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The Pizza Socks box is a perfect replica of the real thing, down to the little white pizza saver (you know, that plastic table-looking thing in the middle of the pizza that prevents the cheese from sticking to the top). You’re not going to want to take them out of the box. And when you do, you’ll want to take a bite, these look so much like a freshly delivered pizza. Careful! They’re hot. (But only when you wear them.)


Pizza Socks Box: Pizza Socks in A Pizza Box

Inside the box, you’ll find the goodies: five pairs of socks, carefully folded and arranged to look like a pizza, all the way down to the crust. 80% real cotton, these feel just as good as they look.

The Pizza Socks Box doubles as a carrying case. But good luck trying to get the socks back in the shape they came in. Seriously, I tried, and…let’s just say I wasted the past two days.


Comfortable Pizza Socks

Most socks are either stylish or simple. The choice has always been between either thin, poor quality socks with designs, colors, and words, or socks that are comfortable, but are so bland that they practically disappear. Don’t pick between comfort and class. Choose Pizza Socks for superior feel and fit.

  • These Pizza Socks are soft, snug, and super stylish.
  • With “flavors” including Pepperoni, Capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and Vegetarian, these socks are definitely cheesy. That’s a good thing, right?
  • These are happy socks!


Funny and Stylish Box with Pizza Socks

Let’s tell you why this box is such an amazing pizza lover gift and is ready for an hilarious gift:

  • It’s absoultely clever and unique
  • Pizza Socks are vibrant, just like you.
  • These socks are the best conversation starters. Why? Because as soon as someone brings them up, you’re talking about pizza. And talking about pizza is one step away from eating pizza. Studies show that wearing Pizza Socks increases the amount of pizza you eat on a daily basis.


Gift to any pizza lover, even if that means ordering them for yourself at two in the morning on a Wednesday because you have the munchies and get confused…pfft, I’m not speaking from experience, no way. Or, tell your friend you’re ordering pizza, and prank them by coming back with Pizza Socks. (You should also get them pizza.)


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