Luxury African Handbags

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Luxury African Handbags

Feel like a real queen with the Luxury African Handbags hom Olori. Designed to empower women, these bags are made by artisans in Africa using textiles that are sourced from women-owned businesses. Doesn’t that sound great?

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Luxury African Handbags for The Luxury Loving Woman

I bought this luxury african handbag as a gift when I was looking for ideas on luxury gifts for my best friend, who is a queen. She rocks nothing but the best. But when it arrived I couldn’t bring myself to give it to her. It had to be mine! She did not go without, I got her a message voucher, and two bottle of her favorite wine. Plus I planned the party. So what if I took her gift? At least that’s what I thought.

It started the night of her party. Everything went great, but when I went to leave I couldn’t find my keys anywhere. I always put them in my purse. I even emptied the entire contents onto the table. The bowling alley was closing and the people working there were staring at me to hurry up. We searched high and low for those keys. Two hours later as I’m losing my mind, I find them inside my purse. That was embarrassing. That was about a month ago.

Olori luxury handbag from africa

I thought it was just some bad luck, and moved on with my life. But then, the same thing happened but with my wallet. I was trying on this pair of shoes when the sales woman complemented me on my purse. I told her thank you, and mentioned about how it was originally a gift, but I loved it so much. I was leaning over trying on shoes and it fell off my shoulder. That old woman made a cross in front of herself. She told me the purse must be cursed because it didn’t belong to its rightful owner.

That woman had to be quack. I know that is the most logical explanation. Besides, women tell each other these things. I have never heard of purses cursing their owners.  But I have to say, she may be on to something.

african handbags

I went to check out for my shoes at the counter. I reached into my purse, and nothing. I could find my wallet anywhere. This isn’t a huge purse. There are no vast caverns you have to dig through to find things. It’s more of a clutch. And I could not find my wallet. I had to leave my shoes at the cash register. I went to my car and looked. My wallet was nowhere to be found. So I drove all the way from down town to look for my wallet. I spent an entire evening retracing my steps since the previous night when I had used it last, and finally I checked my purse one more time. Sitting inside my purse, as if it had been there all along, was my wallet. I am not going to lie, I got goosebumps.

Now at that point, I had only just heard of this so called purse curse. So I wanted to test it out one more time. Plus I had a date that night, and the purse matched my outfit. I put my wallet in my back pocket just to be safe though.

african luxury shoulder bags

The final straw came that night. We just had dinner and we were walking along the boat dock behind the restaurant. The movie was about to start and I was really digging this guy. Along the edge of the water when a bee got caught in my sandal and stung my toe, I am allergic to bees. I opened my purse to get the antihistamine I always carry. And it was gone. I was furious.

african-inspired handbags

Luckily everything turned out ok. We ended up stopping the pharmacy and the swelling stopped traveling up my leg. I ended up falling asleep and drooling on this guy. But the purse sent a clear message that night, it tried to kill me. I decided to store it up in my closet, I was afraid to anger it by throwing away.

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