Savage Choices Party Game

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Savage Choices Party Game

How about ruining people’s lives could and have so much fun while doing so with the Savage Choices Party Game? This hilarious party game is the ultimate idea for a nice gathering where players have to select character cards and attribute cards and go up against a judge in order to try and convince him to live a life as their character. 

savage choices game

Light up any gathering with the Savage Choices Party Game

Have you ever experienced one of those lame gatherings with introvert people who don’t really know how to make a party interesting? This funny party game is your best weapon for turning a bad party into a funny ass party. In this card game you’ll encounter horrible characters with even more horrible attributes. All you have to do is to convince a judge for example that it might be great to have dementia while having to s*uck cocks for coke. Of course it’s obvious that this game is not made for kids but for adults of 17+, so kids, get out!

The Savage Choices Party Game is a funny party related gift idea that will immediately bring a fresh breeze into any lame party. You will hate it but eventually it’ll be quite funny in the end when everyone has had some drinks and is getting familiar with that new game idea.


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