Portable Humidor Case

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Portable Humidor Case

Keep your cigars in perfect condition with the awesome Portable Humidor Case. This Portable Cigar Case is a luxurious accessory that can hold four to seven cigars for easy transport. Designed for true cigar enthusiasts, this travel cigar case preserves the condition of your finest cigars regardless of how difficult your journey is.

Travel Cigar Case

Portable Humidor Case: For The Smoking Frequent Traveler

What do you get the guy that seems to have everything? A gift card can seem impersonal. A bottle of wine? Well, maybe he isn’t a wine drinker? What about a gift for Dad? Does he really need another tie or socks? With Father’s Day around the corner and thoughts of what to get the man in your life that has everything it gets difficult.

Cigar Case for Travelers

Thinking out of the box can certainly make the brain hurt when you are coming up with something. But, if you truly know the person you are giving the gift to, just remember some of the personal things they like to do. Hobbies, collecting, even smoking cigars. Yes, there are many men and women out there that do enjoy a good cigar.

Travel Cigar Humidor

Most probably have a nice humidor at home to keep their collection in, but what about on the road or when they are off to see friends and family? Consider giving a Portable Humidor Case. Did a light just go off above your head? That’s great! This is a great gift for the man or woman that seems to have everything. They may not have considered this as an option to protect their collection of fine cigars when they are out and about.

Portable Humidor Case

With fine bull leather, full zipper to enclose those fine cigars the Portable Humidor Case is sure to be a winner for the cigar lover in your life. It has cedar trays that can hold up to 6 cigars in multiple sizes, plus droppers and more to keep the humidity for the cigars at just the right level. The case also has straps to keep the cigars secure so they don’t slide around and get crushed. It’s the best of many worlds for those who truly love a good cigar.

Cigar Travel Case

When flavor must be perfect, the Portable Humidor Case helps maintain the flavor of cigars just right. So if Dad goes out to spend time with his buddies and wants to share from his collection he can by simply placing some of his cigars into the case, making sure the humidity is just right and zipping it closed.

Portable Cigar Humidor

Here is a bonus! The case comes in a beautiful velvet bag and a gift box to set it apart from all the other gifts that may be received. So when it comes to the cigar lover in your life that seems to have everything, consider adding a Portable Humidor Case to your list of gift ideas for smokers. You are sure to put a big smile on their faces.

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