Penis Valve Stem Caps

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Penis Valve Stem Caps
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Prank your best enemy with awesome Penis Valve Stem Caps that glow in the night! Looking for a small subtle message that may take a little while for them to notice? Then these brilliant new prank tire valve stem caps might be just for you. Shaped like little wieners and balls in different colors, glowing in the dark so everyone will see them when your prank victim is driving or parking at night.

prank wiener shaped tire valve stem caps

Funny prank penis valve stem caps for any tire

Whether you are looking to prank your friends or add some penis-décor to a bachelorette party, buying penis valve stem caps are sure to get a good laugh.  This one-of-a-kind product has become an increasingly popular way to add unpredictable flair to you or your friends’ tires.  Many people may choose to use these as a joke, but others may like the attention all the time.  These penis valve stem caps are great ways to stir up some funny moments and surely get a few puzzled looks or stares while driving around town.

weenie shaped valve stem caps

Prank your best enemy with a set of hilarious penis valve stems

Just screw onto any standard valve stem like car tires or usual off-road vehicle tires and let the fun begin. Within one pack you will receive 4 green glow in the dark tire valve weenies, along with 1 hot pink version and 1 that’s fluorescent green.

If you’ve searched through our unique prank gifts and haven’t found anything you like yet, this one might be just for you. Easy to use and totally hilarious every time you see the person pull up in their car and they still haven’t noticed that they’re on their tires.

One of the most popular uses for penis valve stem caps is for pranks.  Pranks are great ways to embarrass or tease your friends or family in order to get a good laugh.  When you use penis valve stem caps in your newest prank, you probably won’t stop laughing for many years to come.  Imagine your friend driving around with penis valve stem caps for days, or even months, before noticing.  You’ll be able to laugh at your prank each and every time you see their car or you hear about how they are driving around.  This inside joke will surely please both you and anyone else who is in on your prank.  Penis valve stem caps are a sneaky and hysterical way to prank just about anyone who has a car.

weenie valve stem caps

Every car owner will love these weenie shaped valve stem caps

Perhaps the funniest part of these funny valve stem caps is that they are 3D printed to truly look and appear like the real deal.  These penises may be, ahem, small, but they make a large impact.  When you get close enough to really see the weenie shaped valve stem caps, you’ll immediately notice their attention to detail.  Anyone who notices will certainly be roaring with laughter.

prank valve stem caps

Penis valve stem caps come in a range of colors, which makes them a great addition to any car.  Whether you are looking for them stand out or to be subtle, you can choose from many colors.  Pinks are popular for bachelorette parties, while black is popular when you want to hide the prank for as long as possible.  Colors like white, blue, and green also work to help you match your friends’ cars, which makes it even funnier when they realize what you’ve secretly planted on their tires.  You can even choose a rainbow of colors to enhance each and every tire on their car and make it even more of a headache when it comes time for them to replace their funny valve stem caps with their normal ones.  This will get them both laughing and shaking their head, which is the result of an ultimate and well thought-out prank.


The hit at every bachelorette party: prank valve stem caps

Are you planning a bachelorette party for a good friend?  Ditch the penis straws for these awesome and eye-catching weenie shaped valve stem caps.  Anyone can see you coming when you attach multiple prank valve stem caps to your tires and come rolling up to the party.  They are a hysterical and not-so-subtle way to add the much-needed penis décor flair to a bachelorette party.

Other people that like to add humor into their everyday lives may purchase these penis valve stem caps for their own vehicle.  Those that like a good laugh and also love to get other people laughing will enjoy driving around with these little penises every single day.  You could be driving down the road and making people laugh without you even knowing it!  That’s the signs of a true and authentic jokester.


When you purchase these unique penis valve stem caps, you will surely get people talking and laughing!  It’s a guarantee.

They’re sold out pretty fast, so get yours here!

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