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Smart Pet Feeder

Don’t worry about leaving your pet at home with the awesome Smart Pet Feeder! Today, approximately 67% of adults own pets. As a pet owner I know one of the most crucial things I’ve learned is how important it is to feed, water and medicate your animal on time, every day and how important schedules and routines are to pets. Throughout the year we all have days that are more rushed than others, we wake up late, we have a family member sick and the list goes on, all of which can make keeping up with daily chores more challenging. Not to mention, sometimes vacation or business trips can take us away from our everyday routines and our furry pets.

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The Smart Pet Feeder Takes Care of Your Pet While You’re Away

Make it easier on yourself by picking up an automatic pet feeder. Even if you have friends or family members who can look after your pet when you’re at work or vacationing, you might be concerned about a change in your pet’s routine. Your friends might not feed your dog at the same time you usually do. A smart pet feeder gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your fur baby is being fed and medicated at a regular time.

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What are the benefits of using a smart pet feeder?

  • Using a smart pet feeder also allows you to control how much food your pet eats. Perfect portion sizes for your dog and/or cat based on your pet’s age, weight, and activity level to help you avoid over or under-feeding
  • Some feeders can serve dry or wet food.
  • You can control your pet’s feeding times-and how quickly the food will be dispensed-and create a customized meal plan.
  • Never miss a meal even while you’re away. You’ll never worry about running late at work or over-feeding your pet again.
  • The most basic way an automatic pet feeder can keep your pet healthy is a simple unit that dispenses a continual portion of fresh water. Look for the ones that have water bottles.
  • You can find smart pet feeders that allow you to communicate with your pet via audio and/or video. Some have a screen and a camera so you can look at your furry friend via your smartphone, and they can see you on the screen. Others have a microphone so that you can speak to your pet.
  • While most automatic pet feeders work only with dry food, some can dispense dry and wet food, treats, and medication
    Before opting for a specific selective pet feeder, check the size of the animal supported by it. Some tag/microchip pet feeders can only support pets of specific height and neck size. You can generally get this information from product description or user manual on the manufacturer’s website.

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And if those weren’t enough reasons and you want to entertain as well as feed your pet while you’re out, look for a smart pet feeder that includes puzzles and games. No I’m not kidding.   These feeders are usually geared toward dogs, but some are cat-friendly, too. A puzzle feeder engages your four-legged friend in some sort of puzzle or game, releasing a small amount of food when your pet gets it right. Some models allow you to download new games and puzzles to the feeder for some variety. You can program the maximum amount of food to be released, after which the feeder will shut off and stop engaging with your pet.

If you just got a pet or you’re a seasoned pet owner and you’re searching for the perfect cat gift idea (or dog gift) to give yourself or the mother or father of a four-legged friend, consider something that would benefit the dog or cat and their human. Consider a smart pet feeder and make all of their lives easier, healthier, better and less stressful.

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