30 Travel Gifts For Men That Are Simply Awesome And Useful

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30 Travel Gifts For Men That Are Simply Awesome And Useful
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Looking for the Best Travel Gifts for Men that will make your traveling friend happy? Look no further! Men are travelers – it’s in their nature to seek out new lands, new opportunities, and new lives, sometimes across the neighboring mountain range but other times across the world, to far off and exotic places that the rest of us can’t even find on a map. The thing is, sometimes they’re a bit spontaneous and might not fully consider what their real material needs will be when undertaking such a journey. This is where you come in to choose the best travel gifts for guys that are awesome and helpful at the same time.

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30 Travel Gifts For Men You Can’t Go Wrong With

After our great article about the best travel gifts for her comes the next travel related gift guide for our guys. Here are 30 great gifts for a man who loves to travel or is soon to go on a trip, split into three categories: men’s needs, electronics and products for the hardcore traveler.


Travel Accessories For The Man

Let’s get this out of the way first, just cause they’re about to be traveling doesn’t mean they need to turn into a complete barbarian.


Toiletry Bag For Men

toiletry bag for men
Believe it or not, some guys are pretty particular about their toiletries (hint: they tend to be the hot ones.) For them, when it’s time to do some traveling, they want to take their own bathroom products that they know and love. In that circumstance, a quality toiletry bag is a perfect gift. I mean really, who wants to carry around their gear in a clear zip-lock bag?

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Manicure Set for Men

manicure set for men
Gone are the days when being a disgusting smelly wreck is considered masculine, and good riddance to the old days! This manicure set is perfect for any dude who is going to be away for awhile and doesn’t want to start looking like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings.
$9.98 ($9.98 / Count)

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Folding Wooden Comb

folding wooden comb
Another item that is often forgotten by the quick moving male traveler, only to be bought for an exorbitant price at the airport. This comb is made of sandal wood, so it’s high quality, and it shows. Look, from London to Beijing – he’s got to stay fresh.
$13.82 ($13.82 / Count)

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Super Compact Towel

super compact towel
A towel is one of the most underappreciated staples of modern life. It is hard to describe the horror of realizing, upon arrival at a hostel, that you haven’t actually packed a towel. And as men are not widely known as being sticklers for cleanliness, you might want to do your absent minded traveling buddy a favor by getting him this essential item. Seriously, he will thank you.

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Beard Care Kit for Men

beard care kit for men
Traveling men tend to be rugged, and rugged men appreciate the rustic beauty of a well taken care of beard. Of course, your guy friend who loves to travel has an exquisite beard grooming kit at home, what self-respecting beard groomer wouldn’t? But who wants to fill those annoying travel sized canisters with designer products that may not make it all the way through the trip? This kit is a perfect gift for the discerning traveler.
$19.88 ($19.88 / Count)

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Men’s Emergency Kit

mens emergency kit
Two things that make great travel product are compactness and versatility. This kit has both – not only does it combine a brush with a small pack where you can store some emergency style essentials, it’s also got his back if he scuffed his new shoes on the plane! He certainly won’t leave the flight looking like everyone else.

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Travel Gadgets For Him

Just because he’s about to be traveling doesn’t mean he needs to be living like a 3rd century peasant. These electronics will keep him connected to the modern world, no matter how far off the grid he is.


Foldable Keyboard

foldable keyboard
Wait, you mean I can fit a keyboard into my pocket, protected by an aluminum case, and connect it to my iPhone? Excuse me while I go order one of these and throw my laptop onto the trash heap of history. Awesome! Seriously though, if you want full length letters from your man while he’s away, he’s going to need a full-service keyboard, right? Here it is.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

noise cancelling earphones
Whether it’s on the flight (jet engines tend to be a bit loud) or in a hole in the wall café on an unknown street deep in the city, it’s good to be able to hear the Skype call to the mom, dad or girlfriend without constantly having to ask them to repeat themselves. These headphones cancel the surrounding noise, so they’re really an essential item for travelers.

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Portable Electric Shaver

portable electric shaver
Look we all know a straight razor is great for a close shave but that’s not a great option for the traveling man who needs to get through the TSA in a reasonable amount of time . And god forbid he needs to work on something other than his beard (after all it’s not the year 1650, clean up bro!) This charging electric razor is the perfect size to pop in the carry-on bag and he’ll be ready to go.
$90.00 ($0.34 / Gram)

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Instant Language Translator

instant language translator
We all know that guys who travel tend to be fairly tolerant of risk and may end up getting themselves in over their heads. Maybe they won’t need this, but if they do, it can literally be a lifesaver. The little gadget will translate for him, so in case you hadn’t noticed, the future is here.

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Electronics Organizer Bag

electronics organizer bag
I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted looking for cords, cubes, adapters, sim cards, and phones when traveling. And it’s not my fault – none of my friends ever had the wherewithal to get me a travel electronics case like this one. This is a great gift for dudes who spend a lot of time traveling, because seriously, organization is key.

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Air Travel Phone & Tablet Holder

air travel phone and tablet holder
Whether it’s on the plane or on the bed, holding up a phone or tablet is a one-way ticket to a sore neck for the whole week of the trip. Enter Phone and Tablet Holder. His neck will thank you, and he won’t have to keep talking about how he’s going to sign up for yoga classes that you know he never will.

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Travel Gear For Men

Look, there’s traveling and then there’s traveling. These products are probably for a guy who is about to do the latter. But hey, check them out regardless, maybe he’s more of a traveler than you think.


Head Case

head case
These hilarious luggage covers not only make his luggage easily identifiable on the carrousel but also make sure that any zipper failure doesn’t result in a catastrophic spreading of his luggage all over the airport hall.
$38.99 USD

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Scratch the World Map

scratch the wold map
This is a really dope map that a traveling guy can keep back at home, or he can even give it to his mom to keep track of where he has been this last year. It’s super colorful when he scratches off the cover on the countries that he’s traveled to. Look, maybe this can be a stopgap measure before he gets that world map tattoo he’s been talking about.

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Reusable Bottle Protector

reusable bottle protector
These bottle protectors are super great for all of that wine your buddy is bringing back from France. I mean of course he bought it all in the duty free area and it will be in the carry on, but if there just happens to be a few bottles tucked into the luggage, they definitely should have one of these wine protectors on them so that they don’t go to waste!

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Portable Luggage Scale

portable luggage scale
A lot of guys who travel are about efficiency. Having to spend time looking around for a scale wherever they might be, or repacking luggage at the airport check in line is a colossal waste of time. Why can’t they just carry the scale with them? Well at this size, and at this price, there’s no reason to ever repack at the checkout counter ever again.

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Leather Passport Holder

leather passport holder
You don’t want your traveler buddy to get to the border of Japan and have the border agent blankly state that the passport they’re holding is a fake, when in reality it’s just been water damaged (True story.) Avoid that by getting your buddy an RFID blocking leather passport case. Seriously, this thing looks fresh as anything and it will keep his passport fresh too.

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Leather Writing Journal Notebook

leather writing journal
Apart from being really stylish and perfect for a dude who’s going for a bit of the artsy look, the pages of this notebook can be removed and replaced with fresh ones! Because of this binder style setup, this isn’t a notebook that your guy friend will fill up and then leave sitting on a bookshelf until he is seventy, he can keep using it as he travels.

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Custom Luggage Tag

custom luggage tag for men
Far fewer pieces of luggage would disappear in transit if stubborn men decided that they were finally willing to just label their luggage. Maybe it’s a style thing. If that’s the case, then getting one of these custom luggage tags with American cultural references (like Darth Vader) might just be the thing that pushes them over the edge to start labeling their stuff. Do it for the culture.

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Portable Cigar Humidor

portable cigar humidor
You know that cigar lover you know who never wants to go anywhere? It’s because they’re scared to be away from their cigars! Take that excuse away from them and check out this awesome cedar wood lined travel humidor. Cigar lovers who are secretly itching to travel will appreciate the effort!

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Tie Case for Travel

tie case for travel
How many complete mental breakdowns have been caused by super wrinkled ties on arrival to a city for an important business meeting? Who knows, but it’s certainly not zero. This tie case is really great for storing a tie for travel and reducing post landing panic attacks.

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Luggage Organizer Set

luggage organizer set
You know when you open the zipper on your luggage just a little bit and the zipper either rips or the bag explodes open? Yeah, so does that guy friend of yours who’s always traveling. These luggage organizers let them avoid that problem by organizing their luggage on a more granular level. And they can see through the top, so they won’t spend 17 hours searching for the passport that has settled itself at the very bottom of their luggage.

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Luggage Lock

luggage lock
Whether they like it or not, your guy friend should probably be locking up their gear when they’re not with it. And like it or not, the TSA is liable to double check that there isn’t twelve pounds of explosives in said locked bag. That’s why your buddy needs some TSA approved locks, like this one.

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Leather Weekender Bag

leather weekender bag
Every worldly man wants a dapper leather bag. If he wants to look right, sometimes he can’t be lugging around a backpack like he’s on summer break in between earning his degree. High quality leather products are just the type of thing that makes a guy go from a rugged world traveler to a sophisticated man of the world.
$463.25 USD

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Laptop Backpack for Men

laptop backpack for men
This laptop backpack is pretty sick. Apart from just being a great looking backpack that will catch any girl’s eye (he is single, right?) the backpack has a built-in lock so he won’t need to worry about getting robbed while he’s in the bathroom.

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Credit Card Multi Tool

credit card multi tool
Look, a key concern for travelers is space. This credit card multi tool is perfect for serious travelers because it combines a lot of critical needs (like having a bottle opener) into a truly compact format. But we all know how quickly multi-tools disappear. That’s why this will always be fit snuggly into his wallet, just like any other card.

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Money Clip Wallet

money clip wallet
How many times a man has left their wallet at home thinking, correctly, “I won’t need any of these grocery store membership cards while I’m in Malaysia.” But it turns out they use cash and cards abroad too – don’t let the man you know get to his destination unprepared. A money clip is perfect for the traveling man who needs to stay mobile and not be weighed down by a brick of a wallet.

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Travel Chess Set

travel chess set
This chess set is great for the plane or on an uneven hostel bunk because it has magnetic pieces! Plus, it’s less than a square foot when laid out, so it won’t take up too much space at all once it’s folded up.

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Bartender Travel Bag

bartender travel bag
If the guy you know isn’t a great bartender, what better time to start learning when nobody but him and his company that night has to suffer through those awful drinks (seriously dude, just because it’s strong, doesn’t mean it’s good!) Or, maybe you literally know a bartender who’s not trying to get rusty while he’s gone. Either way, they can bring the bar with them and no one is going to complain about that.

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Collapsible Water Bottle

collapsible water bottle
One thing that many environmentally minded travelers will notice is the unusual amount of trash they produce as a mobile person – buying disposable water bottles and the like. This bottle solves that problem and has the critical characteristic for a man who’s traveling, portability.

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If you know a guy who loves to travel, or maybe one who is doing it for the first time, and are thinking about getting him a thing or two to support him before he goes on his adventure, you really should consider taking a closer look at some of these unusual gifts on this list! Aside from giving him advice on how to make long flights less miserable, you can just make his flights a bit more comfortable with these travel gifts for men. From tried and true travel essentials, to more whimsical but equally useful gear, you’re sure to find something that makes him say “Boy am I glad I brought this!”

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