25+ Luxury Home Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

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Looking for ultimate Luxury Home Gift Ideas for your rich friend or partner? Whether you live in luxury or just want to pamper yourself with some expensive luxury home gifts, finding the perfect gift can be difficult. No need to spend countless hours looking at luxury home gift ideas. We’ve compiled an extensive guide of luxury gifts for the home so finding your perfect expensive luxury home gift will be a snap.
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27 Expensive Luxury Home Gift Ideas That Will Deliver

No matter what expensive home luxury gift you are looking for, you will be sure to find it in this guide. You will find gifts to bathe like royalty, relax like the rich and famous, entertain like a top resort, eat like you’re at the fanciest restaurant, sleep like a million bucks, or find something truly unique. Treat yourself by buying one gift or live like a king or queen by buying several.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for Bath and Shower

Whether you enjoy a shower or just a good soak, why not do it in the lap or luxury? These expensive home gifts will make you feel like you’re worth a million dollars.

Luxury Bathroom Towel

Upgrade your bathing experience with a high quality japanese Luxury Bathroom Towel. This collection of luxury towels combines high-quality materials and Japanese craft expertise to enhance an everyday essential. The towels are so thick and soft. Using them on your skin, the fiber glides so smoothly. Enveloping everything it touches in velvety softness.

Massage Shower Panel

Stay clean with the Massage Shower Panel. This amazing shower comes complete with a four spray function showerhead and adjustable body spray. The shower comes with a temperature display so you can have the perfect shower and prevent accidental burns. The shower even boasts a tub spout which will allow you to rapidly fill buckets or wash your hands and feet. Bathe in luxury when you buy the Massage Shower Panel.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Give yourself the spa treatment with the Inflatable Hot Tub. This fantastic hot tub comes complete with heating system, 3-way test strip, two filter cartridges, floating pool chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, and carry bag. The hot tub boasts its own hard water treatment system, making the water softer on your skin. The hot tub even comes with an insulated cover and lock to minimize heat loss and make it safe. Blow up some luxury when you buy the Inflatable Hot Tub.

Portable Sauna

Visit the spa without leaving your home with the Portable Sauna. This magnificent sauna is easy to install and disassemble and can be conveniently stored. The sauna comes complete with a double-sided zipper, making it easy to enter and exit the sauna. You can use the sauna to relax muscles, ease tension, and calm your mind and body. Let things get steamy when you buy the Portable Sauna.

Wooden Bathtub

Bathe yourself in luxury with the Wooden Bathtub. This lovely bathtub matches perfectly with any décor from modern minimalist to classic. The bathtub comes in six different wood types such as Maple, Ash, Oak, Sapele, Padouk, and American Walnut. The shape of the bathtub offers amazing relaxation and contact with the wood grain texture has a wonderful calming ability. Soak up your perfect gift when you buy the Wooden Bathtub.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for Eating and Drinking

When you live in the lap of luxury, naturally you would eat the beat meals and drink the finest champagne. The gifts listed below will be the perfect gifts to satisfy your hunger for luxury home gift ideas.

Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest

With its minimalist exterior design and expansive internal provisions, the Rolls-Royce Champagne Chest is a prime example of luxury through perfection. It truly is amazing how a simple concept such as an ice box can be amped up into something that is borderline magical. When stationary and uninitiated, the Champagne Chest appears purposeless. No one could possibly imagine the potential which has been concealed within the confines of its body. How could something seem so insignificant upfront while also taking a seat as a pure example of grandeur?

Fridge Coffee Table

Have the coffee table that does it all with the Fridge Coffee Table. This unique coffee table has a built-in refrigerator to keep all your snacks and beverages cool. The coffee table comes complete with Bluetooth speakers and USB charging ports and outlets. The height of the coffee table can also be adjusted, so it will be the perfect height every time. The coffee table even boasts smart touch controls so you can set fridge temperature, time, LED colors and brightness, playback, volume, Bluetooth, and more. Do it all without leaving your couch when you buy the Fridge Coffee Table.

Portable Cooler Bag

Drink up with the Dining and Pool Table. The fantastic bag keeps your drink cool for up to five hours. The semi-rigid case design of the bag keeps bottles from clanking and breakage. The bag will even keep your cold drinks cold with no ice or ice sheet needed. Drink up the perfect gift with the Portable Cooler.

Harrison Luxury Outdoor Oven

Cook like a pro with the Harrison Luxury Outdoor Oven. This fantastic oven is an extremely high performing charcoal stove that can also use wood. The oven boasts super fast cooking times, getting to 300°C in under thirty minutes. You will be able to cook steaks and pizzas in minutes, flatbreads and vegetables in sixty seconds, and chickens and ducks can be roasted in 30 minutes. The heat stays inside the oven, helping to lock in moisture and enhance flavor. Cook up a delicious luxury gift when you buy the Harrison Luxury Outdoor Oven.

Dining and Pool Table

Have a ball with the Dining and Pool Table. This fantastic table can seat up to ten people. When you feel like a game of pool, the table’s height can be adjusted to regulation pool table height. The table is highly customizable and comes in six different wood finishes. Now you can play with your dinner when you buy the Dining and Pool Table.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for Relaxing

Whether you just want to rest, or cozy up on a chilly day, these luxury home gift ideas will keep you nice and relaxed.

Lounger Swing

Enjoy your own utopia right in your backyard with the suspended Lounger Swing. The SkyBed will become your new favorite place for a post-BBQ nap, your morning cup of coffee, or a romantic seat in the evening. By starting with the Sky Bed, you can then add special touches to your campsite. Beautiful pillows, soft blankets even a romantic fire in your fire pit. Throw in a bottle of wine or two and you’ve got the best of many worlds.

Luxury Gravity Massage Chair

Massage your care away with the Luxury Gravity Massage Chair. This wonderful massager comes complete with 3D massage rollers, giving you outstanding range and flexibility. The chair boasts 12 airbags at the shoulders, arms, lower back, feet, and calf areas to give you a relaxing full body massage. The chair also boasts zero gravity mode and extendable footrest. Roll into the perfect gift when you buy the Luxury Gravity Massage Chair.

Classic Silver Fox Throw

Stay warm with the Classic Silver Fox Throw. This exquisite throw is incredibly soft, making it perfect for wrapping up on wintry nights or anytime. This throw is made of natural full pelts with a black cashmere fabric lining on the back. You can choose between black, silver, or gray. Wrap up an amazing gift when you buy the Classic Silver Fox Throw.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for Your Best Sleep

If you want to sleep like a million dollars, or just like you have a million dollars, one of these luxury home gift ideas will be perfect for you.

Nester Hanging Bed

Rest in total comfort this summer with the Luxury Nester Hanging Bed. When it’s time for some relax and retreat this hammock sets up quickly and easily and when it’s not in use, the TiiPii packs down easily into a highly portable canvas bag. The bed is perfect for her to not only use while enjoying a good book, but, she could also use it to spend time relaxing with her favorite grand children. With over 6 feet of space 4 people can easily fit. With giggles in the air as Grandma tells a silly story from her child hood, she and the children could be swinging ever so gently to the beautiful breeze of summer.

Boeing 747 Engine Bed

Sleep in your own airplane with the Boeing 747 Engine Bed. This unique bed takes a General Electric engine nacelle that is cut in half to form the rounded foot and headboard. The bed is connected with an aluminum I-beam frame that is custom fabricated. The bed also boasts programmable LED units that light the circumference of the bed. Take off in the most amazing gift when you buy the Boeing 747 Engine Bed.

Bed with a Fireplace

Stay cozy with the Bed with a Fireplace. This amazing bed comes complete with its own electric fireplace. The bed comes with a remote control to let you adjust the amount of light coming from the fireplace. The upholstery is made of effective metallic, making it easy to clean and disinfect. This bed creates the perfect atmosphere for romance, making it perfect for honeymooners. Snuggle up to the perfect gift when you buy the Bed with a Fireplace.

All-In-One Tech Bed

Do it all without ever leaving bed with the All-In-One Tech Bed. This amazing bed has it all. The bed has an adjustable headboard, perfect for reading or watching TV. The bed also comes with two storage and areas and a cabinet, so blankets and pillows will never be out of reach. Use the safe box the bed comes with to store your valuables. You can even play music and charge your favorite device with this bed. Relieve stress and tension from your day with the included massage chair. Drift into bedded bliss when you buy the All-In-One Tech Bed.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for Entertaining

Maybe you want to have your own home theatre experience or just entertain guests in style and luxury. These expensive luxury home gifts will give your guest the five star treatment.

4K Laser Projector

This 4K Laser Projector is out of this world! With this home theater projector from VAVA, you’ll be able to experience the finest quality laser image projection that is guaranteed to impress everyone you know. If you’ve ever wanted the complete IMAX experience without going to the theater, this is the product that will change your life. Now you can transform any room in your home into a personal screening room fully equipped with large laser projection, high precision color and brightness, vivid images, pristine resolution and top of the line stereo system. Don’t let this little device deceive you – it may look like your standard projector but it’s actually a high-tech masterpiece that can bring cinematic brilliance into your home.

IMAX Private Theatre

Make your home cinema an unforgettable experience with the IMAX Private Theatre. There are few experiences in the world like watching a movie in full IMAX quality in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The singular IMAX private theatre uses proprietary software and technology to create the most faithful recreation possible of really being in the middle of the movie, for a unique viewing experience. Among the world of home gadgets, this is the ultimate in high quality and performance equipment.

Home Theater Seating

Have you ever fantasized about having sophisticated Home Theater Seating in your house? With these quality theater seats, you might never want to leave the house again! There’s nothing like watching a movie right from the comfort of your own home, but you have to admit that traditional movie theaters provide a unique experience that is hard to compete with. Cinemas have come a long way in recent years by offering customers a chance to lounge in luxury with deluxe seating.

Garden Igloo

Enjoy the outdoors any time of year with the Garden Igloo. This amazing device lets you be able to sit outside any time of the year. The igloo can withstand snow and winds up to 31 mph. You can even comfortably sit eight to ten people in the igloo, so you can use it for your next get together. Keep it cool in your garden when you buy the Garden Igloo.

Outdoor Pool Table

Enjoy a sunny game of pool with the Outdoor Pool Table. His fantastic table is waterproof, so no need to worry about moving the table inside on a rainy day. The table is made of all aluminum construction by craftsmen in the USA. The table comes complete with billiard balls, cue sticks, triangle, table brush, and weatherproof cover. Cue up your best gift when you buy the Outdoor Pool Table.

Luxury Home Gift Ideas for the Person Who Really Does Have Everything

When someone really does have everything, how can you get them an amazing gift? Or maybe you’re the person who feels like they have it all. The expensive home gifts in this list are so unique that you or your gift-getter can really boast they have it all.

Life Size Lion Statue

Illuminate your home in a grand way with the Life Size Lion Statue Floor Light. This luxurious lamp comes in the shape of a life-sized lion, making a statement anywhere you put it.Look at a Life-Size Lion Statue of a giant white lion with a ring of golden light around its neck. Who says lions are the only real kings in their jungles? Even in the form of a floor lamp, they seem to retain much of their majesty! In addition to being an impressive light pole, the statue is also a good decorative element and home accessories for any solitary corner of your home.

Döttling Fortress Luxury Safe

Keep your valuables safe with the Döttling Fortress Luxury Safe. This one-of-a-kind safe can be attached to your burglar alarm for added protection. The safe comes complete with eight individually controlled watch winders. The safe even boasts its own humidor made of original Spanish cedar with an electronic humidifying system. The safe even has a hygrometer and barometer to provide you with humidity and air pressure information. Store up an excellent gift when you buy the Döttling Fortress Luxury Safe.

Mirror Interactive Home Gym

Look your best with the Mirror Interactive Home Gym. The fantastic home gym looks just like a regular mirror, so it will fit seamlessly into any room. But when you are ready, this mirror becomes your own personalized gym. The home gym gives you certified trainers from the country’s top fitness studios, giving you motivation and feedback while you work out. The home gym boasts in-workout adjustments based on your goals, preferences, and personal profile. The home gym also lets you choose from expertly curated playlists, so you can pick your favorite music for your workout. See your perfect gift when you buy the Mirror Interactive Home Gym.

Louis Vuitton Toilet

Go in style with the Louis Vuitton Toilet. The name Louis Vuitton is synonymous with prestigious purses and shoes, but now you can even add prestige to your toilet. This unique toilet is made from twenty-four repurposed Louis Vuitton bags. The inside of toilet comes in a bronze color, so it matches the rest of the toilet wonderfully. This toilet looks so amazing you will never want to use it. But its price tag will make it the envy of everyone you know. Go with class when you buy the Louis Vuitton Toilet.

Gold Toilet Paper

Go for the gold with the Gold Toilet Paper. This one-of-a-kind toilet paper is made from high quality 3-ply toilet paper. The toilet has 24kt gold flakes through throughout. Gold flakes will behind you whenever you go. You will be able to boast you are so rich you can use gold for your toilet paper. This unique roll is hand delivered accompanied by a bottle of champagne. Go in luxury when you buy the Gold Toilet Paper.
So, no matter where you are in life, one of these luxury gifts is sure to please. Whether you want to eat like a champ or entertain guests, you will find gifts for that. Or maybe you want to relax or sleep. Perhaps you just want something no one else has. This guide has every possible expensive luxury gift you could want. Buy one or more for yourself or someone else and live in the lap of luxury for years to come. Maybe you’ll want to check out some other expensive gifts for guys as well?

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