Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

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Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

The toilet bowl coffee mug is without a doubt one of the classiest coffee mugs in existence, even with the seat left up. It’s an even funnier item when you use the toilet coffee mug as a bowl to eat out of. This funny coffe bowl makes a great gift for people with shitty drink preferences.

Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

TOILET BOWL COFFEE MUG: A Little Laugh For Everyone

Today, we all need a touch of humor in our lives.  With tons of changes going on send someone you care a smile.

Gift giving is a difficult challenge when you don’t know someone that well. If you know that they have a good sense of humor, why not give them a Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug. Not only will they get a chuckle, but if they have a coffee mug collection, this one will be the talk of friends and family for years to come.

Toilet Bowl Mug

The toilet bowl mug is shaped just like an actual toilet with seat and water tank. It includes a large handle for easy gripping. The mug can hold up to 12 ounces of coffee or any beverage the user puts into it.

Looking for a gift to give the bride groom for his bachelor party? Consider purchasing a set of Toilet Bowl Coffee Mugs. Add in a fun comment for the groom to be and give him a good laugh.

Toilet Mug

Does your spouse tend to spend a bit of time in the bathroom? Do you joke about it often? Add to the joke by giving them a little gift, consider the Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug. Laugh and tell them, they can use the mug as a signal so you know where to find them.

Funny Toilet Bowl Mug

How about someone that actually collects coffee mugs. How many people will admit to having such a collection? Help add a touch of laughter to their collection they are sure to enjoy the toilet bowl mug and may even show it off as one of their favorites.

Gag Gift Toilet Coffee Mug

Always think about the person you tend to give this as a gift to. Be sure not to give it to someone that may be sensitive and take the joke the wrong way.

Funny Gift Toilet Bowl Coffee Mug

So, if you are looking at funny coffee mugs as a gift idea, give the gift of laughter right along with it.

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