Portable Electric Shaver

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Get your beard ready with this ultra-thin and ultra-light Portable Electric Shaver. This Portable Travel Shaver is just the right travel gadget for you if you are a minimalist or just want to avoid excess luggage.

Travel Shaver

Portable Electric Shaver: Get a Smooth Shave Whereever You Go

Traveling can be exhausting. Making sure that you can take everything you need is a challenge these days. With limitations on space when it comes to air travel, it can leave anyone frustrated.

Most airlines charge for luggage and if you are on a tight budget, that means you typically, have to put everything into a carry-on bag. Most portable shavers are still bulky, even with some of the new designs on the market. Which, makes it difficult to fit into tight spaces. But, alas, there is hope to still make sure you have plenty of room for all of your toiletries and essentials.

Portable Shaver

A new streamlined Portable Electric Shaver has come onto the market. The unit is a 5” rectangle, smaller than many cellular phones on the market. Plus it has a compatible charging port which is compatible with most smart phones. This is can really help save on space. Only needing one charging cable for both your phone and your Portable Electric Shaver. In addition, the portable shaver can actually last on 1 charge for approximately 30 days. How many electric razors on the market can boast about that?

Do you find that you have tough hairs to cut? Well not to worry with the Portable Travel Shaver. The blades are made from the finest Japanese steel on the market and runs at over 7800 rpms. Thus giving even the toughest of beards a quick and easy shave. And yes, ladies could use this unit as well. With the portable size, it can even fit into a purse to be carried, heck, when you are woman traveling, you can carry the little extras in your purse.

When you are in a pinch for space and need portable travel gadgets, make sure that you add the Portable Electric Shaver to your traveling collection.

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$56.00 ($0.21 / Gram)

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