Rose Teddy Bear

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Rose Teddy Bear

Give the person you love the most a truly unique and romantic gift made of roses that will last forever: The Rose Teddy Bear! Trying to rack your brain for romantic gift ideas that deliver a sentiment not soon to be forgotten and last as long as your love (and for some hopefully longer)?  As gift givers we want unique, romantic and unforgettable gifts that keep us on the honey list.

rose teddy bear gift box

The Ultimate Romantic Gift: Rose Teddy Bear

As the day of love grows closer, our anxiety starts to build.  The pressure that is placed on us to deliver a gift that scores us more points than a football playoff and not break the bank is a real issue.  You’re not alone if you feel pressure.

white rose bear

The teddy bear made of roses that will last forever

Now, to take you on a trip all the way back to your childhood(for some it’s a longer trip than others), remember the first teddy bear you received as a child? You felt unstoppable, you had a best friend, you had a partner in crime and you felt like you could accomplish anything your young brain could think up.  Have you ever thought back about the lessons you learned from your first best friend? Stuff animals are much more than the material, stuffing button eyes and big belly’s’, stuffed animals, are some of our greatest teachers.  They teach us compassion, how to love to be gentle with one another.  They are often given as a token of love or friendship.  For this reason, they are ultimately a symbol of love.

rose teddy bears with colors

Did you know Teddy bears are a wonderful tool for one’s psychological health for a variety of reasons?

  • Teddy bears are often one of the symbols of child-like innocence
  • They remind us of being nurtured and cared for by others
  • They are also a symbol of the carefree moments of childhood
  • Teddy bears remind us of being loved and how to love
  • Teddy bears are used as a gift to remember special occasions
  • The psychological power of the soft touch. A huggable, warm teddy bear brings the comfort of touch which every human being need

handmade rose bear

Show your wife, girlfriend or fiancée how much you care with personalized romantic gifts.  You could go with the same old tried and true gift or you could level up your game and make an impression that is not soon to be forgotten. High on the “most wanted” list are Rose Teddy Bears.  While everyone loves roses, they last a week at most then leave you with a pile of dead rose petals and the sadness of having to throw your once beautiful flowers away.

bear of roses

Queue the sense of fragrant roses (if you close your eyes you can smell the fragrance) and the warmth and gentleness we feel with teddy bears.  You can have a custom-made bear that lasts a lifetime with no care needed! Your loved one can put it on display in their home or office and think of you every time they see it.

Most rose teddy bears are made from 200 roses. 200, can you believe that! Can you say 200 ways you get to tell someone you love, admire or adore them? Oh, and did I mention 200 points you can save up for when you mess up sometime in the future.

Rose bear

If you’re wanting to take your love to the next level, consider a Rose Teddy Bear, combine two things most women love, roses, and teddy bears, how can you go wrong? And you can even choose different colors and styles! There are pink, red, white and black teddy bears. Some have cute ribbons and others are holding a heart. If you combine this lovely rose bear with a great jewelry gift (check out our categories) it may leave a big and unforgettable impact. Don’t forget that maybe it’s not a very important day for you but for girls it definitely is!

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