Motorized Pool Lounger

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Motorized Pool Lounger

Cruise the swimming pool like a king with the awesome Motorized Pool Lounger. Seriously, who is still kicking and padling around these days like the mob when you can glide across the sea with a motorized inflatable throne.

pool lounger with motors

Cruise in Style With the Motorized Pool Lounger

Just imagine everyone taking out their inflatable toys at the next lake party or pool gathering. The girls usually have their inflatable flamingos or unicorns and the guys…eh…usually nothing. But you don’t have to join all the losers when you have your Motorized Pool Inflatable ready for the party!

What’s so great about this motorized lounger you would say? Well, first of all it comes with dual 66W motors powered by 12D batteries which means power and long-lasting fun. It supports your weight up to 300lbs. Means if you’re clever and not overweight there’s still room for some girls on the water mobile that could serve you drinks while you drive them around.

Motorized Pool Lounger

The float has 2 joysticks that are located on the arm rests so the king (or queen) doesn’t even have to raise their arms to travel along. You can easily drive forwards, backwards and even rotate in a circle with the controls. It’s pretty simple and easy to learn.

The motorized pool lounger is the ultimate inflatable toy that would be a great college party gift idea (if you consider gifting this great piece). Because we all know that college is all about drinking and pool parties. But wait, what about the drinking part? Nevermind because one of the armrests features a built-in cup holder that can take your favorite booze. This way you don’t even have to worry about getting out of the pool to get your supplies. Cool, right? The sturdy backrest is quite comfortable too and will guarantee a great and comfy pool time.


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