Magical Defrosting Tray

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You can now defrost rock solid slabs of meat in mere minutes by putting them on top of the super fast magical defrosting tray. The special thermal conductive material of the tray dramatically speeds up the thawing process so your meat is ready to cook when you need it.

magical defrosting tray

MAGICAL DEFROSTING TRAY: Defrost Your Meat Super Fast

Oh No! You forgot to pull out the meat for your barbecue, not to worry with the Magical Defrosting Tray. You can defrost the meat in the time it takes to set up the grill.

rapid defrost tray

So many times as our schedules become busier, we often forget about what we are preparing for our evening meal. Not to fear, you can defrost cuts of meat in a matter of minutes with the Magical Defrosting Tray. In the span of an hour or less you can have chicken breasts, roast or even steaks thawed and ready to be put on the grill. It all depends on the thickness of the meat you plan to prepare. This rapid defrost tray can surely aid you in your time of need. How many times have you used the water method to thaw out your meats and found that the meat seems to lose some of its flavor. Well, say no more to the water soak of your meats and poultry.

magical defrost tray

The Magical Defrosting Tray is made from an aluminum that is designed to sit on your counter top. Simply take the meat or poultry out of its packaging, set on the tray and watch as your meat thaws and is ready in minutes.  Many have been amazed by the rapid defrost tray for years. They still use this remarkable piece of kitchen ware and brag about its usefulness constantly.

meat defrosting tray

Mind you, it is a good idea to make sure that you clean the tray properly. Many recommendations have come about on proper cleaning.  Simply hand wash with hot soapy water and air dry. That’s all you need to do. Yes, it can be placed in a dishwasher, but, this can add to wear and tear on the unit.  Play it safe and hand wash. If you are considering using a rather thick piece of meat, you might also want to consider placing some paper towels under the edges of the tray. As the meat melts the liquid runs down the grooves. Most will rest in the grooves however, if it appears to hit the edges, you might have a mess on your hands, so play it safe.

meat thawing tray

No one really knows how this Magical Defrosting Tray works, but the amazed looks on peoples’ faces will give you a laugh as you show them how quickly you can defrost the main dish for dinner.  Planning to make a lovely lamb stew, place the lamb on the tray and let the ice melt away. Your lamb will be tender, moist and filled with lots of flavor. Simply add those special spices, a little touch of tender loving care and you are set.

rapid thawing tray

If you are looking for a useful gift for the hunters in your life consider a Magical Defrosting Tray. It will help keep that fresh flavor alive in the meats that they bring home and freeze. From deer, rabbit, boar, pheasant heck even exotic meats that are available this rapid defrost tray will certainly delight the hunters.

How about those grilling fanatics in your life. You know the husband that wants all his meat grilled. Well, show him your bewitching charms as you use the Magical Defrost Tray to thaw out that fine cut of meat he’s ready to slap on the grill.

defrosting tray for meat

If you are considering useful grilling gifts for someone, consider adding this one to your list.

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