15+ Unique Phone Holders You Totally Want To Buy

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We have compiled a list of unique phone holders you can use to accessorize your personal device. From funny to totally unusual phone holding gadgets, we’ve got you covered with the most unusual phone stands. Aren’t you getting tired of getting smacked in the face by your phone when lying in bed watching your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows?
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15+ Awesome Phone Holders to Buy in 2020

Tell yourself that you care, and treat yourself to one of the fun little phone stands below. We sure have some colorful solutions to your problem.

Unicorn Phone Holder

This adorable unicorn phone holder is perfect for any girl that just loves the color pink, and unicorns. Let’s face it, unicorns are awesome. The word ‘unicorn’ has even come to mean a truly unique person. With this phone holder on your desk or bedside table that is exactly what your spouse will think of you. Man, she’s such a unicorn. Made out of soft rubber you can be ensured your device will be unmarred by this phone holder. This fits any IOS or Android device measuring from 4 to 8”. And if one unicorn wasn’t enough this unicorn phone holder comes in a pack of 3!

Wooden Elephant Bluetooth Speaker Phone Stand

This wooden phone holder is carved into the shape of an elephant, with BlueTooth speakers resembling the ears that have HD sound. Made out of the beautiful woods of beech and walnut, this cute little desk topper would make a great stocking stuffer for the coming Christmas. It’s also battery powered so you can move it around the house to play your sweet sick nasty EDM while you clean. Definitely among the best phone stands on this list due to its ability to amplify your Hulu watching experience.

Hand Phone Holder

This clever hand-shaped phone holder does a few jobs. Since it is made out of the durable materials of rubber and cement it can double as a paperweight, and when it is laid down on its side, it all of a sudden becomes a pen and pencil holder. It includes a magnet in its wrist that can hold onto metal desk items such as paper clips and binder clamps. Last but not least, it can hold your phone while you binge-watch your favorite series on Netflix while at work.

High Heel Shoe Phone Stand

For those of you gals out there reading this, this high heel phone stand may just be the ticket. If you are a fancy gal who likes to go to fancy places this glitzy red phone stand is going to look right at home on your vanity. The best part of this phone stand fits all sizes of phones, so no worrying about that.

Banana Phone Stand

If you are any sort of gamer who enjoys a good competitive sibling rivalry in a match of Mario Kart, then you are in luck with this phone stand. It’s quite a piece of nostalgia to me. This bright yellow banana phone stand very much resembles the banana peels you would throw around the racing track in Mario Kart. A colorful addition for any gamers desk, who could use this for those gaming moments where a step by step guide is needed to beat that overly difficult boss.

Metal Chair Phone Holder

Find yourself craving the ocean view tiki bar vacation while you are at work? Guess what? We have a phone holder for that! This adorable phone stand can sit on your desk while you are at your office job and remind you of just what you are working so hard for. Blue skies, clear oceans, and some pretty greek girl asking what your next drink is going to be. Made of metal and in a variety of pastel colors, this phone stand will bring a much-needed splash of color to your office, whether at home or work.

Creative Horse Phone Holder

This is a creative and flexible phone holder made from a series of ABS joints. The clip of the phone stand is cleverly shaped into a horse’s head and flexible to any angle of viewing. A cool addition to the holder is that it comes with a BlueTooth camera shutter that is compatible with both IOS and Android devices and has a range up to 30 feet.

Cute Polar Bear Phone Stand

If you love polar bears, and you should, then this adorable phone stand is for you. If you happen to love Coca Cola, then this phone stand is also for you. Imagine having the world’s largest species of a bear standing on your table holding your phone while you watch the latest and greatest show on Netflix. It’s totally heart-melting. This polar bear phone stand can hold phones from 4 to 9’s sturdily.

Yoga Black Cat Phone Stand

This sassy little black cat is seated in a half lotus pose wearing an AlphaGo tank top. He’s just flexing his yoga practice waiting for you to rest your phone onto his lap. Capable of holding phones from 4 to 8’s he also doubles as a great paperweight. Just look at that face! Just make him happy already and buy him for your desk!

Pink Pig Phone Holder

This is another adorable little phone holder for those that just love the color pink. In the shape of a little piglet and just as cute as the real thing, this holder would make a great addition for any girl’s desktop. Made of soft rubber like the unicorn above, your phone will be safe in the snout of this little dude.

Different Cats Phone Holder

Okay, if you are a cat person you have to check this out. You get a whole pack of cats, 6 of them in fact, that have suction cups to attach to your phone. Suitable for use with any size of cell phone, each cat of the pack comes in different colors. Use one or use all six, it’s really up to you.

Cat Phone Stand

Here we have yet another adorable cat phone holder for you. This one however is shaped as a cartoon cat laying on its back. This cute little guy would be a great gift for your bubbly friend who just loves cats and kittens alike.

Cute Owl Phone Holder

Everyone loves owls and these cute owl phone holders are for everyone! These owl phone stands have adjustable legs and weigh in at 60 grams, which means that they can support devices of sizes all the way up to an Ipad mini. These are absolutely perfect stocking stuffers for nieces and nephews.

Monkey Phone Holder

Do you have a nephew or boyfriend that acts like a monkey? I mean you don’t have to be mean, I know I do. Anyway, this is the phone holder for that little boy in your life. This cartoon monkey is there to grab your phone and finally do something useful for once. This is one of the larger phone holders on this list at 6.6’ meaning it can hold devices as large as an Ipad. Besides just being a phone holder, the limbs of this monkey fully rotate 360 degrees and can be used as a toy or just as a fun decoration to have hanging around.

Retro TV Style Phone Holder

Personally, I have a weak spot for just about anything retro, and this retro phone holder makes me wanna reach for my wallet. This phone holder is styled after an older antenna t.v., an era when beating electronics with a stick actually made them work better, like children. I’m so glad I managed to live. This retro tv phone holder also just makes a really cool ornament, besides being a creative throwback to a bygone era.

Creative Astronaut Phone Holde

As far as originality and cool factor, this is definitely one if not the best phone stands available. If you happen to be a space nerd then this is a totally must-have item for the home or office. Made out of polyresin this astronaut can take a beating and won’t lose details or color as it ages.

Cute Cat Phone Stand

This is a cartoonish black cat similar to the one mentioned above, Instead of laying on its back, however, this one must have just woken up! In that all too familiar cat stretches with its but high in the air. This phone holder can support holding your average-sized cellular devices, such as the iPhone 7 or 8, and similarly sized Android devices. And if you happen to know a cat lover, get them one of these cool cat lover gifts as well.
Cut Yourself a BreakGive those noodle arms of yours a break and purchase one of these inexpensive and adorable phone holders. These phone stands are great way to help personalize your personal workspace or even your hobby desk . They aren’t only useful but make great gifts for friends, family, and children. So cut yourself a break, and get after one of these personality filled phone stands

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