Nester Hanging Bed

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Rest in total comfort this summer with the Luxury Nester Hanging Bed. When it’s time for some relax and retreat this hammock sets up quickly and easily and when it’s not in use, the TiiPii packs down easily into a highly portable canvas bag.

Nester Hanging Bed

Nester Hanging Bed: The Essential Summer Gadget

Summer is just around the corner. With celebrations blooming it can be difficult to find that perfect gift. Mother’s Day is the first holiday that breaks into the summer fun. Why not buy a fun gift for your Mom. Something that she will enjoy for years to come. With warm breezes blowing, Mom could enjoy the great outdoors in a nice shady place on a Nester Hanging Bed.

Luxury Hammock

The bed is perfect for her to not only use while enjoying a good book, but, she could also use it to spend time relaxing with her favorite grand children.  With over 6 feet of space 4 people can easily fit. With giggles in the air as Grandma tells a silly story from her child hood, she and the children could be swinging ever so gently to the beautiful breeze of summer.

Beach Hammock

Let’s not forget Father’s Day. Dad would certainly enjoy curling up with a nice cold drink, relaxing to some music on the radio or enjoying a good book.  Especially after a hard day of mowing the yard or fixing something around the house. Let’s face it Dad’s deserve a break too.

Not sure what to get your spouse for your summer anniversary? How about their birthday? Why not consider this as an alternative gift.  Unique and can be shared by the both of you for quiet times for relaxing together.  The best gift of all is the one for no reason at all. Adding a smile to a loved ones face that’s had a lot of stress to deal with.  Giving them the joy of a quiet retreat so they can unwind can certainly brighten their day.

Hammock for Families

In need of additional sleeping arrangements? Why not consider the Nester Hanging Bed to add not only the touch of outdoor living, but, giving a special place for someone to rest their head when they come to visit.

Nester Hanging Bed With Mosquito Net

There are several great ideas to install the Nester Hanging Bed. It can be hung with proper anchors to a large tree or studs on a covered porch. If neither are options, there are two different tripod stands available, the Classic or the Deluxe. Giving additional options for the placement of the Nester Hanging Bed.  If  living in an apartment with a balcony, the swing can easily be placed on the balcony using a tripod stand. Outdoors not an option? How about a lovely place in the living room or maybe even in a guest room, bringing the outdoors into the living space.

Luxury Tristand Nester Bed Hammock

As with anything new always be safe.  Make sure that even the little ones understand its not like an ordinary swing.  Additionally, there is a weight limit for the Nester Hanging Bed, it can hold up to 550 pounds.  Be sure to read all of the safety information for the to make it fun and safe for every loved one.

Camping Hammock

Many people may be concerned about the material.  With this Hanging Bed, you don’t have to worry. Not only is the bed water resistant but, it is also mold and UV protected. So if little “Sally” spills a little water it will bead up and wipe right off. And if left out in the weather it will not discolor or get moldy as many fabrics do. This is because of the durable yet heavy duty canvas cotton that the bed is made out of.

Hammock at Home

If the bed begins to smell a little musty, not to worry, the fabric is machine washable. Simply follow the washing instructions to properly clean the Nester Hanging Bed.  This helps alleviate the need to take it to the dry cleaners. Once cleaned simply reassemble.

Hanging Bed

Consider the Nester Hanging Bed as one of your unique summer gift ideas.  With years of fun enjoyment for all of your loved ones.

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