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Not only does this awesome Portable Cooler keep your drinks cold, but it also cools you down. The IcyBreeze Portable Drink Cooler is also a portable air conditioner that can be taken to any pool party.

Drink Cooler

Portable Cooler : Cool Down Your Drinks and Yourself

Traveling across country in a car has many hassles. First off, you have to make sure everyone in the family has a suit case for their belongings, then the snacks to keep everyone fed. Don’t forget cold drinks, that means you need to bring a cooler along as well.

Camping Drink Cooler And AC

Alas, when taking a cooler that means having to get ice. Depending on the length of the trip, that means having to stop, drain off the water, buy more ice to keep the products in the cooler cold. Why not skip a step? With the Portable Cooler, you can. And all you need is an outlet in your vehicle to help it along.

Outdoor Cooler and AC

The Portable Cooler can hold up to 49 cans of soda, how many coolers can hold that much and not need ice? Plus, it can keep cold for up to 7 days. This is amazing! If you chose to keep ice in the cooler it would stay as ice cubes even in temperatures up to 90 degrees outdoors.

Camping Cooler

Thinking about taking a camping trip, take the Portable Cooler with you. When it gets hot, it has an added bonus. It has a portable air conditioner built in.  So not only will it keep your drinks and snacks cold it will help cool you off as well. Talk about being spoiled while you are on a camping trip.  Simply plug in the Portable Cooler charge it up and you  are ready to go.

Portable Drink Coller and Air Conditioner

The unit comes with a 12v car charger, 110v home plug and full instructions. So if you are a glam camper, you won’t go wrong with this cooler. You will actually have an advantage over other glam campers. You can sit back with a cool breeze from your Portable Cooler while they sweat in the heat of the sun.

Portable Cooler

The Portable Cooler also makes for a great addition to your camping gift ideas. You are sure to please with this amazing gift.

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