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Record and transmit everything you write to your smart phone or tablet instantly with the Smart Pen! Echo smartpens are your flawless new assistant. Have you ever lost an important paper of notes from a meeting? Or maybe you’ve been going over your notes and just known that you forgot to write something down? Well, the Echo pen is your new assistant to record everything you write and hear so that nothing is ever missed, whether it’s in a meeting or in a class lecture.

Echo Pen

Livescribe 2GB Echo Smart Pen

The pen comes with an app that saves your notes to your computer, taking all of the work out of it. Gone are the days of having an assistant take your notes and put them into a document. By using this pen, you are killing two birds with one stone! To make your life even easier, once in the app that the pen works with, you can search for specific words and share any part of your notes through email or messenger easily. This means you won’t have to snap pics of your notes or send extra emails. You can export the notes directly to your preferred messenger and send them on their way.


Transmit and Share Your Notes Easily With the Echo Pen

Smart Echo Pen

When you use your echo pen on livescribe dot paper, the microdots in the paper capture every motion of the pen, essentially working like a GPS. This means that nothing is going to be missed, and it’ll be super easy to go through your notes later, as the pen’s GPS tracks where everything is, so you can search by word. This will save you so much time in organizing lecture or meeting notes and writing recaps! The pen also records audio, so if you know that you forgot to write something down you can just go back into the audio to find it. It also takes some of the anxiety and rush out of note taking, as you know that the information will still be there later. This will allow you to be more present in meetings and in class, which will benefit your overall learning and participation.

Livescribe Instant Transmition Pen

The Smartpen also has 2GB of memory, so you can rest assured that it’ll never run out of battery in the middle of the big meeting or presentation. This is a ton of storage space and means that you won’t have to worry about deleting certain notes to have room for others. This pen holds 200 hours of audio and thousands of pages of notes, which is a heck of a lot of meetings or presentations. This pen will take anxiety out of your day to day life. You will be able to spend more time listening rather than writing during meetings and presentations, and you will always be able to go back later and see what you forgot to write down. This will help you be more present, which is a personal and professional goal for many of us.

Livescribe Instant Pen

With over 600 reviews on Amazon, this Smart Pen is clearly the new assistant that you need. Customers say that this has saved them hours of time by digitizing notes and making them easier to organize and sort through. With the pen’s GPS system, you can easily find key words or thoughts, taking the guesswork out of where in the notes something is. This also makes sure that you never lose a piece of notepaper that could have valuable information on it. Furthermore, if there are gaps in your notes you can just turn to the recorder function to fill in any gaps in the information.

Smart Pen Gadget

This Smart Pen is an essential tech gadget for anyone, whether you’re a student, professional, or general lover of learning and writing. Streamline your writing or note taking process with one simple purchase, we know you won’t regret it!

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