World’s Strongest Coffee

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Worlds Strongest Coffee

When the usual dose of coffee isn’t enough to wake you up it’s time for the World’s Strongest Coffee. The Death Wish Coffee is is a powerful roast that is 200% stronger than regular blends and is perfect for those extra busy days. It can keep you up for 3 days straight, as long as you don’t mind the possible … Read More

Hand Coffee Grinder

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Hand Coffee Grinder

With the HG-1 Hand Coffee Grinder, you will not only find an enhanced practice but also a higher quality product. The HG-1 Coffee Grinder’s features include a hand-driven mill, an 83mm conical burr set, heirloom-quality construction, and a low ground retention design. Each piece works together as a complete system to deliver an even, consistent ground size. Via the human-powered … Read More