Pink Womens Drill Set

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No more stupid drills that come in “womens” tool sets, this Pink Womens Drill Set is the professional tool for every woman that wants to repair all kinds of things at home. It’s a fully professional pink drill set that is on par with any dewalt machine, just in pink! While it’s no secret that women are doing more chores at home than men, this set might be coming at the right time.

pink drill set

How can’t you just love this drill? Women love the color especially. It’s a very powerful device and there’s no need to take your husband’s drill anymore, you have your own sexy pink drill machine. And don’t forget the biggest advantage: You will have your own drill that none of the boys in your house want to use because it’s pink. The light on the handle helps when you have to do your work in the dark. There’s a great little pink bag included and it has plenty of accessories that make it a perfect gift for her!

Why The Pink Womens Drill Set Is Just For You

Ok, just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s for ladies, and doesn’t mean a lady is going to like receiving a pink drill set as a Valentine’s Day gift. But it’s still a unique gift for a woman that loves taking care of things by herself. It’s sexy, it’s lightweight and it’s pink!

See the pink drill in use:

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