25+ Awesome Office Gifts for Him That Won’t Disappoint

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25+ Awesome Office Gifts for Him That Won't Disappoint
When the man in your life spends a lot of time in the office, it is a marvellous idea to get office gifts for him. But there are so many options. What to choose? No need to fret, we’ve compiled a list of 26 office gifts for men.
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26 Amazing Office Gifts for Him

Destress Gifts

Work is stressful. What better way to let your man blow off some steam than getting him a fantastic destress gift? You will find his favorite in the list below.

Trump Pen Holder

If the guy you’re buying for has a sense of humor and wants to stick it to Trump, then buy him the Trump Pen Holder. This hilarious pen holder will allow him to hold his favorite pen holder where the sun doesn’t shine. Guaranteed for a chuckle each time it’s used. So, if your guy wants to keep his pens in place and show off his feelings about Trump, give him the Trump Pen Holder.

Decision Maker Paper Weight

For the guy who needs to make a tough decision, or is just indecisive, give him the Decision Maker Paperweight. This fun paperweight will not only keep his papers securely on his desk, but will also help him with whatever decision needs to be made. With options like yes, no, today, tomorrow, maybe, pass the buck, reorganize, and sit on it, he will enjoy trying to figure out what its answer will be. So, get him the Decision Maker Paperweight and help make all his decisions entertaining.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Help him stress less with the infinity cube fidget toy. This unique toy is perfect at the office when he has nervous energy to blow off or just needs a break from boredom. This fun toy is made of 8 ABS blocks linked with durable stainless steel rivets, making it durable. And the parts move easily, so no added stress trying to make them budge. So, if you want to help him regain his sense of calm while at the office, get him the Infinity Cube Fidget Toy.

Desktop Boxing

If stress is about to knock your guy out, get him Desktop Boxing. This fun toy comes with a mini desktop punching bag, complete with a suction cup base. It also comes with two mini boxing gloves to put on his index fingers and punch away. As a bonus, this boxing set comes with a mini-book complete with finger boxing moves and boxing trivia. So, if you want to give your guy a fun way to relieve stress, give him Desktop Boxing.

Bullshit Button

Let him tell it like it is when you get him the Bullshit Button. This hilarious button will let him easily and hilariously call out his coworker’s tall tale. The button comes equipped with five unique phrases, so he’ll never be at a loss for a fresh way to call out someone’s BS. When he’s having a terrible day, he can hit the button for instant entertainment. Now he will never be at a loss for words when you buy him the Bullshit Button.

Funny Office Mug

Now he can add some humor into his morning cup of java with the Funny Office Mug. This humorous mug is double-side printed with, “Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.” It is microwave and dishwasher safe, so it will last for years to come. Even if coffee isn’t his thing, he can also use it for his favorite hot tea or hot cocoa. So, get him the Funny Office Mug and he will have a smile on his face with every sip.

Magnetic Floating Globe

If your guy would love a fun and cool item to have at his desk, then get him the Magnetic Floating Globe. This unique item has a C-shaped frame and a globe in the middle that levitates almost like magic. The frame also lights up so he can mystify his coworkers even in the dark. Let him defy the laws of physics when you buy him the Magnetic Floating Globe.

Deluxe Zen Garden

Now he can meditate the day away with the Deluxe Zen Garden. This Zen garden is a miniature version of the genuine thing and is perfect for the office. It comes in a beautiful rosewood frame, along with a bamboo rake, a long-handled rake, and a broom, perfect for him to make his own design in the sand. It also comes with two cranes and assorted polished stones to create his Zen look. There is also a meditation booklet with instructions and guides so he can perfect his Zen garden. So, help him find his inner Zen when you give him the Deluxe Zen Garden.

Staying Organized Gifts

Everyone needs a clean workspace. If your man is a little organization challenged, then one of these gifts will surely help him out.

Desktop Note Dispenser

If he needs his important messages at his fingertips, get him the Desktop Note Dispenser. This dispenser comes in a fun horse or dinosaur shape. It will hold up to 200 notes and can also hold his favorite writing utensil. He can clamp an important note in the horse’s or dinosaur’s mouth so he will remember. Give him the Desktop Note Dispenser and he will have fun while never missing a note.

Desk Organizer

Let him organize his life with the Desk Organizer. This useful organizer will keep everything he needs for the office neat and tidy. The top is perfect for organizing files with its 5 2” compartments. The center boasts a 2 side load letter tray. The bottom features a divided pull-out drawer, perfect for all those miscellaneous items. He will save space and time when you buy him the Desk Organizer.

Desk Monitor Stand/Desk Organizer

Now he can take care of two tasks at once with the Desk Monitor Stand/Desk Organizer. This useful gift will help give his monitor a boost while being able to organize his office supplies. It comes complete with three mini pull-out drawers, perfect for storing paperclips, rubber bands, pens, and more. Now there will be no need for his small items to randomly lay about. It also comes with detachable legs so he can adjust to his perfect height. No need for painful slouching or straining to see. So, when you get him the Desk Monitor Stand/Desk Organizer, he will be organized and pain-free.

Charging Station Office Desk Organizer

Now he can stay charged and organized at the same time with the Charging Station Office Desk Organizer. This organizer comes complete with an area to charge your tablet, and another to charge your phone. The organizer also has a tray perfect for his wallet, sunglasses, key, and even loose change. There is a drawer at the bottom to conveniently store a watch or another piece of jewelry. It also has a sleek composite wood design for added durability. Keep him organized and charge up when you give him the Charging Station Office Desk Organizer.

Golf Bag Pencil Holder

Let your man show off his love of golf at the office with the Golf Bag Pencil Holder. This cute holder is shaped just like a golf bag, complete with a moveable handle and functioning wheels. It also comes with three golf club-shaped pens, each complete with a different ink. Now he can play 18 holes without leaving the office when you give him the Golf Bag Pencil Holder.

Eating on the Job Gifts

If your man loves eating and drinking his favorite non-alcoholic beverage, then one of the gifts below is a perfect pick.

Office Mug Warmer

A warm cup of java is a necessity for any office. Now you can keep him in warm coffee all day long with the Office Mug Warmer. This useful warmer is easy to take anywhere. And the surface wipes clean, so need to worry about the gunky buildup. Even if coffee isn’t his thing, he can still warm up his favorite hot tea or even hot cocoa. He’ll have plenty of warmth when you buy him the Office Mug Warmer or combined with a few other great coffe gift ideas.

Office Food Warmer

Keep your guy’s food nice and warm when you buy him the Office Food Warmer. This warmer acts just like a mini oven. Just plug it in and leave it for 1-2 hours to reheat food or 2+ hours for cooking. He can take this warmer anywhere, even to his office. No need to wait for the disgusting office microwave. Now you can help him ease his hunger pains when you buy him the Office Food Warmer.

Office Drink Coaster Set

Keep the table protected and keep him motivated with the Office Drink Coaster Set. This useful 8 piece set comes with 7 black leather coasters and a coordinating holder. Each coaster comes complete with a motivational saying, so there is a different one for everyday of the week. The writing is gold embossed for an extra classy look. So, keep him motivated and thirst free when you give him the Office Drink Coaster Set.

Useful Office Gifts

Sometimes he just needs a gift that serves a specific purpose. One of the gifts below will fit whatever office need he has.

Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Holder

If your guy needs a new place to store his glasses, then get him the Nose-Shaped Eyeglass holder. This humorous holder is face shaped, complete with nose and mouth. If he needs to take off his glasses, he can place them on the wooden nose. The holder is hand-carved, so there will be no worries about quality. Let him give his eyes a break creatively by giving him the Nose-Shaped Eyeglass Holder.

Plant Air Purifier

Help him clean up dirty office air with the Plant Air Purifier. This cute purifier is shaped to look like a plant, so he can purify his office with style. The purifier works by generating negative ions, which bind to pollutants in the air and neutralizes them. So, buy him the Plant Air Purifier and let him purify his health at the office.

Leather Desk Mat

Now he can keep his desk looking its best with the Leather Desk Mat. This useful mat is perfect for protecting his desk from spills, scratches, or stains. The mat is smooth, making using a mouse a breeze. Made from premium leather, the rich brown color will look perfect on top of any desk. So, give him the Leather Desk Mat and he can protect his desk with a high-quality style.

Luxury Office Pen

A beautiful pen is the staple of any man’s office. Now your guy can have one of his own when you give him the Luxury Office Pen. This exquisite pen is brass with black lacquer and finished in 24 karat gold. He will have the feel of a fountain pen and the convenience of a ballpoint pen right in his fingertips. It glides smoothly and writes seamlessly. When not in use, it can be stored in its beautiful luxury box. Give your guy the gift of class when you give him the Luxury Office Pen.

Office Seat Cushion

Help make his day at the office pain-free when you get him the Office Seat Cushion. The cushy seat will keep him from sciatic pain and pain from herniated disks or tailbone injuries. The cushion also features lumbar support to help ease lower back pain. This amazing cushion is made from memory foam for extra comfort. So, if you want your guy to work all day pain-free, then get him the Office Seat Cushion.

Premium Business Portfolio

Now he will always look professional with the Premium Business Portfolio. This vegan leather portfolio has everything he needs to be at his best. There is a fully solar-powered calculator, tablet holder, pen holder, business card holder, and much more. Let him be at professional best with style when you give him the Premium Business Portfolio.

Office Shredder

What good is any office without a shredder? Make his office a classic with the Office Shredder. This useful shredder will shred up to 12 sheets of paper at a time. It will also shred through credit cards and staples. The shredder will run for seven-minutes on and thirty minutes off, giving plenty of time to shred those important documents. It is also safely designed to turn off if it overheats. Now his office look can be complete when you give him the Office Shredder.

Photo Frame Pen Holder

Now he can look at his favorite people when he chooses his favorite writing tool with the Photo Frame Pen Holder. This fun holder is made of durable PU leather and has a magnetic closure, so he can show off his pictures or keep them as a fun secret. Two pictures can fit in the holder, perfect for showing off kids, parents, spouse, or favorite pet. He can also get creative and use the holder for things other than pens. So, when you give him the Photo Frame Pen Holder, he will think about you every time he writes.

Mini Vacuum Desktop Cleaner

Help him keep his workspace looking its best with the Mini Vacuum Desktop Cleaner. This useful cleaner can pick up food crumbs, wastepaper, rubber crumbs, and so much more. This cute vacuum runs on batteries, so there are no cords to get in the way. Add some cleanliness to his day when you give him the Mini Vacuum Desktop Cleaner.

Office Business Card Holder

Now he can show off his business cards in style with the Office Business Card Holder. This silver cardholder has a sleek appearance and unique picture design for added style. It also has a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure it stays secured to his desk. So, give the Office Business Card Holder and let him show off what a stylish businessman he is.
So whether your guy needs to destress while at the office, have a bite to eat, stay organized, or just needs something useful, one of the gifts on this list will please. When you give him the perfect office gift, you will make his workday brighter.

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