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Spinner Ring
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A perfect ring to get you through stressful or overwhelming situations is the awesome Spinner Ring! With its unique design this spinning ring can be spun manually by using your fingers. For most couples, the exchange of wedding rings on your special day is the end of one journey and the beginning of another.  The wedding ring is the last gift exchanged by a couple before they become spouses for life.  It will also be the most important gift as it signifies the love and commitment the couple have for each other.  It is also the completion of a wedding journey that starts out with the presentation of an engagement ring and the proposal that comes with it.  There’s no doubt that a wedding ring is a true sign of love for another individual, but what is the real meaning behind the wedding band, its shape, and position on the left hand really mean?

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Master Stressful Situations With The Spinner Ring

The story of why the wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger can be traced back to ancient Roman times.  It was believed the vein in the ring finger ran directly to one’s heart.  For this reason, the left ring finger became known as the vein of love and a symbolic place to place this “circle of love”.

Plagued with hundreds of different colors, options and metals if you’re looking for something with more than the “forever together” sentiment you may want to consider spinner rings. Spinner wedding rings have a unique feature that no other wedding band contains, but the meaning behind the spinning motion is far more powerful than most realize!

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Improve your concentration by simply spinning the ring

Spinner rings are not new, they derive from the ancient religion of Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhist used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved on outer surface to recite and perform their religious practices. The spinning motion is believed to naturally help calm the mind of Tibetan Buddhist while simultaneously increasing good karma and ridding of any bad energy as they recited their religious literature. You will often see or hear the name “Wheel prayer” which is the name given by the Ancient Tibetan Buddhists that perform these practices.

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Hundreds of years later, the same spinning methods are influential and sought after by modern consumers. Most people have heard of fidget spinners which are said to be beneficial in increased concentration for those with ADHD, autism, relief from stress, anxiety or PTSD symptoms.


The best solution to fight anxiety attacks

Spinner rings allow the individual an opportunity to have the same benefit of fidget spinners by applying the same practices to modern spinner rings. The same and constant fidgeting of your finger against the spinning metal of the ring helps calm the mind. Several studies have shown that the repetitive motion of constantly spinning and playing with the spinning feature of the ring helps calm the mind from any distractions or negativity. An individual’s anxiety and stress fades away as the mind focuses on constantly spinning the ring. Spinner rings are not just about the fashion and style of having a cool ring to wear, but actually having a deeper meaning that can benefit one’s life physically and mentally.

Tangles, fidget cubes, fidget spinners, and jewelry are great for when you’re at home or in a casual environment. When you are at work, spinnable pendants, bead jewelry, spinner rings, diffuser necklaces, or something small and soft to touch can be helpful. If you have pockets, you can also quietly fidget with something inside them to give you that peace of mind when you need it most.

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Most people find the motion of twirling the ring to be a stress reliever. Spinner rings have also helped people with anxiety find the calm in need in public situations which is often, where it’s needed most.

According to a Chinese proverb “The mind is the emperor of the body” why not give that special someone a gift that not only helps their heart feel your love but also helps their mind feel the peace it should.


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