Removable Silicone Vase

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The Removable Silicone Vase is a clever wall vessel with a simple, elegant design that can be used to add a modern decorative touch and some natural greenery to your indoor space. Just put it on any flat wall or surface and fill it with water. This vase can be removed and used repeatedly so you only need to clean its back and the surface you want to stick to. Flowers and plants have a calming, relaxing effect and of course release oxygen into the air, which is so good for you. And above all, they are beautiful to look at and they make you happy. So why not go with a unique removable silicone vase that can be applied in every room you want?

Removable Silicone Vase

Benefits of the Removable Silicone Vase

The silicone vase is made of high-quality silicone which cannot break and is therefore shatterproof. You don`t have to worry about kids or pets breaking the vase.

It can be easily hung directly on any smooth surface, your living room, windows, bathroom, refrigerator, office, etc. and is therefore a perfect home accessories gift.

removable silicone vase example

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