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Smart Connect Indoor Exercise Bike
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All sorts of people seem to be stuck at home these days, so staying in shape is definitely a priority with a Smart Exercise Bike. There are few better ways, in combination with healthy eating habits and getting enough sleep every night, to accomplish this than by using home exercise equipment. In our interconnected life, it is only natural to want to track and compare your own performance with those of your peers, as you would be able to easily do in a gym. So, for the true “gym at home” experience, there are just no substitutes for a smart exercise bike. Although there are a wide variety of smart gadgets to choose from, the bike is a compact, efficient option to burn calories and maintain muscle mass during long stretches at home, or as a part of your healthy exercise routine at any time of the year.

Smart Connect Exercise Bike for Home

Bring Your Gym Home With the Smart Exercise Bike

The concept of a smart exercise bike is actually pretty new, since the original stationary bikes simply let you pedal against resistance while the last generation offered pulse tracking, distance and speed calculations and, in some models, advanced flywheel design to make biking more similar to that on a normal bicycle. The great thing about the smart versions is that you can have all of these features and more, since the bike is connected to the internet and lets you upload your data to the cloud. Instead of being limited by the processing capacity on the bike computer itself, now your results can be streamed in real time to thousands of other bikes to see how you are doing compared to other people using the same products at their homes.

Echelon Smart Bike Touchscreen

Another great thing about the smart exercise bike is the fact that you can stream professional training programs directly to your bike. The advantage offered by this unique and critical function is difficult to overstate, since it enables you to have the full gym experience at home, including a personal trainer and spin class. The motivation you can get from this streaming video service is wonderful, and puts this type of exercise equipment into a class of its own. Although there are add-ons for existing exercise bikes, the fully integrated experience that a dedicated product can give you is worth the extra cost and initial adjustment.

Smart Indoor Exercise Bike

It is also worth considering that many people who do not often go to gyms may simply prefer to use a smart exercise bike as their primary, and in some cases first, exercise device. Although it takes some getting used to, the flexibility and motivation that these devices enable might just convince someone reluctant to exercise that this is the way for them to do it. At the end of the day, the more options there are to work out and stay in shape, the better it will be for people, especially in households that contain people with different levels of activity and comfort with technology or other smart devices.

Smart Exercise Bike

So which smart exercise bike should you get? Well, there are a lot of options. Some have their own dedicated content streams to keep you in one ecosystem, so they may be easier to use at the start and offer a more consistent experience for you over the long run. Others track your performance and stream the data to your smartphone. So, if you prefer to analyze the data yourself it may be easier to buy one of the bikes that make it as easy as possible for you to do that. There are also a variety of bike designs, from those that are very similar to a standard bike to those that offer the comfort of a more casual exercise experience.

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