Massage Shower Panel

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The Massage Shower Panel has both a gentle waterfall head cascading down from above and 8 massaging jets along its sides. Each water jet is adjustable for streaming at whatever part of the body needs a wet massage this time around. So if you consider making your shower the most beautiful place in your home you won’t come by this wonderful piece of enjoyment.

Massage Shower Panel Head

The Best Massage Shower Panel For Maximum Relaxation

The rainfall shower panel has an ultra sleek mirror finish and is disgned to provide you the ultimate relaxation to unwind and to keep stress away. A clever function control lets you effortlessly select between multiple shower functions, making every shower experience something truly special.

Massage Shower Panel Variants

Key Features of the Massage Shower Panel:

  • high quality tempered glass
  • it comes with a rain shower head, a handheld shower head, tub spout
  • the massage jets bathroom set is made of tempered glass (chrome color)
  • the entire panel is a stylish mirror with LED temperature indicator
This unique shower panel is designed for flat wall installations with a hot/cold integrated pressure balance valve control system. Even a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase is also guaranteed. So if you are still looking for the perfect gift for her, this might be a good product to go with. Women love relaxing in the shower and really know what value a great shower can have.


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