Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer

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This awesome Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer doesn’t need any ink to make your pics come to life. The Instant Polaroid Printer is simply using Bluetooth to connect to your phone or tablet, and can print images on the go.

Polaroid Instant Photo Printer

Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer: Print Your Photos Instantly

Photography has grown to a new level over the years. However, if you want printed pictures you have to typically wait until you get home, download them from your phone to your home printer or to your computer first and then print them out on photo paper. Oh and then when you do, even if you are only wanting to print one small, you end up wasting a full size sheet of photo paper.

Mobile Photo Printer

If you don’t have a printer at home, then its off to the nearest photo lab in the nearest store, downloading the photos to their system and then waiting an hour or more to get the photos you want. Then there is the last option using one of the online services, but, you then still have to wait for photos to either be delivered to you in the mail or delivered to a loved one.

Smartphone Photo Printer

For years the Polaroid company has been a leader in instant photo printing cameras. But, for many, they don’t want to carry a camera around with them as well as their smart phone that has a camera on it.  If you love taking pictures, breath! Polaroid has come up with a great new way so you don’t have to carry a camera as well as your smart phone. Have you thought about picking up the Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer? You should!

Polaroid Photo Printer for Smartphones

The wireless photo printer is a great way to instantly print out photos you’ve just taken. You can keep it hiding in your car while you are off adventuring and taking pictures. Download the free app available from Polaroid, set up your blue tooth and you are ready to go. The Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer prints out 2”x3” photos that are stickers. The unit comes in red, black, blue or white. You also get a pack of 10 photo sheets with the unit.

Smart Iphone Photo Printer

Think of the different craft projects that you can do with your children. The Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer can help your children get creative with gifts for family and friends. Let them take the pictures, or have them do silly poses and then create frames for their works of photo art.

If you love tech gadgets for smartphones, you will win with the Polaroid Mobile Photo Printer.

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