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Smart Glasses

Emerge into the future with these high-resolution Smart Glasses that will not only improve augmented reality experience. These smart glasses are capable of having three separate apps run simultaneously on three different screens, isn’t that awesome?

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The Smart Glasses for Smart Tech Lovers

We all want something easy for flight. Following the development of the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses tech gadgets, it will be easy to buy them because, for example, you wanted to see clear videos of your drones on the fly. You will be very pleased with the Moverio BT 300, especially if you live in hot and humid climates, so diy glasses were not an option. It will take some time for these glasses to hold the case perfectly and compact.

The connector side of the cable (micro USB) on the touchpad may seem awkward and annoying, but it’s not an issue on the fly. You may have several flight options, but the top of the list will definitely be the Moverio BT300 Smart Glasses.

Epson Moverio Smart Glasses

The first time you use a BT-300 FPV that flies with the DJI Mavic Pro, you will be surprised how they formed compared to other devices. The BT-300 will become your choice to use with your Mavic Pro because they are simply amazing and offer what users want, a clear picture, the ability to see your radio and its environment without taking off your glasses. There is only one option and after using the BT-300 to fly as a monitor, there is no space or second to see what the Mavic Pro camera sees in real-time.

The BT-300 Smart Glasses can be used with glasses and is supplied with an optional extended nose bridge for wearing glasses, if necessary. The sunshades included does a great job of blocking the bright sun, two versions, one for smaller sunny days and the other for bright and sunny days.

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Navigating and using the controller is easy to learn and works well when navigating through menus. Combining the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse with the controller is easy, making typing easier. The Moverio application market offers additional applications and DJI Go and DJI Go 4 applications required for use with DJI products. Play Store apps can be used, Google Maps can be installed, and it’s a great addition to the App Library on the BT-300.

You can download 2D and 3D movies and the viewing experience is very good. A built-in camera can record your viewing experience.

Some features you will like are also integrated:

Keeping a clear line of vision.

The transparent display enables the drone pilots to view key flight statistics while maintaining a visual line of vision with the aircraft.

DJI optimized accessories

Access a variety of DJI compatible applications in the Moverio application market.

Custom controller accessory

It safely connects the BT-300 Drone FPV Edition controller to a DJI remote control (works with Mavic, Phantom and Inspire controls).

Very easy recording your drone on the fly

The real-time front camera captures 1080p images (30 fps) from your drone in flight, from the pilot’s point of view.

Lightweight and comfortable fit.

The World’s Lightest Binoculars, Transparent, Binoculars, and Transparent Smart Glasses (2.5 oz, 69 g); easy to use, even for long periods.

Good visibility in full sun.

It incorporates a darker shade so there is no need for a hood; Maintain a line of sight with the drone, even in sunny environments.

Android-based system

Easily browse the web, play games and stream content (not supported by the Google Play Store or other Google mobile services).

Friendly glasses

Suitable for a wide range of corrective lenses.


The rechargeable battery (in the controller) offers up to six hours of autonomy; The integrated card slot supports portable MicroSDHC cards up to 32 GB.

Prepared for the future

Motion sensors, a high-resolution front camera and the ability to play 3D content will allow developers to create the next-generation flight experience.

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