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Mellow out and get comfy with this groovy Moonlight Cushion that lights up and hypnotically changes colors right before your eyes. These light up color changing pillows feature a soft and plush fabric and use AA batteries to power its groovy mind blowing performance.

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Moonlight Cushion: Not just for kids anymore

Children love to help decorate. It is essential in letting them help pick out some of the decorations to make their bedroom their space. Even little ones like to help find just the right decoration for their room.

Having young children brings in the little things like being afraid of the dark. Many of us, place night lights in their rooms to give them a little comfort and safety.  But, what if, you could give your child that sense of comfort with a fun and whimsical gift?

Adding a little touch of security and decorations from Mom and Dad is a great idea. Plus as a bonus a way to help your little one feel safe and secure in the late hours should they wake. The Moonlight Cushion may be just that little touch your are looking for.

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The cushion is designed with a white exterior cover, filled with soft  stuffing on the inside and an added bonus! That’s right, simply squeeze the Moonlight Cushion and it lights up in a rainbow of soft colored light. When your child feels they need a little light, they simply squeeze the pillow and it lights up for them. If they squeeze it again, it can turn the light off. The added bonus of course is your child has the security of a night light that they can have with them.

The Moonlight Cushion is perfect for helping little ones see in the dark that can’t quite reach a light switch, but they need to visit the restroom during the night. This cushion can certainly help. By providing a soft glow that will light up their way, all they have to do is give it a nice squeeze and they are ready to go. The cushion will stay lit until it is squeezed again. Giving your little one the opportunity at night for that potty break and make it back to their bed safe and sound.

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The Moonlight Cushion isn’t just for kids either. Have you considered a fun housewarming gift for a family member that may have moved into a new home?  The white fabric of the Moonlight Cushion can add a bright accent to any sofa or chair. You will give the new home owner a little giggle when you show them that the pillow lights up. Tell them its for those late movie nights when they don’t want to turn on any additional lights in a room. All they have to do is give the cushion a squeeze and voila! Light! You can even make it a pair of these delightful cushions for a matching set in any room.

The Moonlight Cushion does require 3 triple A batteries. There is a compartment on the pillow that can be easily opened. Simply reach in, open up the battery compartment and snap in the batteries. Once they are installed, simply turn on the switch. Give the cushion a good squeeze and it lights up with a moonlight reflection.

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Should the cushion get a little dirty, please be sure to read the manufacturers cleaning instructions. This will help you keep your cushions nice and vibrant. To save on battery power, you might want to switch  the cushion off during the day. Just remember, to switch it on when you are thinking about a dark night with a scary movie so you have it ready to go then give it a good squeeze to light up your world.

When thinking about unusual home decoration gift ideas, you might want to put this on your list. It gives great security for little ones and adds just the right touch of fun for an adult as well.

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