Smoking Dragon

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Smoking Dragon
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Why not bring a touch of the mythical creature into your home with the Smoking Dragon. In the world of fantasy and folklore, the dragon has made its mark on the world.

Smoking Dragon


You can combine your two loves. They love of having a fragrant home and the love of dragons with this unique smoking dragon incense burner. Simply insert your favorite scented cone into the dragon’s mouth and watch as it breaths its unique fire from his nostrils and mouth.

The Smoking Dragon is created out of stone and resin. The overall design is amazing with each detail of the dragon’s head. Even the eyes look as if they are peering into your soul with their glare. To create the smoking affect of the incense, simply lift the upper jaw and place in the incense cone. When the jaw is placed back down, you will see the billowing smoke rise from around the nostrils and jaw area just like you would imagine a dragon would look like when it isn’t actually throwing fire out of its mouth.

incense burner dragon head

Think of how majestic the Smoking Dragon would look in a room that is designed around an oriental theme with golds, reds, blacks and maybe some prints of bamboo or dragons in flight. This would be a great addition to a bedroom or even a living room that is going for that touch of the orient with the imagery of dragons.

Smoking dragon head

How about for the college kid that heading off for their first time away from home? They would love using a mystical theme with dragons. And they can keep their room smelling nice all at the same time by incorporating a Smoking Dragon into their theme.

Dad has a love for mystical creatures? Then why not add to his collection that may be hidden away in his man cave. Create some fun to his room with the Smoking Dragon. Tie in a fragrance he may enjoy like frankincense or maybe sandalwood.

smoking dragon incense burner

If you are looking for that ultimate in home interior gift ideas for a house warming gift, consider the Smoking Dragon to add just that little touch of mystical adventure.

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