Strawberry Huller

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Now you can hollow out a strawberry easily thanks to this awesome Strawberry Huller. Perfect for preparing strawberries for a multitude of dessert styles, this strawberry hollowing tool is very easy to use and also easy to clean, and can also be used on other fruits as well.

Strawberry Huller

STRAWBERRY HULLER: Why Hull A Strawberry

 The smell of fresh strawberries will put a smile on anyone’s face. The excitement that builds inside awaiting the flavor of a strawberry making the mouth water for the succulent sweet taste.

Strawberry Hollowing Tool

Strawberries are very healthy and great for additional vitamin C that the body needs. Just eating 10 fresh strawberries has more vitamin C in them than an orange. It is best however to eat them fresh, don’t wait. After a period of time, strawberries can lose the nutrients it can provide.

Quick Strawberry Huller Tool

Many are unsure how to prepare strawberries for eating. Typically going the quick way, simply cutting off the foliage on the top and washing the fruit. But, this actually leaves a tough part in the center of the berry that actually is tough at times and changes the flavor of the berry making it a little bitter when you bite into the core.

Strawberry Prepping Tool

The best way to prepare a strawberry is to actually hull the berry first. By removing the foliage and the core it will help maintain the sweet flavor of the berry. There are many methods in which to do so, but, can actually be quite messy. Using a straw if you have one on hand can be used in a pinch, but, it doesn’t always work right and can leave a mess. A knife, well, if you aren’t that great with cutting properly, you could end up drawing a little blood if not doing it correctly and you might even damage the fruit more than you intended to.

The best course of action to prepare strawberries is by using a Strawberry Huller. This not only will save time and frustration, but, removes the core and foliage quickly and easily keeping the fruit intact and pretty.

Hulling Tool for Strawberries

This Strawberry Hollowing Tool has a great ergonomic design. It has steel teeth that pop out when you push the plunger located at the top of the unit. Simply push the plunger fit around the foliage gently press down then give a twist. Gently pull the device up while still holding down the plunger of the huller and you are done.

Strawberry Tool

Haven’t come up with a gift for Mom for Mother’s Day?  You better think fast. If Mom loves strawberries, then why not consider getting her a Strawberry Huller. There are advantages to giving her this device.  She can even get a bit creative. Don’t scratch your head just yet. Think about the small hole that has been created by the Strawberry Huller. The core hole could be filled with whipped cream cheese, caramel, chocolate or some other creative filling that Mom may come up with.

It’s time to jump fast. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, consider a simple yet useful Mother’s Day gift idea like the Strawberry Huller.




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