook when you have Useful Kitchen Tools. Think of the possibility of the time you can save when you need to prepare a meal with one of those practical kitchen tools. Or those neat items that neither you or friends and family didn’t know existed. With the holidays right around the corner, think about all those family and friends that love to cook. They are sure to love the Practical Kitchen Utensils that you come across in this amazing list.
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30 Super Useful Kitchen Tools For Any Budget

Magical Defrosting Tray

Use a touch of magic with the Magical Defrosting Tray. When you forget to pull something out for dinner, this tray can pack a punch in helping to defrost meats. The Magical Defrosting Tray is designed from a light-weight aluminum, it can defrost meats in 30 seconds to an hour, depending on the thickness of the meat. Simply place the meat directly on the tray and let the Magical Defrosting Tray do the work. No need to put the meat in a microwave or running warm water over it. This tray will save time and energy.

Meatball Maker

Have fun with the Meatball Maker. This clever device will help you whip up 30 meatballs in a matter of minutes. Great for those family get togethers when you are planning on a spaghetti and meatball dinner. Or how about swedish meatballs. The Meatball Maker is designed out of silicone with the 30 different spots that can be filled. Simply place a small amount of either ground beef, chicken, turkey or pork. Add in just the right touch of spices and you are ready to go. Each ball that the Meatball Maker creates is the exact same size. Great for personal use or give as a gift to a young couple just getting started.

Strawberry Huller

Use a Strawberry Huller to clear out the center of a strawberry. The Strawberry Huller removes the center core of a strawberry and is one of those useful kitchen tools that’s simply saving time. Most people don’t like the center because of how sour or bitter the hull can be. The Strawberry Huller is simple to use, press the button on the top, insert the claw into the top of the berry, release the button then pull up. The claw holds the center of the berry. Press the button again to release the core of the berry. You can then fill the center of the berries, with chocolate or a favorite topping.

Watermelon Windmill Cutter

For the watermelon lovers, the Watermelon Windmill Cutter is a miracle worker. Who wants to spend almost an hour cutting and hacking into a watermelon. Well, no more with the Watermelon Windmill Cutter. Simply press the cutter into the flesh of the watermelon and let it do its work. As you slide the cutter in, the cutter will make even, beautiful, even, bite size pieces of watermelon that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Bamboo Cutting Board

When it comes to cooking having a Bamboo Cutting Board is a sure bet. The cutting board has one of the most ingenious designs created. The Bamboo Cutting Board is designed with 4 drawers, allowing you to cut up individual ingredients when preparing for meals. Each item can be cut and placed into the different drawers. Once ready, it is easy to then place the items together in a snap. Great way to keep your veggies and other items together instead of having to dirty up multiple containers around your kitchen. Easy to clean and store. Great for newlyweds or even for an anniversary gift.

Dish Drying Rack

Limited on counter space can be a pain, but not with the ultimate Dish Drying Rack. The rack is designed to easily fit around a traditional size sink. The Dish Drying Rack has organized space for everything that you will need to do your dishes and still have counter space in your kitchen. The Rack sits above the sink, can hold soap, sponges and more. So gain back counter space with the Dish Drying Rack. This is one of the most practical kitchen utensils for any cooking lover.

Food Scrap Collector

Save left over vegetable pieces in a Food Scrap Collector. The Food Scrap Collector is great for saving those pieces of vegetables that aren’t good for eating, but can be used to make a great vegetable stock. Don’t have a need to make a vegetable stock? Well how about creating some nutrient soil. You can use the bin for saving those scraps for a compost. What is great about the Food Scrap Collector is the overall size, the bin is narrow enough to fit into a fridge for adding more scraps to. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your home gaining a rotting smell. The scraps will stay fresh simply by placing the bin in the fridge. The bin will fit easily on a door shelf. So don’t get rid of those vegetable scraps in the trash, come up with useful ways to use the whole vegetables.

Meat Marinade Injector

Add extra flavor to different meats with the Meat Marinade Injector. The injector comes with 3 different sized needles so that you can inject different meats with just the right amount of marinade to boost the flavor of what you are cooking. The Meat Marinade Injector comes with two different cleaning brushes for the needles as well as a silicon basting brush to add even more flavor to your main dish. The Meat Marinade Injector is dishwasher safe, however it is a good idea to hand wash the needles.

Double Snack Serving Bowl

An interesting twist to snacking with the Double Snack Serving Bowl. The Double Snack Serving Bowl works great for eating, nuts, soy beans, shelled shrimp and more. The bowl is designed to house your choice of snack in the top and then you can place your shells into the bottom. Once you are done eating, simply dump out the lower bowl. The Double Snack Serving Bowl is also great for parties and keeping things nice and neat.

Garlic Crusher and Peeler

Squish out tons of flavor with the Garlic Crusher And Peeler. Instead of the typical garlic presses that you find, this one really packs a punch with easy use. First, place garlic cloves into the silicon sleeve press lightly on the outside and roll the cloves free of the outer hull. Then simply press and roll the hand crusher over the cloves to get an even and fine level of crushed garlic. The Garlic Crusher And Peeler will simplify the way you prepare garlic in your kitchen. Easy cleaning, simply put into your dishwasher.

Corn Peeler

Love fresh corn on the cob, but hate the mess, then you need the Corn Peeler. This handy dandy device makes removing the kernels from an ear of corn simple and quick. The Corn Peeler has is created with a heavy duty handle and specially designed blades to help you easily remove the kernels. Great for people who have dentures and would love to have fresh corn off the cob. The Corn Peeler is dishwasher safe and stores with other utensils.

Citrus Sprayer

Add fresh flavor with the Citrus Sprayer. The sprayer is designed to insert into a fresh orange, lemon, lime or even grapefruit. Simply press and roll the fruit slightly on a counter, then screw in the sprayer. Give the fruit a light squeeze to get the fruit juice flowing. The Citrus Sprayer can then be sprayed on to salads, meats and more.

Pot Strainer

Strain pots in a matter of moments with the Pot Strainer. Instead of fumbling around and having to dirty up another big item that will have to be washed, the Pot Strainer, clips onto the side of a pot and allows you to strain off water. The Pot Strainer is compact and can be kept in a drawer rather than storing in a cabinet taking up valuable space. The Pot Strainer is great for anyone that lives in a small dwelling and has limited space.

Over the Sink Strainer Board

Create a little extra space with the Over The Sink Strainer Board. The board is designed to fit safely over a sink. With specially designed grips to protect the Over The Sink Strainer Board from sliding while a meal is being prepared. The strainer is removable for easy cleaning and folds up so it can be stored taking up minimal space. The Over The Sink Strainer Board takes the top for being one of the leading practical kitchen utensils.

Herb Mill

Use an Herb Mill to add fresh herbs to any meal. The Herb Mill is prefect for chopping up herbs into fine pieces that many home chefs struggle with. Simply insert herbs into the mill and with a simple twist or three, the herbs are finely chopped and ready for any amazing dish. The Herb Mill is easy to take apart and clean, it is dishwasher safe.

Tablets & Smartphones Kitchen Wall Mount

Keep smart phones and tablets safe in your kitchen with the Tablets & Smartphones Kitchen Wall Mount. The ingenious mounting bracket is perfect to install above a kitchen counter so that any inspired chef can easily access recipes, videos and more. The Tablets & Smartphones Kitchen Wall Mount has a sleek design and even when a phone or tablet aren’t in the bracket isn’t obtrusive sitting empty on the wall.

Oil Sprayer

Help save the environment one spray at a time with an Oil Sprayer. Instead of purchasing cans of spray on oil, you can create your own. Open the Oil Sprayer and pour in any oil that you wish to use from grapeseed oil to olive oil. The Oil Sprayer has a sleek contemporary design that any home chef will enjoy using. The sprayer is easy to clean, all that is needed is warm water and dish soap. Follow the instructions to clean the sprayer and have it ready for the next oil.

Pot Lid Lifts

When stepping away from the stove, use Pot Lid Lifts to keep foods from boiling over and causing a huge mess. The Pot Lid Lifts are three cute little animals that can sit on the edge of a pot and prop up the lid to keep air circulation going. The Pot Lid Lifts are created out of silicone and can easily pop on and off the side of a pot with very little effort. Great gift for the inspiring young chefs in your life.

Pineapple Corer & Slicer

Core pineapple in a matter of moments with the Pineapple Corer and Slicer. This stainless steel device tops the traditional plastic ones. On the bottom you will see the blade that makes cutting easy. With a simple twist of the wrist, the Pineapple Corer and Slicer shows pineapples whose boss. Not only is it environmentally friendly and long lasting, easy to clean and store. The Pineapple Corer and Slicer will blow your mind with the even slices that can be made.

Avocado Slicer

Keep hands clean with the Avocado Slicer. Let’s face it, cutting and cleaning an avocado can be a very messy job and for those who aren’t comfortable using a knife, can be dangerous. The Avocado Slicer is ingenious. Not only is there a pit remover and a specially designed scoop that will allow you to remove the meat of the avocado without getting your hands messy. Perfect gift for the avocado lovers in your life.

Silicone Egg Separator

Have fun cooking with the Silicone Egg Separator. This cute little fish can suck up the yolk right out of the shell. Just squeeze the sides of the Silicone Egg Separator to pick up the yolk. Not only will it keep your hands clean, it will keep the yolk intact. The cute fish is easy to clean and store. Toss the Silicone Egg Separator into your dishwasher.

Pizza Cutter and Server

Love pizza, use the Pizza Cutter and Server for fast easy serving of homemade pizza. Let’s face it, toppings can be extremely hot! The traditional cutter offers a roller and then you have to use a spatula to serve the slices. The Pizza Cutter and Server combines two utensils into one. The cutter is designed like a pair of kitchen shears. Slide the cutter under the edge of the pizza and cut away. As the cutter is working, the slice will slide right onto the surface for easy serving. The Pizza Cutter and Server is dishwasher safe and easy to store.

Herb Scissors

Chop herbs quickly with Herb Scissors. The Herb Scissors will make quick work of any herbs. In seconds you can cut up different herbs to add to all of your home made meals. With five individual blades on the Herb Scissors it can chop through stems and leaves with ease. Cleaning is a breeze with the customized blade cleaner that comes with the Herb Scissors, plus, for those extra sticky and moist herbs, the scissors can go directly into the dishwasher for additional cleaning of the blades. Great item for inspiring home chefs.

Heat Resistant Covers

Always looking for the perfect lid for any pot or bowl is made easier with the Heat Resistant Covers. Not only will you have just the right size for every bowl or pot, you can use the Heat Resistant Covers in the microwave or on top of the stove. The covers are perfect for keeping your microwave nice and clean when heating up leftovers or preparing other foods. You get 5 different covers that will take care of most of your needs in the kitchen. Save on foil and plastic wrap as well with the Heat Resistant Covers. They can also be used to store foods in the fridge as well. Select the size and place on any bowl. Then store in the fridge. The Heat Resistant Covers can also go from the fridge right into the microwave and keep food from splattering everywhere. When its time to clean the covers place in the dishwasher. Great for those that are trying to shrink their carbon foot print on the earth.

Vegetable Chopper

Chop vegetables quickly and safely with the Vegetable Chopper. Offering 4 different blades to dice and slice through any vegetable that you have. The Vegetable Chopper fits over a specially designed bowl that allows the vegetables to fall right in when being chopped. Thus cutting down mess and fuss. No need for a cutting board with this handy dandy Vegetable Chopper. Dishwasher safe and easy to store in any home.

Apple Corer

An Apple Corer is a great way to take cores out of apples and pears quickly to create exciting new dishes. The ergonomic handle makes the Apple Corer easy to use and saves the stress on even arthritic hands. Not only is the Apple Corer perfect for fruit, but there are other useful options. How about coring out the center of a cup cake to fill with a special treat or how about a roll. You can place herb butter into a warm roll and allow it to melt into the inside. There are tons of possibilities that can be discovered with the stainless steel, easy to clean Apple Corer.

Kitchen Tool Bottle

Save tons of space in your kitchen with the Kitchen Tool Bottle. This inventive device can be used as a funnel, measuring cup, grater and more. The unique design of the Kitchen Tool Bottle not only can you keep a ton of useful kitchen utensils in one small space, you can also use it as a unique addition to over all kitchen fashion and style. The Kitchen Tool Bottle is easy to clean, each piece is dish washer safe.

Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush

Get knives, forks and spoons super clean with the Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush. The brush is designed with bristles on both sides, simply slide around any utensil and scrub away. The bristles will remove any baked on product. Keep the Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush clean as well by simply tossing in a dishwasher. Easy to store and use, the Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush pops a punch for those that want a clean kitchen.

Silicone Pastry Mat

Make baking fun and easy with the Silicone Pastry Mat. The mat is covered with measurements of all kinds so that the inspired chef in your home can get just the right sizes and measurements out of all their pastries. The Silicone Pastry Mat is thin, easy to clean and store. A great space saving item that all inspired chefs can use. The Silicone Pastry Mat can take a beating, not only can dough be rolled out but you can also use a sharp knife on the surface and not worry about damaging it. So get into baking with the Silicone Pastry Mat.

Magic Bottle Opener

As we age, hand muscles get sore fast, the Magic Bottle Opener makes life a lot easier. Simply choose the right size grip for any bottle and twist. The Magic Bottle Opener is designed to open over 16 different sized lids and as an added bonus has a slide flipper to open up cans of soda, pull top vegetable or soup cans as well. So help that special loved one in your life save their aching hand muscles with the Magic Bottle Opener. They will smile with relief as they use this amazing kitchen utensil.
When you are ready to down size or add to your kitchen utensils, create the ultimate collection of practical kitchen utensils that can do more and cut down on the amount of items you keep in your kitchen. Or better yet, help someone in your life have just what they need without taking up tons of room in their kitchen. You won’t be disappointed with any combination from this fantastic list of 30 useful kitchen utensils. When you’re interested in more kitchen related stuff we also have some unusual kitchen utensils for you.

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