The Ultimate Men’s Gift Guide: How To Find The Perfect Gift For Any Man

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Some men are just plain hard to shop for, and a men’s gift guide is the only way you’ll ever find something to make them feel as special as you already know they are. When the man in your life already has everything he needs, doesn’t seem to care about presents, or just isn’t into anything you know how to shop for, you need the gifts for him ideas found in this gift guide for him. You might be surprised to find out what a perfect gift you can find with a little consideration about your man’s personality, hobbies, and the occasion you’re shopping for.

the ultimate mens gift guide

A Men’s Gift Guide Just For the Man In Your Life

The perfect gift considers your man’s personality, hobbies, and the occasion at hand – all in one. This gift guide for men will help you on your way to the perfect gift. If you want to wow him and leave him speechless upon opening your gift wrap, make sure it’s well-rounded with plenty of thought. What kind of person is he? What is he into? Does the occasion warrant something sentimental or something practical? Answering these considerations will lead you to the gift above all gifts, and this gift guide for him is your yellow brick road to success. With useful headlines, you can scroll through to find the personality type, hobbies, and occasion that suit your man to find the perfect gift ideas for him. We also have some generic solutions at the end for the man you don’t know very well.

We’ve briefly gone over what all you need to consider when coming up with gift ideas for him, so let’s take the time now to really dive into how to shop for each of the main personality types of men. Maybe your guy fits into one of these categories, or maybe he’s super man and fits into all of them! Either way, we’ll learn how to shop for any and all of them. Scroll through and stop on the headlines that apply to your man so you know what to consider for him.


Gifts For Different Personality Types of Men

Each man can fit into a personality type or a few distinct types. Some are romantic, while some value a good time more than a meaningful, emotional encounter. Still others are metro while their counterparts wish to approach life in a more rugged way. Is your man a nerd who geeks out over the new Star Wars film, or does he love watching Monday Night Football? In this men’s gift guide full of gift ideas for him, we’ll lead you to discover exactly what these personality types would love to have as a gift.


Gifts for Romantic Men

romantic man

The romantic man is the one who sweeps you off your feet and puts stars in your eyes. He knows all the right things to do and say to make you feel special, so now’s your chance to show him how much you appreciate him thinking of you by putting just as much thought into him and think of romantic gifts for him. More often than not, the romantic man is very creative, and his creativity is what allows him to think of all the romantic ways he showers his love onto you. Think about this when you’re considering your gift options for him.

DIY Gifts for The Romantic Man

A romantic man values romance, and what’s more romantic than creating something that you put your own heart and soul into?

There can be various ideas to surprise him with like:

  • A DIY card to go along with the rest of his gifts
  • A shadow box displaying memorabilia from all the romantic things you’ve done together
  • If you have a special craft you’re great at, create something out of that (like pottery, cross stitching, anything you have a special skill in).


Gifts That Support His Creative Interests

Think about it. The same creativity that makes your man so romantic toward you is the same creative spark that makes him feel fulfilled in his other interests. We have collected a bunch of unique and simply awesome gifts for guys who like music that will make any music lovers heart melt away.

Is he more into arts and crafting? No problem! These top gifts for artists who draw are what you might be looking for to fulfill that creative minds desire.

If you still don’t know what to get your romantic boyfriend as a present, here are some other gift ideas to consider:

  • A musical instrument he’s been dying to learn
  • Time in a studio to bring his musical talent to life
  • A small sketch notebook to carry
  • Upgraded artistic materials to elevate his craft


The Classic: Romantic Gifts for Your Romantic Man

Yes you heard right, why not buy a thoughtful romantic gift for him instead? He might be surprised to be the recipient of a thoughtful gift this time instead of being the one who’s always trying hard to win your heart. Take this secret with you: even though men don’t openly admit it, they really love to receive heart-warming gifts from their partner.

Other romantic ideas could be:

  • A date with stops to highlight important memories between the two of you
  • A weekend getaway with romantic and relaxing events like horseback riding and a massage
  • A new experience that the two of you can share, like a visit to a new city or country


The most important thing to remember when considering meaningful gifts for him is that the goal is to show him how much you appreciate him for who he is: the most romantic man in your life. Make him feel as special as he makes you feel every single day.


Gifts for Guys Who Don’t Want Anything

man who doesnt want anything

Finding gift ideas for men who don’t want anything just seems like the hardest in this men’s gift guide. They’re men who say they don’t need anything. Usually these guys are simple men who enjoy their hobbies like sports, TV, and grilling – things they can do with friends and family. But here’s the thing: the simple man only seems to be the hardest to shop for. The truth is, he values time with you in his comfortable space above all else, so keep that in mind when looking for gift ideas for him.

Elevate The Man Cave

One thing’s certain: A man who doesn’t want anything is usually the type of man who dreams of having his own mancave where he can live out all his hobbies, childhood dreams and spend time with his best buddies. We’ve got you covered on this with our gift guide about the best gifts for a man cave ever. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to make a man happy once you go through this article.

This includes also all other gift ideas like:

  • Table games like foosball and pool
  • A new recliner or couch
  • Wall art that showcases his favorite teams, movies, and shows
  • Snacks and drinks to enjoy while chilling in his mancave


Party Gifts for The Simple Yet Social Man

What can be more satisfying to a man who doesn’t need anything than having his buddies gathered for a great party? For this case we’ve put together an awesome gift guide about the best gifts for organizing a party gifts that should be on every list.

Alternatives to make this guy who loves parties happy would be:

  • A perfect birthday party with all his favorite friends, family, food, and fun
  • Party tools like a beer bong, fog machine, music stereo system, and party lights


Gifts for Sports Fans

In case your man who doesn’t want anything is that type of guy who’s constantly watching every football game and is always talking with his friends about nothing else than sports, yep, he’s a sports fanatic.

In this case you will have lots of options to fulfill his deepest desires:

  • Sports gear like jerseys, hats, and anything else with sports logos from his favorite teams
  • Tickets to a big game
  • Collectible items from his favorite players


The key for shopping for a simple man is to find things he doesn’t even know he needs or wants, and think about what will elevate his comfort and style. Just because there’s nothing he wants, doesn’t mean there’s nothing that will make him happy.


Gifts for The Metro Man

metro man

Metro men have the best style and ease of them all. They value their appearance and want to come across as put together, sophisticated, and full of class. Think about this when you’re shopping for them, and you won’t go wrong. Here are some great gift ideas:

  • Accessories for men like ties, beautiful socks, and button clasps
  • Gifts for men who like to travel like stylish luggage and packing tools to keep their clothes and accessories neat and wrinkle-free
  • A watch: watches for men on Amazon provide a plethora of options, no matter what your metro man’s style may be
  • Men’s luxury gifts like luxury shave cream and brush, gift cards to high end clothing stores he loves, and a luxury wallet


Metro men are usually willing to spend more money to present themselves well, so they’ll really value an elevated version of something they already have. Anything to help them put their best feet forward will show them how much you care.


Gifts for Nerds


Nerds are some of the most lovable men there are, and they deserve something to help them embrace all their quirky interests. There are countless ways to make these guys happy that have been collected in this men’s gift guide. Maybe you’re looking for the best Star Wars related gift ideas for your nerdy friend who’s thinking already about becoming the next jedi. If he’s totally into LEGO we also have a great gift guide about top LEGO gifts in the world. Memorabilia from his favorite franchises, and more would also be great for him. There are many types of nerds, so let’s look at different nerd gifts for him for the different types of nerds in your life:


Gamer Gifts for The Ultimate Nerd

It might be a coincidence or mere fact that nerds are also mostly into gaming. Why not get him a gift that he’s so passionate about?

So here are a few gamer gift ideas you might want to consider:

  • New controllers for his favorite console
  • A gift card to Game Stop or a local gaming store
  • The newest gaming console


Gifts for Geek Guys

Maybe he’s just a simple geeky guy who likes quirky stuff and isn’t too much into all that gaming, then try these geeky gifts for guys instead:

  • A mug with the periodic table of elements
  • Clothing with hilarious science puns
  • The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins


Tech Gifts for Men

No matter how hardcore a geek may be, he still can’t deny his manly obsessions over tech stuff. We’ve covered you with a great gift guide on the best tech gear for men that should definitely not be skept.

All other tech gift ideas for men would be:

  • A robot home vacuum
  • A leather charger wallet to organize all his chargers
  • Accessories for his specific types of phone, smart watch, computer, or car


If you have a nerd man in your life, show him how much you love him for this quirks and interests by supporting his fandoms and love for learning.


Gifts for The Playboy Man

playboy womanizer

If you’ve snatched a playboy man, you’ve conquered a feat, because usually he can’t be tamed. It might be hard to shop for someone so self confident, so find something that will catch him off-guard like funny gifts, gag gifts, or unique and expensive gifts for men. This will ensure you keep him on his toes, which he will really appreciate. Also, your playboy man will appreciate things that increase his mojo like car accessories on Amazon and luxury gifts that make him look sleek and on point.

Other ideas might be:

  • A replacement logo for his vehicle that matches his color choices and style
  • Window tinting to keep him ubiquitous and mysterious on the road
  • A luxury brand cologne
  • Clothing that’s as snarky as he is, like hats with funny phrases
  • Graphic muscle shirts
  • How to Live with a Huge Penis: Advice, Meditations, and Wisdom for Men Who Have Too Much by Richard Jacob


Gifts for Possessive Men

possessive man

The possessive man wants to mark his territory, so something personalized shows that you belong only to him. Also, think about his hobbies. Showing that you take the time to buy him something just for his own interests reinforces that you belong to each other. Remember to consider romantic gifts that he loves, and personalization gifts for your boyfriend. Let’s cover what possessive men like the most in this gift guide for men.

Other great ideas might be:

  • His and her shirts
  • Memorabilia with your initials monogrammed in
  • A customized portrait of your family (with children or pets included)

Gifts for Smart Men

smart man

With a smart man, you might have a know-it-all on your hands, and he might be especially difficult to shop for. Usually very akin to technology and gadgets, they might have their own special hobbies that are difficult to understand and shop for. Smart gadgets that make their lives easier and free up more mental energy could be perfect, like tech gifts for men or personalized phone cases that protect their phones, but also take the time to think about general gifts for smart people. That way you’re showing that you appreciate their intelligence and took the time to think about them, even if you aren’t into all the smart things they’re into. But, if you have some common interests that show how intelligent you both are, you already have a leg up and can think of the perfect gift.


Here are a few gift ideas to consider for smart men:

  • Personalized phone case with smart humor etched on the back
  • A smart TV with customizable features to play around with
  • Bluetooth tracker to attach to keys, dog leash, etc.
  • A smart ring to track sleep, heart rate, etc.


Gifts for Nice Guys

nice guy softboy

Nice guys really do win, or at least he wins your desire to find him the perfect gift! And there’s surely a reason you’re looking to spoil him, not least of all the fact that nice guys love pets, have a flair for the old school, and tend toward an interest in literature and travel. Since good guys are always tending to the other people in their lives instead of focusing on themselves, a gift to help him invest in himself is a must – whether that’s to improve his style or an investment in his hobbies. So think of gifts for bookworms, pet gifts for his fur baby (dog gifts or cat gifts), retro gifts to suit his old school flair. Or choose stylish gifts to upgrade your soft boy into a handsome guy. A kind, all around well-rounded man is worth your attention, and he’s worth finding the perfect gift for.


Things to consider when searching for gifts for kind men:

  • Gift cards to local bookshops or Barnes and Noble
  • A trip to a coffee shop and museum
  • A Barkbox subscription
  • A record player and his favorite records

Gifts for a Manly Man

manly man

Often leaders or bosses, these men have very specific interests. Think of something useful and of great quality, like leather and an in-demand tech gadget. These men also often like something that is a symbol of status, so something smaller but more expensive might be more appropriate. They also enjoy things that are typically more masculine. So they might like to receive beer gifts when they are totally into that golden brew. The hard man usually likes to have leather gifts or typical retro gifts that are old-fashioned but look great on them. And of course these guys love car gadgets for their cool mustang. If he is more into football or soccer you may have to consider some kind of sports gifts for him. Other manly man tend to spend their free time around their grill so you might consider grilling gifts to support this hobby. The manliest man is someone who gets down on his bike to set off for a tour. Motorcycle gifts are the best for these tye of guys. If your manly man is a big leader and pretty successful in his job there might also be gifts for boss that are perfect for the busy man. Manly guys are usually doing things on their own and aren’t afraid of repairing things at home. You can try gifts for practical men in this case.


Try to stick with gifts like:

  • New motorcycle leather
  • An assortment of craft beers
  • Car cleaning equipment (leather conditioner, etc.)
  • A new grill kit or even other grill related gift ideas

Gifts for The Adventurous Man

adventurous man

The most fun to shop for, the adventurous bad boy is crazy and wild. Traveling, outdoor, funny and creative gifts are appropriate for him. Usually not one to take things too seriously so funny gifts, and party gifts are perfect. They also like old-fashioned stuff so you can surprise them with retro gifts. Since he has a sense of adventure and likes to travel you may try to search for travel gifts for men . The real adventurous man is driving a bike or a hot car to show off. That’s why motorcycle gifts and car gadgets can be appropriate to glorify this hobby. And if he is really such an outgoing personality he usually cares for the latest sports and he might be someone who enjoys outdoor stuff. So sport gifts and camping and outdoor gifts also suit him. He might also like grilling gifts or things he can take on a camping trip.


Here are a few gift ideas you might want to consider:

  • New camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, backpack, etc.)
  • The trip of his lifetime
  • Rugby gear


Gifts for Conservatives

conservative man

The conservative man in your life has strong sense of values, has specific hobbies, and is clear about the things he likes and things dislikes. He usually likes standard old-fashioned things like whiskey gifts, BBQ gifts, and useful gifts for men that show what a strong, hard working man he is. Gifts for practical men and retro gifts may fit his old-fashioned personality, but don’t forget that unique gifts for your boyfriend are a must. So put a creative spin to it so it’s personalized to him.


You might want to consider the following ideas:

  • Simple, classic clothing like sweaters, ball caps, and classic boat shoes
  • Freezable whiskey rocks
  • Tool kit

Hobby Gift Ideas For Men

mens hobbies

This is where you can take your man’s personality type, mix in his hobbies, and you’ll have a perfect gift suited just for your man. For example, if your man is romantic and enjoys cooking, consider a grill kit that includes special spices, some amazing steaks, and set a romantic table for two so the two of you can grill a special menu together.


Beyond knowing your man’s personality type, it’s important to consider what his hobbies are. Does he enjoy drinking a good craft beer or is he more into fresh-roasted coffee? What does he seem to do in his spare time and spend his own money on doing? Not only do you need to think about what your guy’s personality is like, but it’s also important to think about what he likes to do.


Tips for thinking of Gifts for Him by Occasion


We aren’t stopping there, because beyond what his personality is and what he enjoys doing, the occasion can also inform gift ideas for him. While for Father’s Day you might find something fun for your dad, you might opt for something more meaningful and romantic on Valentine’s Day. Picking a gift that’s appropriate for the occasion is just as important as finding something that’s specific to your dude, and that’s why we’ll also give you some tips in this gift guide for him on how to shop for these occasions:


Creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him

For Valentine gifts for husband or a gift for Valentine’s Day for guys, show how much you love him. It’s a chance to be sentimental, so a lawn mower might not be ideal. If you need ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for men, think particularly about what would show how much you love him, like time together doing something you both love.


Christmas Gifts for him

To find the best Christmas gifts for your husband in 2019 or Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend, and even good gifts for dads for Christmas, think more about what he would want than what would be sentimental. It’s a time to spoil the person you love with exactly what they want, not something that makes a statement about the relationship.


Anniversary gifts ideas for him

When thinking of anniversary gifts for husband and anniversary gifts for boyfriends, it’s a time to thank them for your year(s) together. Something to commemorate all you’ve been for is ideal, but you can also choose traditional gifts for anniversary like paper for the first anniversary and wood for the fifth.


Happy Birthday gifts for him

You will probably need a birthday gift idea for each man in your life. DIY gifts for birthday are good across the board, including birthday gifts for dad. A birthday is a celebration of the individual person, not the time to celebrate your relationship, so find something particular to that man.


Best Gifts for Dads 2019

Father’s day is your chance to show dad how much you appreciate him, so father son gifts and father daughter gifts are perfect. Something that highlights your relationship with him and respect for him will go a long way to say “I love you.”


Graduation gifts for him

Graduation gifts should be a big congratulations and a send-off to the next milestone in life. Keep that in mind when making this gift purchase. Cash is a great graduation gift, but so are practical things that will help usher him into adulthood or a new career path.


Retirement gifts for men

Retirement is another big milestone. Think of ideas for gifts that will help him relax and pass the time now that he has all the time in the world for self care.


Gifts for your other half

your other half

Some of the most impactful gifts you’ll ever buy anyone are for your partner, whether that be your husband or your boyfriend. Your other half holds your heart in their hands, and it’s vital to show them through your gift giving that you know them, care for them, and take the time to consider them when you’re buying a gift. All the other gift ideas for him we’re going to discuss apply here too, but there’s an extra layer of importance when gift giving to your other half. In this gift guide for him we’ll take the time on some sections to specifically focus on.


Gifts for Boyfriend

Whether it’s a young boyfriend, a boyfriend who is in college or already a grown-up. Finding the right gift for your other half when you are just dating each other and don’t know too much about the other might be hard at first. By focusing on the right type of guy and checking out what his hobbies are might not be such a bad idea.


Gifts for Husband

Your hubby is someone you absolutely know by now. You are well aware of his hobbies, preferences and you know very well what type of guy he is. This knowledge is gold when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for your husband. Just check out one of our hobby gift articles to get inspired pretty fast.

All other gift ideas for him

Sometimes you’re looking for something a little more generic. If you are shopping for gift ideas for him when it’s your boss, your neighbor, a mutual friend, or just someone you really don’t know that well, you need something that is one-size-fits all, or the main consideration is really just your budget.

If you’re looking for gifts for guys under $20, find something anyone, and we mean anyone, can find useful and enjoyable. Anything practical for around the house is great, and a gift card to a coffee shop or affordable restaurant will do the trick as well.

If your budget is a tad higher and you’re in search of gifts for guys under $50, think similarly but maybe a little bigger. For example, what would be a coffee shop gift card can become a gift card to a nice restaurant.

Unfortunately, we all eventually have to find gifts for guys who have everything. This is another great opportunity to buy a gift card or an experience, because you can never treat yourself too many times. Usually guys who have everything would still love a little “treat yourself” moment now and again from a friend or loved one.

Finally, guys in college can be particularly hard to buy for because it’s such a unique walk of life. Will it fit in the dorm? Will it meet their adolescent interests? These are hard questions to answer when shopping. But the simple solution to this is cash, because no matter how small the amount guys in college are just glad to have a bit of cash. Even if it’s only enough to buy themselves a coffee or beer. Don’t wait any longer, use this men’s gift guide for getting wonderful gift ideas for him that are truly unique and special!

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