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Light Up Ball

Play fetch with this awesome light-up-ball even when the sun goes down. Dogs are obsessed with endlessly playing fetch and night time is no reason to stop playing. As a clever and experienced gadget enthusiast you can make your favorite doggo super happy with this glowing ball.

dog light-up-ball

Endless Fun With The Light-Up-Ball

Is your dog also a freak when it comes to tennis balls and playing fetch? Dunno where this obsession comes from but it’s quite easy to find the perfect gift for your pet this way. We have already shown the automatic tennis ball launcher that is able to engage your lovely boi all day. But with the glowing dog ball for dogs you might have something special in your hands this time. People who own dogs know that their barking friends are sometimes as active in the evening as the rest of the day. The light-up-ball is the optimal dog toy that’s going to engage your dog in the evening and also bring you quite some fun too.

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