Love Art Paint Kit

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The Love art Paint Kit is a unique gift to share with your partner and enjoy a special moment together! Throughout art history, the concept of love has attracted artists from all over the world. This kit contains all you need to safely create a piece of abstract art while being intimate with the one you love. The love art kit includes a large plastic sheet to protect the surfaces of your chosen location, a specially treated non-allergenic white cotton canvas, a four ounce bottle of black, non-toxic, washable paint, and a pair of disposable slippers after the fun. Best part here is the “making of”. You just have to put the paint on your body and the canvas and begin to work. Changing positions is also recommended, to get more “movement” and better results.

Love Art Painting For A Special Moment

Love Art Painting

All you have to do is set the mood, spread the canvas and enjoy each other. Now you can enjoy a unique bonding experience as you work together to create your own intimate artwork that will last forever. The love is art kit translate your love into a tangible piece of abstract artwork that will forever capture your special moment together.

Just be sure to finish quickly because the paint may dry out after 5 minutes. So if you try want to make a unique valentines gift to the one you love, don’t miss out this chance!

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