30+ Unusual Home Decor Gifts People Will Go WOW About

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Looking for awesome Unusual Home Decor Gifts people will be amazed about? This awesome list of the best unusual home decoration ideas will simply stun your friends and visitors. You don’t want to be the person who gives the same old gift every time, staying safe in a world of consistency but never adding a touch of fun or personality for fear of a wrong step. You want to be the gift giver that friends and family seek out, wondering what wonder will come next in the pretty package with a big red bow. This list helps take you to the next level!
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30+ Unusual Home Decor Gifts People Will Go WOW About Banner

31 Unusual Home Decor Gifts for Any Budget

These unique home decoration gifts bear no resemblance to the ordinary. Whether you’re looking for something whimsical, something themed, or something over-the-top in size or fun, you’re sure to find something to leave your recipient speechless here on this list of unusual gifts for the home.

On the Walls and Ceiling

Cork Globe

They’ll have fun tracking their travels and planning their globetrotting bucket list with this cork globe. Available in two sizes, this clever globe can fit anywhere. It even comes with a set of brilliant red push pins to begin documenting a globetrotting adventure. The base is strong stainless steel, curving in a smooth circle for stability.

Huge World Map

Geography comes front and center, and your loved ones will never lose their way in the world again with this wall sized world map. Printed in a vintage sepia tone, this map is over four feet wide and three feet tall, providing a sense of place in the world on an unbelievable scale. Any fan of atlases would love to receive this incredible representation of our world.

Creative Cloud Chandelier

This fun pendant light brings the open sky into the house with this creative cloud shape. Choose any color light bulbs to create sunny or stormy days to suit any mood. With an adjustable chain to fit a range of ceiling heights, this light can suit any environment and create any ambience desired. This is definitely one of the most wanted unusual home decor gifts.

Unique Bookends

Oh no! These books are falling over onto someone! ….Or are they? This clever bookend creates a fun illusion books leaning over about to fall on a silhouetted figure. Made of powder-coated steel, this bookend is both strong and low-profile, so that the structure of the bookend won’t get in the way of the visual effect. Each package comes with two bookends, perfect for any bibliophile.

Melting Clock

Salvador Dalí would be proud – with this melting clock you can delight any fan of his work. This clock is designed to be able to hang over the edge of a ledge or table, rather than having to put nail holes in a wall. With the edges and face of this unusual clock waving and curving in unexpected directions, you could be forgiven for thinking time itself has gone all wibbly-wobbly.

Giant Sunglasses Mirror

How you doin’! This fun mirror is perfect for checking yourself out – shaped like a pair of sunglasses, this brings reflective lenses to a whole new level. Each lens of the glasses is the perfect size for checking hair and makeup, so two people can primp at the same time. It comes with the necessary mounting screws and wall plugs, making it easy to set up.

Han Solo In Carbonite Fridge Sticker

Your friend can show their love for the Force with this clever vinyl decal on their fridge. Some of the most iconic lines in the movie series were said in this scene, and what better approximation of the freezing temperatures of carbonite than a refrigerator? This durable fridge wrap is made from the same quality vinyl as outdoor signs, so it will resist scratches, fading, heat, and oil – easy to clean, and a definite upgrade from a boring fridge.

Hidden Door Kit

Have you got a do-it-yourselfer on your gift list? Someone who loves surprising people? Or maybe the just love spy movies and want their own secret lair. Regardless, this kit could make the perfect gift. This complete set of hardware allows them to turn any bookcase or cabinet into a secret door. Now their secrets are safe, with no one aware there’s a secret room just waiting to be discovered.

Pink Cadillac Shelf

This retro shelf is the perfect highlight to any 1950s theme. Designed in 3D to replicate the grille and headlights of a pink ‘50s Cadillac car, there is a glass shelf to store belongings, while the headlights light up for the full effect. The license plate even bears a reproduction of Elvis Presley’s autograph.

Melting Pendant Lights

These pendant lights add a fiery touch to any room with a melting effect from their irregular, blobby shape. Choose from six different finishes to complement any décor and heat up the ambience. These lights are art and function all in one, providing decorative design and functional lighting.

Glowing USB Wall Charger

Are your friends tired of the same plain, blocky white USB plugs going into their walls? You can give them a dash of pizzazz with this fun gift – not only does it have a fun crackle pattern in its cover, when the lights go off the plug actually glows through the crackle cracks – it’s a fun touch and an instant night light. The prongs even fold away to prevent damage in transit, making this USB wall plug perfect for packing on a trip.

Removable Silicone Vase

The Removable Silicone Vase is a clever wall vessel with a simple, elegant design that can be used to add a modern decorative touch and some natural greenery to your indoor space. Just put it on any flat wall or surface and fill it with water. This vase can be removed and used repeatedly so you only need to clean its back and the surface you want to stick to.

Flat Surfaces

Swing Table

Who has kids that can’t sit still at meal time? Just me? With this amazing dining set, your loved ones can bring the outdoors in and swing while eating. It even is designed for indoor or outdoor use – the perfect dining experience. The walnut wood is beautifully stained, strong, and long-lasting, while the stainless steel hardware can survive nearly anything. Bon appetit!

Sumo Wrestler Table

When buying unusual home decor gifts this rikishi sumo wrestler is THE perfect accessory for any home. It holds a traditional stance….and a tempered glass table top. Balanced on both hands and feet, wearing the famous mawashi, his strong crouch is able to support anything placed on the table. Made of strong cast resin, and hand painted for realism, this table will delight any fan of sumo.

Shark Desk

Chomp chomp! Schoolwork was never so fun until this shark desk swam home. This fierce creature’s tongue is the writing surface, and those teeth holding it up and looming over it light up to ensure no one is working in the dark. The eyes are able to roll around, and the plastic coating is BPA-free for complete safety.

Combined Billiard Dining Table

If you have a loved one who loves pool or billiards, but doesn’t have a lot of space, this double-duty table is the perfect gift. As a dining table, it seats up to ten people; but when it’s time to play the tabletop easily removes to open up on a pool table to make game night unforgettable. Pool accessories are stored in the pool table under the tabletop when it’s time to eat – out of sight, so neatly hidden you’d never guess they were there.

Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table

Outdoor seating just got elevated. This stylish fire pit comes with a transparent wind guard and a wide lip so that it can act as a coffee table even when lit. Its dark bronze finish complements any style theme, and the table is designed to conceal a standard 20 gallon propane inside for easy fire lighting without losing the visual effect.

Changing Poker/Dinner Table

Looking for more unusual home decor gifts? This phenomenal table reinvents the bachelor pad. On one setting, it’s a modern, elegant dining table – but with the push of a button the tabletop automatically rotates upside down to reveal a tastefully lighted poker table. As many as 8 players can sit comfortably around this clever table, which is made of steel, aluminum, and aerospace grade components, then coated with vitreous enamel for unparalleled durability.

It’s Alive!

Illuminated Ant Farm

Anyone curious about nature would love to receive this clever gift. A real, working ant farm – and it’s transparent so the recipient can actually see the ants doing their work and building their home. The included gel provides both a food source and a foundation in which they can carve out their tunnels, as well as a blue tinted LED light to mimic nighttime lighting for visibility without disturbing the ants.

Self Sustaining Aquarium Garden

This amazing device uses Mother Nature and the food chain to maximum effect which makes it a perfect creative home decoration gift idea. A 10-gallon aquarium provides a choice habitat for small pet fish, whose byproducts provide immediate convenient fertilizer for a set of plant grown above in an aquaponic system. Choose any of a variety of vegetables, herbs, or decorative plants – and sit back and relax. Not only do the fish care for the plants; the plants keep the water clean for the fish. Minimal maintenance and maximum effect – it’s perfect.

Coffee Table Aquarium

Boring old box aquariums that just sit on a shelf up against the wall are a thing of the past. Now this incredible aquarium can become the centerpiece of the room without losing function – it’s designed with extra durability and capability in mind, so that it doubles as a coffee table, providing stable and strong function while also bringing a taste of Mother Nature into daily life.

Betta Falls Aquarium

Betta fish are very territorial, but they’re also truly beautiful – this clever aquarium makes it suddenly possible to care for more than one betta at a time, with three completely separated but fully functional aquaria tied together with a clever waterfall flow from one tank to the next. The interior panels are frosted, so that neighboring fish don’t see and aren’t bothered by each other, providing peace and beauty in scale.

Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

This aquatic ecosystem is a fully sustainable marine ecosystem of shrimp, microorganisms, water, and algae that live harmoniously together inside a beautiful glass bulb. This small glass bulb is also a great conversation piece that will spark curiosity in your guests as well as keep them visually entertained. Keeping the aquatic ecosystem on your kitchen counter or on your bookshelf will surely appeal to anyone, but especially families and science lovers.

Unique and Indefinable

Hollow Log Lamp

The beauty of nature is on full display with this lamp made from a genuine hollow log. The artisan who creates these lamps finds wood on site in a forest, and uses these natural marvels to create functional items for the home. Each piece is completely unique, making this the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys standing out from the crowd.

Hamburger Phone

Retro just got cool with this classic hamburger (and cheese) phone. With buttons in the classic phone layout, along with redial function, this fun corded phone is simple enough for nostalgia but functional enough for the modern age. There’s even an LED light to let you know the line is active, in case you’re on hold without Muzak to provide confirmation.

Woman in The Carpet Decor

This clever area rug will have people refusing to believe their eyes – designed with an optical illusion that makes it appear as though a woman is lying under the rug, with only her face and limbs poking through. How long will it take guests to accept it’s only a picture, and stop carefully stepping around her? It’s a life size image that is impossible to discount, belying the stodgy traditionalism of a basic Persian rug.

Vomiting Swan Faucet

This amazing gold tone faucet adds a level of elegance to any restroom. Shaped like an elegant swan, with separate crystal-topped handles, anyone would be delighted to be able to use this to wash their hands. The water comes out of the swan’s mouth, with the graceful arch of its neck providing the body of the faucet, and with decorative swept-back wings providing a touch of realism.

Diamond Glass Loudspeakers

Your loved ones can now get the most accurate sound reproduction possible, without sacrificing style, with these innovative glass speakers. Made of diamond glass, designed to damp out unwanted vibrations, none of the sound is lost through transmission into the speaker case. The base is wrapped in hand stitched Nappa leather, adding another layer of quality style and design.

Happy Half Wine Glass

The glass is always half full with this clever design. This conversation piece makes a whimsical gift – it’s a full size wine glass designed to look as though half was trimmed away. Everyone is sure to have fun pouring into and drinking from this charming glass. Lighten the mood in any party by using these glasses for guests.

Volcano Essential Oil Diffuser

Can there be a more unusual home decor gift than this essential oil erupting volcano? Essential oil users have a new way to diffuse their healing properties into the home with this fun diffuser. Designed to look like an erupting volcano, and able to cycle through 7 colors of lighting in the lava flow, this fun design works in any décor theme. The handcrafted resin provides great durability, and the volcano diffuser comes with a convenient remote control to choose the intensity and color scheme with ease.

App Magnets

Any technology addict would love to receive these fun magnets. Themed to look like the logos for smartphone apps, this set can make a refrigerator or magnetic bulletin board suddenly resemble an oversize phone or tablet. This fun set of 18 magnets adds a touch of whimsy wherever they’re placed. Don’t let this funny kitchen gift slip your fingers!
What takes your fancy? It’s a sure bet at least one item on this list will suddenly become a gift for yourself, regardless of shopping for friends and family. These one-of-a-kind items will be the talk of the party…and for weeks to come. Until the next occasion, when your loved ones start pestering you find out what marvel you’re going to provide next.

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