Life Size Lion Statue

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Illuminate your home in a grand way with the Life Size Lion Statue Floor Light. This luxurious lamp comes in the shape of a life-sized lion, making a statement anywhere you put it.

Lion Floor Light STatue

For Luxury Homes: The Life Size Lion Statue

Look at a Life-Size Lion Statue of a giant white lion with a ring of golden light around its neck. Who says lions are the only real kings in their jungles? Even in the form of a floor lamp, they seem to retain much of their majesty! In addition to being an impressive light pole, the statue is also a good decorative element and home accessories for any solitary corner of your home.

The King of the Jungle, at Lighting. The Lion X Light Life-Size Lion Statue in his brilliant Mufasa pose will surprise anyone who looks at him guiding your living room or, better yet, your cabin in the office.


Haoshi specializes in creating beautiful decorative pieces from everyday objects such as watches and lamps to complex animals that are beautiful. It is a home and living design company created in 2009 and owes its name to the Chinese pronunciation of “something good.”

Lion X Lighting home accessories are a new addition to their beautifully designed designs. The huge, life-size lion statue in white tones looks fascinating. Imagine a white lion with an LED collar sitting in your living room; King of Nature, a huge beast that powerfully decorates your home. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Lion Statue Lamp

The Life-Size Lion Statue is a full-size, large-sized cat replica made of fiber-reinforced plastic and fitted with a glossy collar.

Haoshi adds a kind of cleanliness and peace to its design concept. Each excellent design represents its unique life philosophy. Their collection presents different lifestyles, observing natural behaviors and making them a luxury home decoration. All product details are full of masterpieces of sculpture. Its nature and the products of the animal spirit are the perfect blends of form and function.

The exclusive big cat replica is made of fiber reinforced plastic, with a fixed iron support and is fitted with a kind of elegant collar. And while you probably expect the entire body of colored aluminum creature to ignite, the only things that lightens up is the LED collar around its neck. I guess minimalism is key after all! However, if this is still not enough for you, a full-size floor lamp can also be used to prevent intruders from breaking in after dark!

Life Size Lion Statue

Light up your home with a Lion X Life Size floor lamp. This luxury lamp comes in the shape of a life-size lion, making a statement wherever you place it. Having a fixed internal iron support to help it stay strong. The jungle king, complemented by a strong attitude, is a surprising addition to any living room.

The full-size replica comes with a dazzling necklace.

The material used in the production is fiber reinforced plastics with iron support fixed internally. This work of art weighs 57 kg.

It is approximately 70 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 50 inches high. It is designed for interiors; contact with water is not recommended.

At 70 and 50 centimeters wide, it certainly looks like there is lava in the room. The lamp can be cleaned with a soft dusting. Using scrub, acid or any alkaline product to cleanse it can be detrimental to the product.

Finally, the white finish ensures that the Lion X Light blends into your interior.

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