Sovaro Luxury Cooler

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Sovaro Luxury Cooler

The Sovaro luxury cooler, or luxury cooling box, is the top of the line cooler. It gets no better than this beautiful box. You can get it in white or flat black. I personally suggest that you do not order the white. The white will create a glare. Snipers can see glares. Hikers can see glares. You don’t want people seeing where you are, or they come and steal your bacon and cigarettes. You want the flat black. It hides better.

Sovaro Luxury Cooler Box

Sovaro Luxury Cooler for The Hardcore Outdoor Enthusiast

There is some really cool looking chrome accents on here… they’re really sharp looking. You don’t need them. Just use a sharpie to cover them up. Because glare. You can get it in three different sizes. It’s available in 30, 45, and huge 70 quart size. I have all three. I like to be ahead of the game. Being ahead of the game is important.

luxury cooling box white

I take life very seriously. And because of that, I also take survival very seriously. At all times, I am ready to head out into the great unknown frontier of America and live off the grid. I’m ready. And you should be, too. There will always be someone ready and waiting, looking into and intent on taking what you have. And when you are in a world like that, my young inexperienced grasshopper-like friend, nothing gives the knowing survivalist the upper hand like having the absolute best of the best equipment. Of course, you could always skimp on your essentials, on the things you count on to get you through, even if it’s just one more day. But you won’t make it very long when the fecal matter splatters with an attitude like that. NOT. AT. ALL.  You want the best because you simply need the best. And this, my enthusiastic bug out beginner, is simply the best.

Luxury Cooler

Besides being flat black, it has other features that I think are essential to the modern survivalist. It floats. That’s not only important, it’s completely awesome. The Sovaro Luxury Cooler box uses cork as an insulation that is wrapped in a polycarbonate. So it floats really well. It also resists temperatures up to one thousand (1000) degrees!!!!!! No matter what the enemy throws at me, whoever the enemy may be, human, alien, asteroid… I’ll be able to survive in the harshest of climates because my things will stay cold, luxury style.

It is also very important, obviously, that these be exceptionally mobile and easy to transport at a moment’s notice. The Sovaro Luxury Cooler box has me covered, and you as well. Directly in the middle of the backside of the cooler, you will find a handle. And it’s on rollers. This reduces how many arms it takes to carry each cooler by approximately one arm. It really offers effortless mobility.

premium cooling box

There isn’t a locking mechanism present on this sovaro luxury cooler, and normally this would bother me. However, these are my bug out coolers, so I’ll have them on me, once needed, at all times for the foreseeable future. Instead, the lid is held in place by friction, so that the hinges don’t let it open accidentally. This feature, coupled with the rubber lid gasket, really helps to hold in the cold.

The luxury box has non-slip feet, and this is something I recommend as well when searching for such equipment. Because then the feet don’t slip. Makes sense, right? The aluminum side handles are very sturdy and a great place to grab for moving the cooler around. Do not forget that you don’t need shiny. Use a sharpie to cover the fancy aluminum.

Finally, my favorite feature of these boxes. Since my one man caravan will be pulling one of each of the three sizes, I will be able to carry with me 36 wine bottles. Don’t judge me. It’s the apocalypse. Get this awesome camping gadget for your outdoor enthusiast, he/she will love it!

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