35+ Quirky & Super Cute Earrings for Girls

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We’ve got you covered with over 35 awesomely Cute Earrings for Girls that will impress any girl out there. What girl doesn’t love fun accessories that allow her personality to shine? With these adorable & cute earrings for her, no matter what her favorite slices of life are, she’ll be able to show off her unique and adventurous sense of style to the world. Each pair of funny earrings showcases a sense of fun and originality for the world to see.
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38 Awesomely Quirky Cute Earrings for Girls

Any one set of these 38 pairs of earrings makes a fantastic, thoughtful gift – whether you’re shopping for a loved one or for yourself. Because let’s face it, sometimes you need a little pampering, and don’t want to wait for someone else to celebrate you. No matter who you’re celebrating, give the gift of quirkiness with these earrings!

Yummy Tummy Earrings for Girls

Here we have a list of the best cute earrings for girls that are either food or drink related. Cause sometimes you have to support the saying “love goes through the stomach” and we all know how girls love food!

Chinese Take Out Earrings

Who here hasn’t had the late night munchies and gotten Chinese takeout? These fun earrings are a great tribute to the reigning champion of eating at home without cooking. These earrings can be customized in finding style and kind of food, so the possibilities are as endless as the menu at your favorite restaurant!

Red Apple Earrings

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so the two apples of these fun stud earrings must count twice! Bright red like the yummiest gala apple, and studded with cubic zirconia gems, they’ll capture everyone’s attention.

Pineapple Earrings

Pineapples are having a major moment in fashion right now…. capitalize on that with these elegant earrings. 14K gold plating forms the findings, clutch, border, and leaves, while synthetic opal glimmers for the bodies of the fruit. These earrings are tasteful and fun, all at once.

3D Banana Earrings

It’s not six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch – but these cute earrings would still make Harry Belafonte proud with their miniature bananas. The Banana Boat Song will never be the same, and parties will be taken to whole new heights!

Pizza Earrings

We’ve all got that one friend who loves pizza more than anything – or maybe you are that friend! These cute earrings will satisfy their cravings, now they’ll have pizza anytime they want it. Gold plated hooks stay secure in ears without causing a reaction.

Avocado Earrings

So trendy! So yummy! While these avocado earrings may not be loaded up with antioxidants and good fats like the real food, they’ll still show a whimsical sense of style and whimsy that is unmatched.

Water Bottle Earrings

Hydration never looked so good. With this miniature water bottle earrings, you can show off how health conscious you are, as well as your great sense of style. The delicate miniature water bottles are made of acrylic, and look realistic enough to actually drink out of.

Beer Drink Earrings

She’ll never be without a pint again with these cute steins in her ears! Made of durable acrylic, these clever earrings mimic a pint of beer for each ear, keeping the party going indefinitely. Choose from pale ale or stout to complement any outfit and celebrate your love of liquid bread.

Chocolate Cake Earrings

It’s always a birthday party with these fun chocolate cake earrings. Complete with icing roses, these delicate hook earrings ensure everyone knows her favorite food. Three layers of polymer clay chocolate cake are topped with chocolate frosting and a delicate icing rose for a taste of romance.

Chicken Wing Earrings

No tailgate is complete without chicken wings – and these tasty earrings bring the flavor! They’re even infused with a slight salty aroma to perfect the experience. Durable polymer clay is molded into shape and attached to hooks, and you can choose wings or drumsticks to show off your favorite party snack.

Hamburger Earrings

Now she can show off her love for America’s most famous food with these hamburger earrings. Silver plated hooks are fastened to plastic molded hamburgers in sesame seed buns for a delicate yet festive look.

Lay’s Chips Earrings

She’ll never be ~salty~ about your gift giving again…. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! These fun earrings are crafted out of polymer clay to look just like miniature bags of Lay’s Classic potato chips, showing that style and a sense of humor can go hand in hand.

Champagne Bottle Earrings

Pop the cork with these fun beaded earrings, designed to look like champagne bottles, complete with a burst of foamy goodness from opening. Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals, and silk combine into a whimsical set of goodness for her ears.

Pink Donut Earrings

Bring Springfield to life with these hot donut earrings, reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s favorite treat. Bright pink glazing and rainbow sprinkles complete the effect for a fun and funny set of delicate hook earrings.

Ice Cream Earrings

Two scoops, please! These handmade polymer clay earrings look like the perfect summer treat, complete with crispy waffle cones. But don’t be fooled – they’re really only earrings, not actually edible. What a cute and clever gift!

Red Chili Pepper Earrings

So spicy! Chili peppers add the perfect touch of heat to any meal, and these chili pepper earrings will do the same for her ears! Delicately shaped, realistic peppers dangle from stainless steel hooks for the perfect complement to any outfit.

Fried Eggs Earrings

It’s breakfast all the time with these fun fried egg earrings. Served sunny side up on delicate hooks, she’ll love this whimsical pair. They’re even available in two sizes, so she can choose whether to whisper or shout her love of this classic breakfast food.

Chocolate Earrings

Forget diamonds – chocolate is a girl’s best friend! And these fun earrings will have her showing off that friendship to the world. Dangling from hooks, these sweet earrings (see what I did there?) give everyone a taste of delicious milk chocolate.

Cookie Earrings

Who doesn’t love dunking a chocolate chip cookie? With this fun mismatched earring set, you can do just that…sort of. Both earrings are studs, but one is a sweet coffee cup, complete with a smile and pink bow; and the other is a smiling chocolate chip cookie with just the littlest bite already taken. Delicious!

Flora & Fauna Earrings for Girls

What else do girls love even more than food? Cute animals of course! If your girl is the plant or animal lover type, grab her one of those Adorable Earrings for Girls.

Goldfish Earrings

For so many of us, a goldfish was our first pet as a child. These fun earrings hearken back to that time of innocence, and the excitement of bringing our finned friend home in a plastic bag from the pet store.

Animal Earrings

Meow! Echoing all the fun spunk of Felix the cat, these cute earrings will have a fur baby with a dangly tail clinging on to her earlobes. The kitten’s head has a stud, the body attaches to it behind the lobe, and the tail is hinged to swing with her mood.

Ladybug Earrings

She can bring her good luck with her with these sparkly ladybug stud earrings. They’re free of both lead and nickel, promising healthy earlobes for ages, and are packaged in a sweet jewelry box. Spangled with pave crystals, they’ll catch the sun and the eye of everyone around!

Biting Shark Earrings

Nom nom nom! This little shark is hungry, and ears are just the right size! These adorable stud earrings are designed to look as though she’s been bitten by the cutest little predator the oceans ever saw. Each set is handmade of polymer clay.

Chicken Earrings

Who’s seen a YouTube video of someone playing music using a rubber chicken? With hooks made of surgical steel, these hypoallergenic earrings keep the fun coming, evoking all the great noises these novelty birds can be made to make. It’s never been so easy to tie into pop culture as this!

Hand Painted Cat Earrings

Now her ears can get sweet furry snuggles with these hand painted cat earrings. Available in solid colors or as kittens with mittens, the front half of the cat goes on the front of the ear, while the back half of the cat attaches on to the stud to hang behind, just as if the kitty were being carried under its tummy.

Bear Earrings

These sweet teddy bear earrings are the perfect gift for a loved one – they’re holding beautiful red hearts, and wearing great big smiles to show full and perfect affection. They’re available with several styles of findings, to coordinate with outfits or to be hypoallergenic, so you can show that extra level of teddy bear care.

Black Cat Earrings

These sweet earrings prove black cats aren’t bad luck after all, with a smiling face holding on to her earlobe, and a dangly tail able to swing and sway with every move of her head. Handmade in polymer clay, these sweet little furballs will bring her smiles to match their own.

Hanging Cat Earrings

These sweet kittens hang from an elegant, small ring, showing class and a sense of humor. Available in gold or sterling silver, these adorable cats match any outfit and any occasion. Her paws are not fastened to the ring, so she can slide and move as your loved one’s head does, matching her mood.

Reindeer Earrings

This Christmas season will be the most festive yet with this clumsy pair of reindeer! The silly fellows have gotten tangled up in lights and bells, and are ready to help her show how much she loves the season. Made of polymer clay, their hooks are available in several finishes, including hypoallergenic metals, to showcase that extra step of thought that makes the perfect gift.

Cow Earrings

Moo! Bessie the cow adds a rural touch to these fun polymer clay earrings. The neck and tail are jointed in a way that provides three different options for wearing these earrings: the head can be worn alone, or with the body attached and either in front of or behind the ear. Versatility is Bessie’s middle name!

Other Funny & Unusual Earrings for Girls

When you know that she’s the type of girl who has some sense of humor, grab one of these Funny Earrings for her! Cause nothing’s better than being edgy sometimes with a pair of these strange earrings.

Toilet Paper Earrings

These fun earrings commemorate the great toilet paper shortage of 2020. Decorated with pearly beads and gold tone studs to add some bling, these wild accessories show a great sense of humor about one of the most challenging times we’ve faced.

STOP Sign Earrings

STOP what you’re doing and buy these fun stud earrings for someone! Traffic police, teachers, ‘80s music fans…anyone would love to sport these adorable earrings. They even come with two kinds of backs for the studs to suit whatever method of securing them in place she prefers.

Boobs Earrings

Her ears will be the talk of the party with these silly polymer clay earrings. Sculpted by hand, these boob earrings are just like the real thing – completely unique and original! Hanging from delicate hooks, these fun boobs will draw everyone’s eye.

Clock Earrings

Salvador Dalí would love these whimsical clock earrings. Bringing the memory of his melting clock paintings, these hook earrings are silver plated and add a touch of art nerd fun to any occasion. Their distorted clock shape will showcase her great taste in art!

Easter Earrings

She’ll be ready for the Easter holiday with these adorable mismatched chicks. One stud earring showcases a fully hatched chick, and the other is still partly in her shell! Handmade of polymer clay, these cute baby birdies come packaged in a sweet handcrafted box.

Cigarette Earrings

These fun cigarette earrings will put her rebel side on full display. Made of resin and paper for realistic effect, they’re available in short or long matched pairs, or as a mismatched set of both lengths. The hooks are available silver plated or in sterling silver, so if she has sensitive skin she can still be protected without giving away that little secret.

Astronaut Star Earrings

These mismatchable earrings are out of this world! Hypoallergenic and handmade of polymer clay, these stud earrings feature either an astronaut or an adorable glow in the dark alien. These earrings are available singly or in a pair, so she’ll be able to mix and match to her heart’s content!

Poo And Toilet Paper Earrings

These fun earrings can be tip of the hat to the shortage of toilet paper that swept the nation in early 2020! A quirky mismatched set of hook earrings, made of polymer clay, one earring is a happy roll of toilet paper…and the other is a smiling poo. Truly, no other set of earrings out there captures the spirit of this challenging year better.
Everyone loves an out-of-the-ordinary gift, and these cute earrings for girls certainly fit the bill! Help your loved ones showcase their love of food, of animals, or just of the unusual with these exciting and original gifts. You can provide a gift that showcases a unique side of their personality, something no one else would have thought of – something the recipient will enjoy and talk about for ages!

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