Scratch The World Map

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Scratch The World Map
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Plan a special date and have a great conversation as you Scratch The World Map. If you are looking for a great conversation starter, why not discuss your love of traveling and reveal different countries you have visited and tell a story about it. Maybe you have an interesting tale about getting lost in a city in that country. Or make a game out of it. Throughout the conversation, you could have your partner also Scratch The World Map and reveal different countries they may have been as well. You could have the tell you a story about an adventure they had during their visit as well.

Scratch The World Map


As you scratch off the map, you will reveal very colorful and beautifully designed countries underneath. Planning a world trip. Use the map to plan your trip, simply Scratch The World Map for the places you wish to visit. But, don’t reveal other places that you’ve been. Thus, giving you a goal of sorts.

scratch off map

Have a friend or loved one that loves to travel? Give the gift of fun and adventure with the Scratch The World Map. As they reveal the colorful world during their travels, they can smile as little by little is revealed of the world. In addition they can reveal the different flags for each country as well.

travel the world scratch off map

The Scratch The World Map comes in a beautiful package. With the map, the gift receiver will also get the specially designed scratcher as well as little labels and tags too. Adding to the fun as different countries are revealed.

scratch travel map

The scratch world map makes a beautiful piece of art to hang in any home. You can purchase a specially designed frame separately for displaying your Scratch The World Map.

world travel scratch off map

So if you are trying to come up with out of this world gift ideas for travelers give them a map so they can follow their trails all over the world.

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