Lounger Swing

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Enjoy your own utopia right in your backyard with the suspended Lounger Swing. The SkyBed will become your new favorite place for a post-BBQ nap, your morning cup of coffee, or a romantic seat in the evening.

Lounger Swing

LOUNGER SWING: Glam Camping in your own backyard!

With the way things are right now, we all want to get away and relax. Why not treat yourself, even though you can’t travel. Or better yet, surprise your significant other with a huge surprise with a home Glam Camping adventure.

Camping Hammock

Okay, this may have you scratching your head. Yes, you’ve heard of camping. Digging out a tent, sleeping bags etc. Well, Glam Camping is a step up. Providing a soft place to sleep, touches of home, heck even a throw rug or two for some. If you’ve been reading up on travel adventures, this may have been one subject that you’ve touched on but never considered. Why not? You can still enjoy the outdoors and lay back on a Lounger Swing in comfort while staring up at the stars and snuggle close to that special someone in your life. It is great for that person in your life that frowns on camping but, could grow to love it if you spoil them with a little adventure in your back yard by creating the ultimate glam camp experience for them.

Sky Bed Lounger Swing

By starting with the Sky Bed, you can then add special touches to your campsite. Beautiful pillows, soft blankets even a romantic fire in your fire pit. Throw in a bottle of wine or two and you’ve got the best of many worlds.

Tipi lounger swing

The swing bed comes with a tee-pee style frame that you set up. The frame has a suspension area at the very top that supports the weight of the bed. It even has a cover to provide some shade for sunny days.  The Lounger Swing is designed for two people maximum to enjoy. Think about those cool summer nights, snuggling up close and hearing the crickets all around you singing their song of joy. Or how about watching for fireflies as they float by in the yard landing on a flower.

Tipi style lounger bed

With both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, why not treat each other to a great Glam Camping adventure in your own back yard. Add the Lounger Swing to your cool summer gifts list.

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