Luxury Bathroom Towel

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Upgrade your bathing experience with a high quality japanese Luxury Bathroom Towel. This collection of luxury towels combines high-quality materials and Japanese craft expertise to enhance an everyday essential.

Luxurious Bathroom Towels

Luxury Bathroom Towel: A Touch of Luxury in Your Bathroom

I bought this towel set a couple months ago after a random girl I met at a wine tour recommended them. She said they were the ultimate towel set. Now this girl seemed to know her stuff when it came to luxury, so I put skin in the game and bought 4 sets. The towels are heaven. Way better that anything I have experienced at any spa, and I frequent Sweden. All they have over there are zero twist towels, and those towels are garbage compared to these.

First, these are literal bath sheets not just bath towels, sheets my friend. Two people can fit underneath one. Yes that is handy information, your lady wants romance. I’m not saying you’re lacking or anything, that’s just a pro tip. And if you want to have some real fun, suggest she wear it as a dress. This one girl went and had sushi with me wearing this thing, honestly! She was fun.

fluffy luxury towels

My girlfriend thought they are ridiculous, and said I spent too much for them. But they bring me so much comfort and joy, how can you put a price on that? She said, it wasn’t worth the power bill money I spent to order them, I told her candles were romantic. She wasn’t happy when she found me sitting in the dark eating take out. In my defense, I ordered plenty for her too. Which she ate while mumbling about reconnect fees, some people are just so selfish.

Anyway, she left me shortly after that happened; I figured it was going to happen eventually. I have already started looking for another roommate, but meanwhile I had to call my parents to dig into my trust fund to cover my rent. They didn’t understand the need for pillow soft cloudlike towels either. I kind of feel bad for them. Luxury towels are something everyone should have; I mean it is a basic human right. Like Frappuccino’s any time of day, or night. I’m just too progressive for some people and I get that that intimidates them, but I’ve got to do right by me.

Sento Cloud Luxury Bath Towels

Well it has been about a week since I’ve left the apartment, which means I’ve been walking around in just a towel. At least my dog doesn’t judge me. Dogs are so easy to please, and he’s happy to be getting peanut butter.

Oh and before I forget, let me tell you about the rest of the set. The washcloths are so thick and soft. Using them on your skin, the fiber glides so smoothly. Enveloping everything it touches in velvety softness. It’s like someone else is touching your skin, washing all the dirt away. I like to turn the shower on hot and set a little music.

cloud towels super soft

The essential towel is, well essential. I cannot stress enough do not just by a luxury bath towel, get the set. I use that essential bath towel on my face every day. After I wash, and tone, I pat my chiseled face gently with the essential towel. Because of these incredibly soft fibers, it does not cause micro damage to my perfect skin. That used to cause me so much worry before and now I don’t have to let my face drip dry over the sink for five minutes anymore. I call that a lifesaver!!

More like a bath sheet. The fragrance gave him an asthma attack someone had an asthma attack – he covered them in cologne.

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